Miscellaneous Marriages

Contributed by: JDecker

License # 5596 Col. Co., Pa.

Calvin C. Girton & Mattie Shultz were married on November 04, 1903.  Calvin is 25 yrs. old

and Mattie is 22 yrs. old and Calvin states occupation as paper maker.

License # 2511 Col. Co., Pa.

Sidney Girton & Victoria Bower were married on January 17, 1922.  Sidney is 18 yrs. old and 

Victoria is 18 years old, and Sidney states occupation as mill works.

License # 2280 Col. Co., Pa.

James S. Redline & Jennie Force were married on October 24, 1893 at Orangeville, by Henry A. 

Straub, Minister of God. James is a resident of Greenwood Twp., and his age is 23.  Jennie is 

a resident of Greenwood Twp., and her age is 18.

License # 9100 Col. Co., Pa.

Mont Wilson & Inez S. Robbins were married on April 02, 1913 by Fred A. Goeller, Minister of 

God.  Mont is age 30 and resident of Millville, and Inez is age 27 and a resident of Greenwood.