Fenstermacher Marriages
Columbia County, Pa. Dockets 1885 - 1902

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Legend A - Application Date 

       M - Ceremony Date

From Columbia County, Pa. Marriage Dockets: KATE E. FENSTERMACHER 23-5-3 of Briar Creek and D. G. Klinetob 24-6-18 of Montour Twp. A:10-16-1885 M: 10-28-1885 at Beach Haven. GEORGE MUDGETT FENSTERMACHER 20 of Catawissa and Lizzie Murray, a minor, of Catawissa A: 4-21-1887 M: 4-21-1887 at Catawissa. CLEMUEL FENSTERMACHER 22 of Berwick and Clara Sitler 20 of Berwick A: 11-17-1887 M: 12-1-1887 at Berwick. ADDIE FENSTERMACHER 21 of Nescopeck, Luzerne Co. and William F. Kelchner 22 of Mifflin Twp. A: 8-9-1888 M: 9-20-1888 at Berwick. JOHN FENSTERMACHER 35 of Franklin Twp. (widowed Dec. 1887) and Sarah Newbury 27 of Northumberland Co. A: 10-4-1888 M: 10-5-1888 at Catawissa. CATHERINE FENSTERMACHER 23 of Berwick and Miles P. Shultz 21 of Orange Twp. A: 10-9-1888 M: 10-31-1888 at Berwick. LUTHER E. FENSTERMACHER 18-5-6 of Catawissa and Catherine Hinderliter 17-11-20 of Catawissa A: 10-11-1888 M: 10-11-1888 at Catawissa. JAMES HENRY FENSTERMACHER 17-3-27 of Catawissa and Hester Elizabeth Karns 18-9-nr of Catawissa A: 3-30-1889 M: 4-20-1889 at Catawissa. WILLIAM H. FENSTERMACHER 23-6-20 of Main Twp. and Fannie L. Bredbenner 18-7-27 of Main Twp. A: 4-24-1889 M: 5-2-1889 at Main Twp. GRANT FENSTERMACHER 24 of Mahoning Twp., Montour Co. and Susie Shultz 21 of Mahoning Twp., Montour Co. A: 9-6-1889 M: 9-14-1889 at Bloomsburg. CORDELIA "DILLIE" FENSTERMACHER 22 of Briar Creek and Gilbert Kisbach 19 of Briar Creek A: 9-21-1889 M: 9-25-1889 at Beach Haven, Luzerne Co. BRUCE A. FENSTERMACHER 26 of Catawissa and Rosa B. Ervin 32 of Catawissa A: 12-31-1890 M: 1-8-1891 at Catawissa. SETH FENSTERMACHER 24-2-1 of Main Twp. and Elizabeth Downs 20-3-11 of Main Twp. A: 5-27-1891 M: 5-28-1891 at Bloomsburg. JEANETTE FENSTERMACHER 21 of Berwick and Morgan Rees 22 of Plains Twp., Luzerne Co. A: 1-15-1892 M: 1-15-1892 at Bloomsburg. E. F. FENSTERMACHER 21 of Briar Creek and Florence Bower 17 of Briar Creek A: 12-8-1892 M: 12-10-1892 at Beach Haven, Luzerne Co. LUCY E. FENSTERMACHER 18-9-9 of Main Twp. and Charles W. Dennison 22-6-7 of Main Twp. A: 6-19-1893 M: 6-21-1893 at Mainville. ADDA FENSTERMACHER 29 of Foundryville, Luzerne Co. and Ernest O. Bower 26 of Foundryville A: 2-13-1895 M: 2-13-1895 at Beach Haven, Luzerne Co. HULDAH L. FENSTERMACHER 21 of Mainville and Harvey Kline 21 of Ringtown, Schuylkill Co.,Pa. A: 7-18-1895 M: 7-19-1895 at Bloomsburg. W. M. FENSTERMACHER 19 of Catawissa and Mary Elverta Miller 21 of Catawissa A: 10-11-1895 M: 10-13-1895 at Catawissa. GEORGE JOHN FENSTERMACHER 21 of Catawissa and Hannah Fleming 23 of Catawissa A: 4-11-1896 M: 4-15-1896 at Catawissa. JOSEPH D. FENSTERMACHER 27 of Main Twp. and Hannah E. Leiby 26 of Main Twp. A: 1-1-1897 M: 1-3-1897 at Mainville. SARAH FENSTERMACHER 26 of Madison Twp. and William Welliver 21 of Madison Twp. A: 4-24-1897 M: 4-27-1897 at Whitehall. WALTER R. FENSTERMACHER 21 of Briar Creek and Lillie Wolfinger 21 of Briar Creek A: 6-16-1897 M: 6-23-1897 at Beach Haven, Luzerne Co., Pa. AMANDA FENSTERMACHER 25 of Mainville and William C. Wertman 25 of Lime Ridge A: 7-19-1897 M: 7-24-1897 at Mainville. JENISHA FENSTERMACHER 70 of Nescopeck (widowed 1896) and Andy J. Robbins 58 of Bloomsburg (widowed April 1894) A: 2-26-1898 M: 6-9-1898 at Nescopeck, Luzerne Co., Pa. ANNA E. FENSTERMACHER 22 of Catawissa and Irvin Roeder 22 of Catawissa A: 3-19-1898 M: 3-23-1898 at Catawissa. JOSEPH FENSTERMACHER 24 of Berwick and Rosa R. Earl 20 of Hard Pan A: 2-4-1899 M: 2-8-1899 at Fishing Creek. SOLOMON R. FENSTERMACHER 21 of Catawissa and Maria Elizabeth Hoffman 23 of Catawissa A: 4-14-1900 M: 5-12-1900 at Catawissa. GRACE E. FENSTERMACHER 22 of Berwick and S. W. Jameson of New York City A: 1-27-1903 M: 1-27-1903 at Bloomsburg. S. M. FENSTERMACHER of Mainville b.3-24-1867 at Mainville (widowed 9 yrs.) and Catherine Deckert of Mainville b.2-28-1876 at White Haven (divorced 8-3-1903) A: 11-25-1903 M: 11-26-1903 at Mainville. CLARK DORRANCE FENSTERMACHER of Nescopeck b. 3-20-1880 at Briggsville and Cora A. Kocher of Fowlersville b. 10-18-1880 at Fowlersville A: 2-20-1904 M: 2-29-1904 at Fowlersville. W. A. FENSTERMACHER of Sneapter, Oregon b. 9-24-1868 at Walwollopen, Luzerne Co. and Jennie F. Hicks of Bloomsburg b. 1-5-1879 at Beach Haven A: 6-30-1904 M: 6-30-1904 at Bloomsburg. DILLI A. FENSTERMACHER of Pine Twp. b. 5-7-1887 at Pine Twp.(father-James S.) and Daniel Shultz of Pine Twp. b. 10-4-1883 at Pine Twp. A: 12-12-1905 M: 12-16-1905 at Sereno, Pa.

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