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List of Molly Maguires from Pinkerton & Reading Railroad Files

Contributed by: Charles P. Joyce

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Last Name First Name Town Remarks
Aubrey William Storm Hill  
Bannan Mike Turkey Run AOH member
Barratt Pat Raven Run AOH member
Barratt Patsey Rappahannock AOH member
Bartholomew Len   AOH
defense attorney
Bell Manus Girardville AOH member
Bergen Martin Tuscarora AOH member
Hanged 1/14/1879 for the murder of Patrick Burns in Silver Creek
Berrigan Jack Mahanoy City AOH member.
Berrigan Mike Mahanoy City AOH member.
Birmingham Pat Girardville  
Blair James Wiggans Patch  
Bonner Patrick Coaldale AOH member
Boran James Ireland Breaker
AOH member
Boylan M. Shenandoah AOH member
Boyle Andrew Storm Hill County Treasurer
Boyle Barney Summit Hill AOH member
Convicted of Perjury in Yost case.
Boyle Bernard Tamaqua AOH member
Boyle Condon Hazleton AOH member.
Boyle Condy Summit Hill AOH member
Boyle D. Hazleton AOH member
Boyle Daniel Summit Hill  
Boyle James Storm Hill AOH member
Boyle James Summit Hill AOH Bodymaster.
Hanged at Pottsville 6/21/1877.
Boyle Jamie   Executed in Pottsville.
Boyle John Mahanoy City AOH member
Boyle John Storm Hill AOH member
Boyle Kate   18 year old wife of James Boyle.
Perjured herself in behalf of her husband at the Munley trial.
Boyle Michael Shenandoah AOH member
Bradley James   Conspirator on the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868/
Bradley Pat Lost Creek AOH Treasurer
Breit John Ashland  
Brennan Andy Mahanoy City AOH member
Brennan Frank Buck Mountain AOH Treasurer
Brennan James Buck Mountain AOH member
Brennan John "Spur" Shenandoah
Brennan Michael Schuylkill Have  
Brennan Paddy Summit Hill Witnessed the murder of Gomer James.
Breslin Ellen Summit Hill Testified in Alec Campbell's behalf.
Breslin John Palo Alto  
Breslin Patrick Summit Hill AOH member
Brophy Thomas Wheeling, WV  
Burk Anthony Connor's Patch AOH member
Burk Mike Connor's Patch AOH member
Burke Pat Lost Creek AOH Secretary
Burke Tom Connor's Patch AOH member
Burke Tony Shenandoah AOH member
Burns Charles Shenandoah AOH member
Burns Malachi Shenandoah AOH member
Burns Peter Silver Brook AOH Bodymaster
Butler James Lost Creek AOH member
Butler John   #3 Breaker
Butler Patrick Lost Creek AOH Bodymaster
Turned states evidence in the murder of Gomer James
Callaghan William Mahanoy Plane AOH member
Callahan Jerry Cass Township  
Callahan P. F. Pleasant Valley AOH Bodymaster
Campbell Alexander Storm Hill AOH Treasurer and Bodymaster.
Cell #14 Carbon County Jail
Campbell Bryan Ashland Accused conspirator in the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868
Campbell James Junction AOH County Treasurer
Campbell James Tamaqua Returned to Ireland after Alexander Campbell's hanging.
Campbell John Junction AOH member
Campbell John Tuscarora Convicted of F.W. Langdon murder.
Campbell Michael Audenreid Convicted of aggravated assault in a fight at William's Hotel.
Campbell Pat Junction AOH member
Campbell Teague Tamaqua Fled the coal region after his brother's execution (Alex Campbell).
Campbell William Junction AOH member
Canning Dennis Locust Gap AOH Bodymaster
Cannon James Junction AOH member
Carey John Lost Creek  
Carolan Michael Wiggans Patch AOH member
Carolan Pat Tamaqua AOH Treasurer
Carr Mike Summit Hill  
Carroll James Tamaqua Accused of the murder of Benjamin Yost. Hanged in Pottsville 6/21/1877.
Carroll Mike Shenandoah AOH member
Carroll Thomas Scranton AOH Bodymaster
Carroll William   Chairman of Clan NA Gael
Cary Tony Finger Board AOH member
Casey John Saint Claire AOH member
Casey Patrick Jackson's Patch AOH member
Chapman Dennis Honeybrook Involved in the murder of Frank Langdon.
Christie Dan Jackson's Patch  
Clarke Joey Pottsville  
Clarke Mickey Gilberton  
Clarke Owen Mahanoy City AOH member
Clarke Thomas Mahanoy City AOH member
Coleman John Mt. Laffee AOH Bodymaster
Collihan John Centralia AOH member
Collihan Martin Gilberton AOH member
Collins Patsey Palo Alto AOH Bodymaster
Conahan Frank Eckley AOH member
Condon Richard Port Carbon AOH Secretary
Condon Perie Port Carbon  
Connory Patrick "Derrick" Connor's Patch  
Connory Thomas Connor's Patch  
Conway John   #3 Breaker
Conway Morris Big Mine Run AOH Treasurer
Cooney Fenton Wadesville  
Cooney James Plainville AOH Bodymaster
Cooney Michael Pottsville AOH member
Corrigan Mike Jackson's Patch AOH member
Cosgrove Edward   AOH member
Murdered by Gomer James in 1873.
Coughlin Mickey "Lofty"    
Coyle Edward Shenandoah WBA organizer mysteriously killed 1/15/1875 at Plank Ridge Colliery.
Crean Lawrence Girardville AOH Bodymaster
Crowley John Eckley AOH member
Cull Neal Hazleton AOH member
Curley Patrick Centralia AOH Bodymaster
Curran Hugh Silver Creek  
Curran John Girardville AOH member
Curry Dan Centralia AOH member
Curry James Mahanoy Plane AOH member
Curry John Centralia AOH member
Curry Thomas Pottsville AOH member
Dalton Jack   Conspirator on the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868.
Dalton Pat Lanigan's Patch AOH member
Darcy Michael Gilberton AOH member
Assigened to kill John P. Jones with James McKenna.
Darcy Thomas Palo Alto  
Darrian Pat Storm Hill AOH member
Dean John Plainville AOH member
Dean Jonas Shenandoah AOH member
Dean Martin Shenandoah AOH member
Deanne Martin Lost Creek  
Deenan John "Bushy"    
Delaney Jack Shenandoah  
Delaney Owen Newtown AOH Bodymaster
Delany John Tremont  
Delay Pat Tamaqua AOH Secretary
Deleany Luke Girardville AOH member
Devitt Michael Schuylkill Fall  
Dohohoe Mat Tuscarora AOH Secretary
Dolan Patrick Big Mine Run AOH Bodymaster
Donahoe Matthew Mahanoy City AOH member
Donahoe Patrick Mahanoy City Saloon Keeper
Donahue John "Yellow Jack" Tuscarora AOH bodymaster.
Hanged for the murder of Morgan Powell in 1871.
Cell #12 Carboon County Jail.
Donahue Thomas Ashland Saloon owner in Ashland where murder of Alexander Rea was planned.
Donahue Tom Tuscarora  
Doneghan M. Taylorville AOH member
Donlan Barney Big Mine Run AOH member
County delegate from Schuylkill County.
Donnelley Chris Mt. Laffee County Treasurer
Donnelley Christopher Schuylkill Co. AOH Treasurer
Donnelley Dennis "Bucky" Raven Run AOH Bodymaster
Hanged for Sanger-Uren murders.
Donohoe Jack Tuscarora AOH Bodymaster
Donohoe John Mahanoy Plane AOH Treasurer
Donohoe Thomas Finger Board AOH member
Donohue John "Long John Tuscarora  
Doolan Michael Raven Run  
Dooley Dennis Mt. Laffee AOH member
Dooley Joe Girardville  
Dooley Martin Locust Dale AOH member
Dooley Michael Mahanoy Plane  
Dooley Patrick Locust Gap AOH Bodymaster
Dooley Thomas Shenandoah AOH member
Dormer James Girardville AOH member
Dormer Patrick Pottsville AOH member
Owner of Sheridan House in Pootsville.
Dougherty Daniel Mahanoy City AOH member
Acquitted of the murder of George Major.
Dougherty Neil Tuscarora AOH member
He is buried in St. Jerome's, Tamaqua.
Dougherty Trick Locust Gap  
Dowling John Tamaqua  
Downey Daniel Lanigan's Patch AOH member
Doyle John Mt. Laffee AOH member
Doyle Michael Shenandoah AOH member
Fugitive from justice.
Doyle Michael J. Mt. Laffee AOH member
Hanged for the murder of John P. Jones in 1875.
Cell #12 Carbon County Jail.
Doyle Pat Mt. Laffee AOH member
Drumm Daniel Shenandoah AOH member
Duffy Barney Hazelton AOH member
Duffy John Mahanoy City  
Duffy Peter Hazelton AOH member
Duffy Peter Reevesdale  
Duffy Thomas Tamaqua AOH member
Hanged for the murder of Benjamin Yost in 1875.
Dugan Hugh Nesquehoning Testified in Alexander Campbell's behalf.
Dugan James Mahanoy City AOH member
Dugan James Shenandoah  
Dugan Matthew Mahanoy City AOH member
Dugan William Mahanoy City AOH member
Dunleavy Frank Lost Creek AOH member
Dunleavy Mike Lost Creek AOH member
Durkin Thomas Girardville  
Durkin Thomas Pottsville AOH member
Durkin William Port Blauchard AOH Bodymaster
Dyer John Shenandoah AOH member
Eagan William Conner's Patch AOH member
Farley Mike Pottsville AOH member
Fergus Edward Big Mine Run  
Finnel Dick Shenandoah AOH member
Finnen Richard Gilberton  
Finneral Peter Girardville AOH member
Fisher P. D.LL Summit Hill AOH member
Fisher Thomas Carbon County AOH delegate.
Hanged for the murder of Morgan Powell.
Cell #8 Carbon County Jail.
Fitzgibbons Mike Tremont  
Flannagan Mike Shoemaker's Pat  
Flannery Pat Saint Claire AOH member
Flannery Patrick Pittston  
Flannery Thomas Dunmore AOH member
Flynn Dick Colorado Collie  
Flynn Enos Scranton AOH member
Fogarty Dan Mahanoy City  
Furgenson John Plainville AOH member
Gallagher Barney   Borrowed Alex Campbell's pistol from August 15 to November 1876.
Gallagher Captain   Leader at Pittsburgh.
Gallagher Frank Tamaqua AOH member
Gallagher James Buck Mountain AOH Bodymaster
Gallagher James Coaldale AOH Bodymaster
Gallagher James Summit Hill AOH member
Gallagher James J. Coaldale  
Gallagher John Summit Hill  
Gallagher Owen Evervale AOH member
Gallagher P. C. Wilkes-Barre AOH Bodymaster
Gallagher Tim Pittston  
Gallahger Charles Audenreid  
Garrity John Plainville AOH member
Garvey Mike   #3 Breaker
Garvey Pat   #3 Breaker
Gaughan John Raven Run Fired by the Heaton brothers.
Thomas Sanger was targeted for this.
Gavin William Big Mine Run AOH Secetary
Gerrity Thomas Centralia AOH member
Gettings James Tamaqua AOH member
Gibbons John Sugar Notch AOH member
Involved in the shooting of "Bully Bill".
Gildea Patrick Summit Hill  
Gormerly William St. Nicholas AOH Bodymaster
Grady James Carbondale AOH member
Haggerty Philip Maizeville  
Harkins Junior Frackville AOH member
Harkins Senior Frackville AOH member
Harvey James Buck Mountain Post Master and Secretary.
Hassett William Raven Run AOH member
Hayes Charles Shenandoah AOH member
Heenan James Barnesville  
Heffron John Wiggans Patch  
Hester Mike Shamokin  
Hester Pat Junction Expelled Bodymaster, still has control of the men.
Higgins Mary Ann   Sister-inlaw of James Kerrigan.
Sweetheart of James McKenna.
Hilbert Jack Shenandoah  
Holland Michael Scranton AOH member
Hughes Dan Pottsville AOH member
Hughes Jerry Shenandoah  
Hughes Phillip Bloomsburg  
Hurley John Pottsville AOH member
Hurley Thomas Wiggans Patch AOH Secretary
Hyland Bridget   Convicted for perjury in the Munley trial.
Hyland Tom Gilberton AOH member
Irving James Hazleton AOH member
Jennings Peter Wilkes-Barre AOH Bodymaster
Johnson Ben Shenandoah  
Joyce Thomas Carbondale  
Kalbfus Daniel Mauch Chunk Lawyer and AOH defense Attorney.
Went insane years latter.
Kane Edward Silver Creek AOH Secretary
Keenan Frank Forrestville AOH Bodymaster.
Fugitive from justice.
Kehoe Ed Mahanoy City AOH member
Kehoe John "Black Jack" Girardville AOH county delegate called "King of the Mollies"
Was hanged in 1878 for the murder of F.W. Langdon in 1862.
He was Pardoned my Gov. Shapp in 1979.
Kehoe Pat Lanigan's Patch AOH member
Kehoe William Tamaqua  
Kelley David Wild Cat Run AOH Bodymaster
Kelly Dave Girardville  
Kerrigan Fanny Tamaqua Wife of James Kerrigan who testified againsthim for hanging innocent men.
Kerrigan James "Squealer Tamaqua AOH Bodymaster.
Walked away a free man.
Fled for his life to Richmond, Virginia.
Killcullen M. Scranton AOH member
Killday James Silver Run AOH member
King Bryan Eckley  
Kinney John Glen Carbon AOH member
Kirk William Wilkes-Barre County delegate
L'Velle Arthur Pottsville  
L'Velle Martin Pottsville Defense Attorney for the Molly Maguires.
Lafferty Roger   Conspirator on the murder of Alexander Rea 10/17/1868.
Lanahan James Shenandoah AOH member
Langan Mike Latimore AOH member
Laughlin Owen Plank Road AOH Bodymaster
Laville Arthur Fish Back AOH member
Laville John New York AOH member
Lawler Ed Pottsville Nephew of Muff Lawler.
Lawler Michael "Muff" Shenandoah AOH Bodymaster.
Saloon keeper.
Lawler Ned Shamokin  
Leary Jack Lost Creek  
Lenahan Neal Centralia County delegate
Leonard John Lanigan's Patch AOH member
Love Thomas Girardville AOH member
Love William   Alledged murderer of Squire Gwyther.
Lowery Mike Turkey Run AOH member
Maguire Hugh Storm Hill AOH member
Maguire Neil Storm Hill AOH member
Mahan Hugh Minersville  
Mahoney Florence Turkey Run AOH Bodymaster
Mahoney John Gilberton  
Maloy John   Alleged accessory to the murder of Morgan Powell.
Manelus Pat Storm Hill  
Martin Mike Tamaqua AOH member
McAlinden John Fowler's Patch AOH member
McAllister Charles Wiggans Patch John Kehoe's in-law.
McAllister Ellen Wiggans Patch Murdered by Modocs.
McAllister James   Alleged murderer of Sanger-Uren.
McAloon James Palo Alto  
McAnally Henry Pottsville AOH member
McAndrew Frank Shenandoah AOH Bodymaster
McCahill Condy Buck Mountain AOH member
McCahill Mike Buck Mountain AOH member
McCann James Mahanoy City  
McCann John   Alleged murder of George Major.
McCarron Charles Hazleton AOH member
McCarty Andrew Pittston AOH member
McClain Jack   #3 Breaker
McClain Thomas   #3 Breaker
McClusky Patrick Mahanoy City AOH member
McColl Charles Buck Mountain AOH member
McConnell James Tuscarora  
McCool James   Resident of Carbon County Jail.
McCool Patrick Beaver Dale AOH Bodymaster
McDermott Mike Ashton  
McDermott Mike Lanigan's Patch AOH member
McDonnell James "Hairy Man" Tuscarora Hanged for the murder of George K. Smith in 1863.
McDonnell John Mahanoy City AOH member
McDonnell Thomas Shoemaker's Pat AOH member
McDonough Jim Girardville AOH member
McDonough Mike Girardville AOH member
McGann Thomas Shamokin AOH member
McGee Columbus Honeybrook Acquitted of killing F.W. Langdon in 1862.
McGee Dennis Tamaqua  
McGee Michael   Acquitted of killing F.W. Langdon in 1862.
McGeehan Hugh Summit Hill AOH member
Hanged for the murder of Benjamin Yost.
McGehan Joe Coledale  
McGettigan James Mahaony Plane AOH Secretary
McGinley Teague Mauch Chunk AOH Secretary
McGinty James Buck Mountain AOH member
McGinty James Mahanoy City Saloon keeper
McGlinn John Buck Mountain AOH member
McGovern Terry Mount Carbon  
McGowan Bryan Ohio Breaker
McGrady Pat Locust Gap AOH member
McGrail John Shenandoah  
McGroarty James Wilkes-Barre  
McGuire Hugh Storm Hill AOH member
McHale John Cass Township  
McHugh Cornelius T. Carbon County Head of the Workers Benevolent Association (WBA).
McHugh Frank Mahanoy City vvAOH Secretary
McHugh James Shenandoah AOH member
McHugh Joseph Shenandoah AOH member
McHugh Mike Big Mine Run AOH member
McHugh Peter   Hanged in Bloomsburg March 25, 1878
for the murder of Alexander Rea.
McInerney Pat Mahanoy City  
McIntyre Danny Buck Mountain  
McKanna Frank Storm Hill AOH member
McKanna Mike Storm Hill AOH member
McKenna Pat Houtzdale AOH Bodymaster
McLaughlin Patrick Connor's Patch Saloon keeper.
McManus Peter Coal Run Hanged in Sunbury on October 9, 1879
for the murder of Frederick Hesser in 1874.
McNellis Bernard Tamaqua AOH member
McNellis Jake Storm Hill AOH member
McNellis Peter Jenkins Patch  
McNulty Tom Shenandoah  
McQuail Pat New Philadelphia AOH Bodymaster
Mell Frank Centreville  
Melvine James Pittston AOH Bodymaster
Merrick William Scranton AOH member
Miles Pat   #3 Breaker
Mill Frank Saint Claire AOH member
Milligan Hugh Colorado Collie  
Monaghan Anthony Rappahannock AOH Secretary
Monaghan Ned Shenandoah AOH member
Shenandoah policeman convicted in "Bully Bill" shooting.
Monaghan Pat Rappahannock AOH Treasurer
Monaghan Pete Mahanoy Twp.  
Monaghan Peter Plainville AOH member
Monahan Ed Jr. Shenandoah AOH member
Monahan Ed Sr. Shenandoah AOH member
Monahan Peter Shenandoah AOH member
Moore Hugh Mauch Chunk  
Moran James Mt. Laffee AOH member
Moran Pat Parson Station  
Morris John Shenandoah AOH member
Muldooney William   Conspirator in the murder of Alexander Rea.
Muldowney Billy Ashland  
Muldowney Pat Mahanoy City  
Mulhall Bill Luzerne County  
Mulhearn Charles Tamaqua AOH member
Convicted in the Morgan Powell murder.
Mulhearn Edward Mauch Chunk AOH Secretary
Mulhearn Edward Mauch Chunk AOH defense attorney
Mulhearn John Tamaqua AOH member
Mullaghan Hugh Colorado Collie AOH member
Mullen   Scrante AOH member
Mullen James Tamaqua AOH member
Mullen Mike Hyde Park AOH Bodymaster
Mullhearn J. T. Summit Hill AOH member
Mundy Andrew Lost Creek AOH member
Munley Anthony Lost Creek AOH member
Munley James Rappahannock AOH Bodymaster
Munley Thomas Gilberton AOH Treasurer.
Hanged for Sanger-Uren murders.
Murphey Andrew Lost Creek  
Murphey Dennis Girardville  
Murphey Dennis Tamaqua  
Murphey James Pottsville AOH member
Murphey Joe Lost Creek  
Murphey Patrick Branchdale  
Murphey Thomas Wiggans Patch  
Murphy John New Philadelphi  
Murphy Michael Shenandoah AOH member
Murphy Mike Big Mine Run AOH Secretary
Nash Martin   Brother of Phillip Nash
Nash Phil   Finger Board
AOH member
Nash Phillip Pottsville  
Needhan Mike Providence AOH Bodymaster
Nolan Patrick Tamaqua  
O'Brien James New York AOH member
O'Brien James Shenandoah  
O'Brien Michael Mahanoy City AOH Bodymaster.
Hanged for the murder of Sanger-Uren.
Pardoned in 1885.
O'Brien Mike Mahanoy City AOH Bodymaster
O'Brien Mike Jr. Mahanoy City AOH member
O'Donnell Charles   Killed at Wiggans Patch in 1875 by the Modocs.
Buried in St. Jeromes Cemetery, Tamaqua
O'Donnell Condy Buck Mountain  
O'Donnell Jack Summit Hill AOH member
O'Donnell James "Friday"   Fugitive from justice in Sanger-Uren murders.
O'Donnell John Hazelton AOH member
O'Donnell Manus Hazelton  
O'Donnell Mickey Ashton  
O'Donnell Mike Summit Hill AOH member
O'Keefe Dennis Shenandoah  
O'Leary Mike Forrestsville AOH Secretary
O'Neil Francis Saint Claire AOH Bodymaster
O'Neil James   Convicted of the Fred Hesser murder.
O'Neill Frank Shenandoah  
O'Reagan Jack Saint Claire AOH member
O'Reilly James Pottsville AOH member
O'Toole Dennis Audenreid  
Padden Pat Connor's Patch AOH member
Prior Michael Branchdale  
Purcell John Wiggans Patch  
Rafferty Pat Locust Gap AOH member
Raines Nicholas Rappahannock  
Ramsey James Mahanoy Plane AOH member
Reilley Jeremiah   Chartered 1st AOH in Cass Township in 1836.
Reilly James Pottsville AOH defense attoryney
Reilly Mike Forrestville AOH Secretary
Reilly Thomas Girardville AOH member
Roach Mike Shoemaker's Pat AOH member
Roach Pat Saint Claire AOH member
Roach Patrick Mahanoy Borough  
Roarity James Coaldale AOH Bodymaster.
Hanged for the murder of John P. Jones in 1875.
Rock Martin Raven Run AOH member
Rodgers Hugh Wiggans Patch AOH member
Rodgers Hugh S. Pottsville AOH member
Ryon John Pottsville AOH defense attorney
Sharp Charles   Hanged for the murder of George K. Smith in 1863.
Shaw Anthony Lost Creek  
Sheridan Mike Mahanoy City AOH member
Shovelin Patrick Pottsville AOH member
Siney John Saint Claire Labor leader, 1st president of WBA.
Skivington Ned Beaver Dale  
Slattery John J. Tuscarora AOH Bodymaster.
Turned states evidence to save his neck from the rope.
Slattery Peter Tuscarora AOH Treasurer
Smith M. A. Plymouth AOH member
Smith Pat Hazelton AOH member
Smith Pat Tuscarora  
Smyth Andy Plymouth AOH Bodymaster
Stanton John Barnesville  
Stephenson Thomas St. Nicholas  
Stinson John Silver Creek  
Sweeney Anthony Hazelton AOH member
Sweeney John Summit Hill AOH member
Sweeney Mike Big Mine Run AOH member
Tamminy John Buck Mountain AOH member
Thompson John   #3 Breaker
Travers John Shenandoah  
Trimble Condy Summit Hill  
Tyrell P. Trenton, NJ County Delegate
Walker Pierce Shenandoah  
Walsh John Shenandoah AOH member
Ward Margin Saint Claire AOH member
Welsh John F.   Successor to John Siney as president of the WBA.
Whalan Pat Shenandoah AOH member
Wheelochon James uckville AOH member
Winter Mike Wilkes-Barre AOH member
Winter Pat Wilkes-Barre AOH member

This information was contributed by James P. Joyce.

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