Pursel Marriages from Columbia County, Pa. Dockets 1885 - 1907

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Legend: A Date of application

        M Date of ceremony

Mrs. MARGARET PURSEL 35 (widowed in 1883) and Patrick Ryan 40, both of Centralia A:12-17-1885 M: nr. ELMIRA PURSEL 23 of Mt. Pleasant and George C.Trump 21-8-16 of Bloomsburg A: 12-23-1885 M: 1-1-1886 at Bloomsburg. GERTRUDE E. PURSEL 18 of Hemlock Twp. and Jesse Shoemaker 21-2-11 of Bloomsburg A: 6-29-1886 M: 6-29-1886 at Buckhorn. R. BRUCE PURSEL 28-11-13 of Berwick and Alice A. Bloss 23-7-5 of Berwick A: 1-21-1887 M: 1-22-1887 at Berwick. MARY E. PURSEL 20 of Hemlock Twp. and B. F. Brobst 29 of Hemlock Twp. A: 6-18-1887 M: 6-21-1887 at Hemlock Twp. CELESTIA PURSEL 19 of Hemlock Twp. and John W. Whitenight 27 of Madison Twp. A: 12-22-1887 M: 12-29-1887 at Hemlock Twp. HESTER M. PURSEL 25 of Hemlock Twp. and Elwood E. Crossley 29 of Cheney, Sedgwick Co., Kansas A: 1-3-1888 M: 1-12-1888 at Buckhorn. ALFRED B. PURSEL 23 of Scott Twp. and Mattie M. Kressler 21 of Scott Twp. A: 4-26-1888 M: 5-1-1888 at Espy. BERTHA PURSEL 20 of Mount Pleasant and John Sorber 21 of Mount Pleasant A: 1-1-1889 M: 1-1-1889 at Bloomsburg. WILLIAM B. PURSEL 32 of Hemlock Twp. and Maggie Moyer 22 of Hemlock Twp. A: 12-16-1889 M: 12-25-1889 at Buckhorn. ART PURSEL 28 of Hemlock Twp. and Maud Hartman 26 of Hemlock Twp. A: 6-12-1890 M: 6-14-1890 at Buckhorn. WILLIAM BRIGHT PURSEL 32 of Scott Twp. and Elizabeth P. Eshleman 28 of Scott Twp. A: 9-30-1890 M: 10-10-1890 at Espy. JAMES PURSEL 29 of Pine Twp. and Marsha J. Cornelison 17 of Pine Twp. A: 10-21-1891 M: 11-1-1891 at Sereno. ELLEN PURSEL 17 of Mount Pleasant and George Massaker 25 of Plymouth, Luzerne Co., Pa. A: 1-22-1892 M: 1-22-1892 at Bloomsburg. JAMES M. PURSEL 23 of Pine Twp. and Ida Crawford 18 of Greenwood Twp. A: 4-14-1892 M: 5-1-1892 at Iola. G. W. PURSEL nr of Bloom Twp. (widower 1 yr.) and Susanna Johnson nr of Bloom Twp. (widow 8 mths.) A: 9-21-1892 M: 9-22-1892 at Espy. FRANK PURSEL 22 of Mount Pleasant and Ada Evans 22 of Greenwood Twp. A: 11-4-1892 M: 11-8-1892 at Rohrsburg. VICKY PURSEL 25 of Iola and Clinton M. Hock 23-5-25 of Iola A: 11-10-1892 M: 11-12-1892 at Iola. GEORGIA PURSEL 32 of Bloomsburg and William C. Johnston 32 of Madison Twp. A: 3-22-1893 M: 3-22-1893 at Bloomsburg. LULU PURSEL 19 of Bloomsburg and Millard McBride 21 of Montour Twp. A: 8-23-1894 M: 8-23-1894 at Bloomsburg. JOSEPH F. PURSEL 23 of Bloomsburg and Margaret E. Lloyd 18 of Bloomsburg A: 9-6-1894 M: 9-6-1894 at Bloomsburg. JOHN G. PURSEL 35 of Hemlock Twp. and Alice D. Andes 17 of Hemlock Twp. A: 11-28-1894 M: 12-4-1894 at Hemlock Twp. AMANDA PURSEL 17 of Hemlock Twp. and John Faust 21 of Hemlock Twp. A: 3-12-1895 M: 3-16-1895 at Berwick. LYNN PURSEL 24 of Millville and Sarah Budman 21 of Millville A: 10-15-1895 M: 10-17-1895 at Eyersgrove. HARRY G. PURSEL 26 of Hemlock Twp. and Anna Machenho 21 of Hemlock Twp. A: 11-9-1895 M: 11-27-1895 at Buckhorn. SAMUEL PURSEL 35 of Bloomsburg and Sarah W. Masters 27 of Philadelphia A: 6-28-1897 M: 6-29-1897 at Bloomsburg. MIRANDA PURSEL 19 of Light Street and Milton B. Faust 21 of Buckhorn A: 10-14-1897 M: 10-14-1897 at Buckhorn. MILES H. PURSEL 21 of Orangeville and Harriet S. Shoemaker 24 of Hemlock A: 10-28-1897 M: 10-28-1897 at Bloomsburg. ANNA PURSEL 19 of Briar Creek and Jacob N. Sult 35 of Briar Creek A: 4-13-1898 M: 4-16-1898 at Briar Creek. HENRY J. PURSEL 35 of Bloomsburg and Millie J. Kistler 28 of Mount Pleasant A: 4-23-1898 M: 4-26-1898 at Canby. GEORGE F. PURSEL 23 of Orangeville and Margaret E. Shoemaker 25 of Bloomsburg A: 11-17-1898 M: 11-17-1898 at Bloomsburg. F. P. PURSEL 37 of Bloomsburg and Vida Miller 29 of Bloomsburg A: 2-26-1900 M: 2-27-1900 at Bloomsburg. IDA PURSEL 32 of Light Street and Frank Sorber 21-1-6 of Light Street A: 5-22-1900 M: 5-22-1900 at Espy. HOWARD PURSEL 19 of Bloomsburg and Bessie Rider 20 of Hemlock Twp. A: 3-25-1901 M: 3-26-1901 at Bloomsburg. GEORGE PURSEL 58 of Lewisburg, Union Co., Pa. (widowed 1-22-1889) and Anna Boone 56 of Bloomsburg (widowed 12-25-1899) A: 11-26-1901 M: 11-26-1901 at Bloomsburg. HENRY J. PURSEL 22 of Madison Twp. and Harriet Rider 16 of Madison Twp. A: 12-12-1902 M: 12-20-1902 at Whitehall. MARTHA PURSEL 23 of Bloomsburg and D. Ellsworth Bomboy 24 of Espy A: 12-20-1902 M: 12-24-1902 at Bloomsburg. MARY M. PURSEL of Buckhorn b.7-16-1883 at Buckhorn and Reuben Kahler of Buckhorn b.12-4-1880 at Pittston A: 2-24-1904 M: 2-24-1904 at Buckhorn. MINNIE PURSEL of Bloomsburg b.1-12-1878 at Pine Summit and Alfred Heldebrandt of Bloomsburg b.2-17-1883 at Bloomsburg A: 12-13-1904 M: 12-22-1904 at Bloomsburg. OLIVER PURSEL of Shenandoah b. 5-19-1883 at Buckhorn and Grace E. Travelprice of Orangeville b. 3-3-1880 at Orangeville A: 12-16-1904 M: 12-16-1904 at Orangeville. MARY E. PURSEL of Bloomsburg b. 8-20-1884 at Williamsport and B. F. Giger of Bloomsburg b. 6-9-1878 at Bloomsburg A: 3-24-1905 M: 4-4-1905 at Bloomsburg. GEORGE PURSEL of Iola b. 8-9-1857 at Iola (widowed 7 yrs.) and Emma Agnes Hurst of Iola b. 9-28-1859 at Morland, Pa.(widowed 16 yrs.) A: 4-15-1905 M: 4-15-1905 at Bloomsburg. JACOB PURSEL of Berwick b. 8-30-1883 at Unityville and Florence Heaps of Lime Ridge b. 8-4-1889 at Lime Ridge A: 8-14-1905 M: 8-19-1905 at Berwick. HARVEY M. PURSEL of Berwick b. 3-14-1883 at Mount Pleasant and Emma J. Christopher of Eyersgrove b. 2-13-1882 at New Columbia A: 9-8-1906 M: 9-12-1906 at Bloomsburg. RUFUS PURSEL of Berwick b. 9-7-1885 at Mount Pleasant and Margaret Gilbert of Bloomsburg b. 12-30-1880 at Elkland, Sullivan Co., Pa. A: 4-15-1907 M: 4-16-1907 at Bloomsburg.

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