Contributed by: Charles P. Joyce

In 1917-1918 all men born between September 12, 1872 and September 12, 1900 were required to register for the World War I draft. Not all men who registered for the draft actually served in the military and not all men who served in the military registered for the draft.

The draft registration card contains the person's name, birth date, place of birth, present address, occupation, place of employment, physical description, signature, nearest relative, and nearest relative's address. There were a few different draft registration cards and not all of them had all of the information just listed.

What follows is a list of Centralia, PA residents that registered for the 1917-1918 WWI Draft. Not all the information on the draft registration form is listed here. To look at all the information you will need to view the WWI draft records microfilm tape. There are two tapes for Columbia County. Columbia County had two draft boards. Centralia is covered by draft board 1 and is on the first of the two Columbia County tapes, just after Clinton County. Once you get to that portion of the tape that contains Columbia County draft board 1 the registration records will be sequenced by Last Name. Centralia records are mixed in with all the other towns that are covered by Columbia County draft board 1. There may some Centralia residents that are not listed here that registered for the draft at some place other than Columbia County Draft Board 1.

Most of the draft registrations were written in longhand so as a result it was hard to make out all the lettering. I think most of the names listed here are close enough to being correct in order to figure out if it is one of your ancestors. Nearest relative addresses that show another country will most likely contain more information on the microfilm tape than what is shown here.



LAST NAME      FIRST NAME             BORN           ADDRESS        NEAREST RELATIVE              ADDRESS

---------      ----------             ----           -------        ----------------              ----------

ADOLF          WILLIAM JOHN           1900/07/09     W. PARK        MRS. WILLIAM ADOLF            PHILA, PA     

ALEXANDER      WILLIAM STUART         1882/12/22     CENTER         MRS. BELLA ALEXANDER          CENTER ST     

AMBROSE        PHILIP                 1885           WOOD           MRS. AMBROSE                  WOOD ST       

ANDERSON       ROBERT M.              1898/01/31     TROUTWINE      MRS. SARA A. ANDERSON         TROUTWINE ST  

ANDREICHIN     NICKOLAS               1883/12/05     RAILROAD       STEPHANIA ANDREICHIN          AUSTRIA       

ANUKSTIS       JOE                    1893/03        NORTH                                                      

ANUKSTIS       JOHN                   1889/06                                                                   

AUGUST         LOUIS                  1883/11/15     CENTER         MRS. BESSIE AUGUST            CENTER ST     

AZIS           ANTHONY                1884/12/26     CENTER         MRS. CATH. AZIS               CENTER ST     

BAKEY          CHARLES RAYMOND        1893/08/11                                                                

BAKEY          JOHN ALOYSIUS          1887/09/25                                                                

BALANDOVICH    STEVE                  1887/12                                                                   

BALL           YADSKO                 1878/09/11     MAIN           MARTIN YARISH                 MAIN ST       

BANACK         PAUL                   1885/01/19     LOCUST         JOE BANACK                    MT. CARMEL, PA

BANDARAGE      ANDREW                 1876/01        RAILROAD       SUSAN BANDARAGE               AUSTRIA       

BARNOTAS       MIKE                   1892/10/29     NORTH                                                      

BARRETT        ANTHONY                1888/08/06     LOCUST                                                     

BARRETT        DOMINICK LAWRENCE      1880/08/31     PARK           MRS. MARY BARRETT             PARK ST       

BARRETT        JAMES J.               1873/05/10     LOCUST         MRS. BRIDGET BARRETT          LOCUST AVE    

BARRETT        JOHN                   1877/06/10     LOCUST         ANTHONY BARRETT SR.           LOCUST AVE    

BARRETT        THOMAS                 1883                          MICHAEL BARRETT                             

BELL           STEPHEN                1874/12/25     MAIN           MRS SARAH BELL                AUSTRIA       

BENDJACK       JOHN                   1882/06/20     E. PARK        FEDUSIA BENDJACK              AUSTRIA       

BENFIELD       FRANK LESLIE           1892/11/02                                                                

BENFIELD       FRED CHARLES           1883/08/11     TROUTWINE      MRS. FRED C. BENFIELD         TROUTWINE ST  

BENFIELD       GEORGE ALFRED          1899/11/09     MYERS          MRS. HENRY BENFIELD           MYERS ST      

BENFIELD       RICHARD A.             1886/01/10     TROUTWINE                                                  

BENFIELD       WILLIAM HENRY          1888/11/20                                                                

BEREICKES      CHARLES                1890/10/08                                                                

BEREISIS       STANLEY                1889/07/19                                                                

BERGAN         FRANCIS PATRICK        1900/04/07     CENTER         MRS. ELLEN BERGAN             CENTER ST     

BEUCH          CHAS                   1878/03/12     LOCUST         MRS. LELIA BEUCH              LOCUST AVE    

BIANCHI        GIOVANNI               1897/10/10     LOCUST                                                     

BOGAN          MICHAEL                1888                                                                      

BONACH         FRANK                  1894/07/17                                                                

BORAN          THOMAS JAMES           1882/01/17     LOCUST         MRS. CATHERINE BORAN          LOCUST AVE    

BORAS          TONY                   1880/05        E. CENTER      MRS. AFFIA BORAS              CENTER ST     

BORCUK         JOHN                   1873/05/03     E. CENTER      MRS. ANNIE BORCUK             E. CENTER ST  

BORDOCK        MICHAEL                1880/09        W. PARK        LUCEA ORGANOCK                W. PARK ST    

BOROWAY        HARRY                  1885/06/09     E. CENTER      MRS. HARRY BOROWAY            RUSSIA        

BOSON          HARRY                  1879/12/25     RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE BOSON              RAILROAD ST   

BOWERS         WILLIAM                1881/03/06     MAIN           MRS. WILLIAM BOWERS           MAIN ST       


BRADLEY        PETER S.               1885/10/11     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. PETER BRADLEY            BYRNESVILLE   

BRECKO         JOHN                   1895/01/15                                                                

BRENNAN        FRANK EDMUND           1888/02/14                                                                

BRENNAN        IGNATIUS EDWARD        1899/11/08     LOCUST         MRS. ROBERT BRENNAN           LOCUST AVE    

BRENNAN        JAMES JOSEPH           1873/03/28     LOCUST         MARY A. BRENNAN               LOCUST AVE    

BRENNAN        JOHN F.                1884/01/20     LOCUST         MRS. KATIE BRENNAN            LOCUST AVE    

BRENNAN        ROBERT JOSEPH LANGDON  1894/04/02                                                                

BRENNAN        THOMAS FRANCIS         1893/12/05     BYRNESVILLE                                                

BRITT          EDWARD JOSEPH          1889/05/30     CENTER                                                     

BRITT          EDWARD R.              1889/07/27                                                                

BURAZYN        WASYL                  1886/01/28     RAILROAD       ANNIE BURAZYN                 AUSTRIA       

BURGE          ALFRED GEORGE          1892/11/18                                                                

BURGE          AMBROSE                1874/05/26     MYERS          MRS. SARA BURGE               MYERS ST      

BURKE          EDWARD FRANCIS         1890/11/19     BRYNESVILLE                                                

BURKE          FRANK PATRICK          1885/08/27     BYRNESVILLE    MARY BURKE                    BYRNESVILLE   

BURKE          JAMES ALOYSIOUS        1895/09/19     BYRNESVILLE                                                

BURKE          JOHN J.                1889/05/08     BYRNESVILLE                                                

BURKE          JOHN JOSEPH            1876/01/28     LOCUST         MRS JAMES MOHAN               CENTRALIA     

BURKE          LEROY FRANCIS          1899/10/16     PARK           MRS. MARGARET BURKE           PARK ST       

BURKE          PATRICK                1888/04/14     BYRNESVILLE                                                

BURKE          WILLIAM                1875                                                                      

BURKE          WILLIAM ALFONSO        1882/05/31     CENTER         MRS. CATH BURKE               CENTER ST     

BURNS          EDWARD ANTHONY         1900/09/02     PARK           MRS. ANNIE BURNS              PARK ST       

BURNS          LAWRENCE IGNATIUS      1896/03/27                                                                

BUSHTYN        NICHLOS                1879/09        RAILROAD       MRS. CATHARINE BUSHTYN        AUSTRIA       

BUTCAVICH      PETER                  1880/03/19     CENTER         WILLIAM PUTCAVICH             WESTPORT, CT  

BYLEN          ALEXANDER              1884           RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE BYLEN              RAILROAD ST   

CABAN          FRANK                  1878/12/17     RAILROAD       MRS. EVA CABAN                AUSTRIA       

CAIN           JAMES PATRICK          1898/08/13     PARK           MRS. MARGARET CAIN            PARK ST       

CAIN           THOMAS MICHAEL         1899/12/30     PARK           MRS. MARGARET CAIN            PARK ST       

CALLAGY        PAUL WILLIAM           1894/07/28                                                                

CALLAHAN       BERNARD DOMINICK       1898/10/27     MAIN           MRS. BRIDG. CALLAHAN          MAIN ST       

CALLAHAN       RICHARD BENEDICT       1896/07/11                    MICHAEL CALLAHAN              CENTRALIA     

CAREY          JOHN SYL.              1879/02/25     E. PARK        MRS. MARY CAREY               CENTRALIA     

CAREY          PATRICK JOSEPH         1873/12/08                    MRS. MARY CAREY               CENTRALIA     

CARTWRIGHT     DAVID                  1886/02/21     CENTER         MRS. SAM CARTWRIGHT           CENTER ST     

CARTWRIGHT     JOHN                   1883/07/25     CENTER         MRS. SAM CARTWRIGHT           CENTER ST     


CASANICH       FRANK                  1895/03        RAILROAD                                                   

CASPIE         ANDREW                 1881/10        MAHANOY        MARY CASPIE                   MAHANOY ST    

CHAPMAN        EDWARD FRANCIS         1873/04/11     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET CHAPMAN         LOCUST AVE    

CHAPMAN        EDWARD IGNATIUS        1895/07/16                                                                

CHAPMAN        JOHN AMBROSE           1885/09/13     LOCUST         MRS. ANNA CHAPMAN             LOCUST AVE    

CHAPMAN        JOHN JOSEPH            1894/03/13                                                                

CHAPMAN        JOHN JOSEPH            1899/10/15     LOCUST         MRS. EDWARD CHAPMAN           LOCUST AVE    

CHAPMAN        MICHAEL THOMAS         1880/01/06     TROUTWINE      MRS. BRIDG. CHAPMAN           TROUTWINE ST  

CHAPMAN        RAYMOND A.             1900/07/01     MAIN           JOHN CHAPMAN                  CENTER ST     

CHAREPAN       MICHAEL                1889/01/25                                                                

CHEDROW        WASSAIL                1889/01/05                                                                

CHERABONIS     PETER                  1884/07        LOCUST         MRS. JULIA CHERABONIS         LOCUST AVE    

CHERAPANY      ANDREW                 1880/02/28     RAILROAD       ANASTAZYA CHERAPANY           AUSTRIA       

CHERCHIVICH    ALECK                  1883/07/14     NORTH          MARY CHERCHIVICH              NORTH ST      

CHETOVICH      MAXIM                  1884                          PETER MCHALE (OVERSEER POOR)  CENTRALIA     

CHIDEOVICH     GEO                    1894/04/20     NORTH                                                      

CHILLIE        LOUIGI                 1888/11/07     RAILROAD                                                   

CHIRAPANIN     WASSIL                 1874/04        E. CENTER      MRS. CATHARINE CHIRAPANIN     AUSTRIA       

CHOCHUN        PAUL                   1880           LOCUST         ALEX CROCHECK                 RAILROAD ST   

CHOMOVCOVITEH  WASIL                  1880/01                       MRS. ANNIE CHOMOVOVITEH       CENTRALIA     

CHRASZCGEWSKI  TONY                   1894/07/03                                                                

CHUDZIK        ANTONI                 1881/05/03     NORTH          MRS. ANTONI CHUDZIK           NORTH ST      

CISZESKI       STANNY                 1881/03/15     LOCUST         STELLA CISZESKI               POLAND        

CLAREY         JAMES FRANCIS          1899/10/29                                                                

CLEARY         JOHN MICHAEL           1884/06/14     CENTER         MRS. ANNA CLEARY              CENTER ST     

CLEWS          ALBERT LAMB            1898/11/29     TROUTWINE      MRS. ALBERT CLEWS             TROUTWINE ST  

CLEWS          ALBERT THOMAS          1891/12/22                                                                

CLEWS          JAMES                  1876/09/02     TROUTWINE      MRS. CLARA CLEWS              TROUTWINE ST  

CLOVER         ADAM                   1899/12/20     E. PARK        MRS. HELEN CLOVER             E. PARK ST    

CLOVER         JOSEPH FRANCIS         1895/03/29                                                                

COBIN          MICHAEL                1895/04/29                                                                


CODDINGTON     JOHN EDWARD            1884/08/20     PAXTON         MRS. MARY CODDINGTON          PAXTON ST     

CODDINGTON     JOHN IGNATIUS          1887/05/08                                                                

CODDINGTON     JOSEPH MICHAEL         1893/10/15                                                                

COLIHAN        JAMES JOSEPH           1874/07/10     LOCUST         MRS. MARY A. COLIHAN          LOCUST AVE    

COLIHAN        JOHN L.                1880/11/29     LOCUST         MRS. MARY COLIHAN             LOCUST AVE    

COMRANITISKY   MARTIN                 1874                          LEWIS DAVIS, MD               CENTRALIA     

CONEHESK       ALEX                   1877           RAILROAD       MRS. EVA CONEHESK             RUSSIA        

CONNOR         JAMES FRANCIS          1875/08/29     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. MARY CONNOR              BYRNESVILLE   

CONRAD         GEORGE W.              1894/01/12                                                                

CONREY         MICHAEL FRANCIS        1874/12/27     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. ELLEN CONREY             BYRNESVILLE   

CONRY          THOMAS IGNATIUS        1881/11/14     CENTER         MRS. AGNES CONRY              CENTER ST     

CONWAY         JOHN                   1887/03/23                                                                

CONWAY         JOHN J.                1878/02/22     LOCUST         MRS. BRIDGET CONWAY           LOCUST AVE    

COOK           THOMAS M.              1878/09/14     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET COOK            LOCUST AVE    

CORRIGAN       PETER L.               1878/06/22     LOCUST         MRS. MARY ANN CORRIGAN        LOCUST AVE    

CORRIGAN       THOMAS                 1873/05/20     LOCUST         MRS. BRIDGET CORRIGAN         LOCUST AVE    

COUCHESA       JOHN                   1884/10        RAILROAD       MICHAEL COUCHESA              AUSTRIA       

CRAVITZ        MIKE                   1886/11/15     LOCUST                                                     

CREAMER        BARTHOLMEW BONIVENTURE 1889/05/08                                                                

CREAMER        JOHN STEPHEN           1886/12/26                                                                

CREAMER        MICHAEL PATRICK        1889/05/08                                                                

CREAMER        WILLIAM JAMES          1895/03/25                                                                

CUFF           JOHN                   1894/02/11     PAXTON                                                     

CUFF           PATRICK J.             1887/01/17                                                                

CURRAN         EDWARD WILLIAM         1889/04/10                                                                

CZEPA          JOHN                   1892/03/15     RAILROAD                                                   

DALEY          EDWARD JOSEPH          1890/12/19                                                                

DALEY          GEORGE D.              1879/05/29     LOCUST         MRS. MARY DALEY               LOCUST AVE    

DANIEL         MICHAEL                1880/10        CENTER         MRS. MICH. DANIEL             AUSTRIA       

DARRAH         JAMES HENRY            1880/09/27     LOCUST         MRS. AGNES DARRAH             LOCUST AVE    

DARRAH         JOHN JOSEPH            1875/10/09     PARK           MRS. EDW. GERRITY             PARK ST       

DARRAH         WILLIAM IGNATIUS       1883/03/10     LOCUST         MRS. CATH. DARRAH             LOCUST AVE    

DAVIDONIS      ALEX                   1893/06/23                                                                

DAVIS          ? EDWARD               1872/09/25                    MRS. BESSIE DAVIS             CENTRALIA     

DEMPKO         JOHN                   1882/05        LOCUST         ANNIE DEMPKO                  LOCUST AVE    

DEMPSEY        EDWARD VINCENT         1885/10/20     PARK           MRS. EDW. V. DEMPSEY          PARK ST       

DEMPSEY        JAMES JOSEPH           1887/11/21                                                                

DEMPSEY        JOHN JOSEPH            1874/10/21     LOCUST         MRS. MARY DEMPSEY             LOCUST AVE    

DEMPSEY        PATRICK JOSEPH         1890/09/21                                                                

DEMPSEY        WILLIAM FRANCIS        1879/11/24     WOOD           MRS. JOHANNA DEMPSEY          WOOD ST       

DEVINE         JAMES                  1873/11/04     LOCUST         MRS. MARY DEVINE              LOCUST AVE    

DEVINE         JOSEPH                 1882/01/25     LOCUST         MRS. MARY DEVINE              LOCUST AVE    

DEVINE         WILLIAM JOHN           1889/06/09     LOCUST                                                     

DIACZISZON     ALEX                   1887/07/22     LOCUST                                                     

DIMUNOVICH     PETER                  1884/07        LOCUST         MRS. PETER DIMUNOVICH         AUSTRIA       

DINKLOCKER     JOHN HENRY             1881/07/16     LOCUST         KATHERINE DINKLOCKER          LOCUST AVE    

DINOSKI        SIMON                  1880/06/24     LOCUST         MRS. JULIA DINOSKI            LOCUST AVE    

DOKLER         SIMON                  1881/07        W. PARK        ANNIE WOSMIAK                 JERSEY CITY NJ

DOLINGR        JOHN                   1879/01/13     MAIN           MRS. JOHN DOLINGR             AUSTRIA       

DORMER         MICHAEL                1894/12/28     LOCUST                                                     

DOUGHERTY      ANTHONY BERNARD        1895/12/10     BYRNESVILLE                                                

DOUGHERTY      CHARLES A.             1899/10/26     CENTER         MRS. BRIDG. DOUGHERTY         CENTER ST     

DOUGHERTY      THOMAS JOSEPH          1878/12/29     CENTER         MRS. THOMAS DOUGHERTY         CENTER ST     

DOUSE          CHARLES ANTHONY        1894/12/11     LOCUST                                                     

DOUSE          JOHN JOSEPH            1892/01/07     LOCUST                                                     

DOYLE          BERNARD JOSEPH         1898/09/19     E. CENTER      BRIDGET DOYLE (MOTHER)        E. CENTER ST  

DOYLE          JAMES                  1892/09/12     CENTER                                                     

DOYLE          JOHN JOSEPH            1887/02/13     CENTER                                                     

DRAGUH         JOSPEH                 1886/08/20                                                                

DROHUE         ADAM                   1884/08/18     LOCUST         ANDREW ZIMBO                  LOCUST AVE    

DUB            CHARLES                1886/10        LOCUST         MRS. CHARLES DUPE             AUSTRIA       

DUB            MIKE                   1896/01/20     LOCUST                                                     

DUB            NICKOLAS               1879/10/16     LOCUST         MARY DUB                      LOCUST AVE    

DUBE           GEORGE                 1886/07        RAILROAD                                                   

DUDON          MICHAEL                1877/11/19     E. PARK        MRS. MICHAEL DUDON            E. PARK ST    

DUDON          STEVE                  1879/12/23     W. PARK        MRS. ANNIE DUDON              W. PARK ST    

DUNCAVAGE      SIMON                  1883/03        MYERS          MRS. MARY DUNCAVAGE           MYERS ST      

DUNCAVICH      LUCAS                  1886/03/23     MAIN           MRS. LUCAS DUNCAVICH          MAIN ST       

DUNCAVIGE      SIMON                  1878/03        LOCUST         MRS. STASEY DUNCAVIGE         LOCUST AVE    

DUNCOSKI       ALEX                   1885/04/19     MYERS          MRS. BLANH DUNCOSKI           MYERS ST      

DUNLEAVY       PETER LENARD           1883/11/25     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. ANNA DUNLEAVY            BYRNESVILLE   

DUNLEVEY       WALTER                 1889/12/08                                                                

DURKIN         MICHAEL                1874/04/10     RAILROAD       MRS. ELLEN DURKIN             RAILROAD ST   

DYKE           GEORGE                 1898/07/14     TROUTWINE      MRS. MARY DYKE                TROUTWINE ST  

EMACHWEILER    FRED                   1888/04/10                                                                

ENNIS          PATK JOHN              1879/06/22     LOCUST         MRS. THOS. ENNIS SR           LOCUST AVE    

ENNIS          THOMAS JOHN            1894/12/05                                                                

ERVIN          DAVID                  1876/10/08     RAILROAD       MRS. MARY ERVIN               RAILROAD ST   

EUPETRO        MIKE                   1891/08/03     LOCUST                                                     

EVANCOVICH     STEPHEN                1877/12/16     MAIN           MRS. STEPHEN EVANCOVICH       RUSSIA        

EVANKOVICH     JAS                    1892/05/18     LOCUST                                                     

FAGO           ANDREW                 1889/03/03                                                                

FARINO         AILLO                  1899/06/20     RAILROAD       CATORNO FARINO                ITALY         

FARRELL        RAYMOND ALOYOSIUS      1897/06/13     LOGAN                                                      

FARRELL        ROBERT IGNATIUS        1898/05/30                    ROBERT P. FARRELL             CENTRALIA     

FARRELL        TIMOTHY FRANCIS        1874/09/01     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET FARRELL         LOCUST AVE    

FEDORCUSK      CHARLES                1891/03/05                                                                

FELIX          FRANK                  1889/02                                                                   

FELIX          PETER                  1885/09/19     RAILROAD       MRS. CUSTENA FELIX            RAILROAD ST   

FERDOCK        STEVE                  1878/06/16     RAILROAD       MRS. AGNES FERDOCK            RAILROAD ST   

FERINICH       FRANK                  1888/03/15     RAILROAD                                                   

FETTERMAN      CHARLES OSCAR          1875/11/21     PAXTON         MRS. JENNIE FETTERMAN         PAXTON ST     

FETTERMAN      RAY A.                 1887/07/07                                                                

FINNELL        JAMES IGNATIUS         1882/07/19     CENTER         MRS. IRENE MCGINLEY           CENTER ST     

FINNELL        WILLIAM IGNATIUS       1880/07/23     E. CENTER      MRS. ANTHONY MCGINLEY         E. CENTER ST  

FIORINGA       PIETRO                 1895/09/07     RAILROAD                                                   

FLANNERY       JAMES VINCENT          1894/08/19     BYRNESVILLE                                                


FOGAL          JOSEPH JOHN            1894/03/03                                                                

FOLRIZIO       TONY                   1890/01/24     RAILROAD                                                   

FOROSICH       CHARLIE                1878           PAXTON         JOHN FOROSICH                 CLEVELAND, OH 

FORTNER        BENFAMINE BRUCE        1874/03/31     TROUTWINE      LAURA M. FORTNER              TROUTWINE ST  

FORTNER        HOWARD GARFIELD        1881/11/04     CENTER         MRS. J. W. FORTNER            CENTRALIA     

FOSTER         MATHEW E.              1895/12/24                                                                

FRABICH        ZOBE                   1892           RAILROAD                                                   

FULDOVIS       MICHAEL                1879           E. CENTER      MRS. ANNIE FULDOVIS           E. CENTER ST  

GABLE          WILLIAM HARRY          1893/12/16                                                                

GAHAGAN        PATRICK FRANCIS        1884/09/05     TROUTWINE      NORA GAHAGAN                  TROUTWINE ST  


GALLAGHER      MAURICE AUGUSTIN       1895/01/09                                                                


GALLAGHER      OWEN                   1890/11/20     BYRNESVILLE                                                

GALLAGHER      THOMAS FRANCIS         1880/06/02     PARK           JOHN GALLAGHER                ALABAMA ?     

GALLAGHER      THOMAS RAYMOND         1880/08/08     LOCUST         MRS. ANNA SHERAN              LOCUST AVE    

GALLON         JAMES                  1874/01/13     RAILROAD       MRS. CATHERINE GALLON         ITALY         

GARVEY         ANTHONY                1884/05/26     LOCUST         MRS. ANTHONY GARVEY           LOCUST AVE    

GARVEY         MICHAEL                1876/08/16     BYRNESVILLE    ANTHONY GARVEY                CENTRALIA     

GAUGHAN        ANTHONY JOSEPH         1897/10/05     LOCUST         MRS. ELLEN GAUGHAN            LOCUST AVE    

GAUGHAN        ANTHONY JOSEPH         1873/01/06     LOCUST         MRS. ANTHONY GAUGHAN          LOCUST AVE    

GAUGHAN        PATRICK                1874           BYRNESVILLE    PHILIP GAUGHAN                BYRNESVILLE   


GAUGHAN        PHILIP FRANK           1874/12/07     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. ELEN GAUGHAN             BYRNESVILLE   

GAZDA          LOUIS                  1886/08/17     CENTER                                                     

GEORGE         JOHN                   1876/06        RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE GEORGE             AUSTRIA       

GEORGE         OSCAR E.               1888/07        TROUTWINE                                                  

GERRITY        ANTHONY                1900/06/17     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. GERRITY                  BYRNESVILLE   

GERRITY        ANTHONY JAMES          1874/07/05                    MICHAEL GERRITY               BYRNESVILLE   


GERRITY        JOHN JOSEPH            1899/09        BYRNESVILLE    MICHAEL E. GERRITY            BYRNESVILLE   

GERRITY        JOHN THOMAS            1898/06/21                    MICHAEL GERRITY               BYRNESVILLE   


GETCHEY        GEORGE W.              1883/07/22     LOCUST         MRS. AGNES M. GETCHEY         LOCUST AVE    

GETTY          CHARLES                1892/07/06     MYERS                                                      

GLISNOVITCH    MICHAEL                1882/03/26     MAIN           MRS. ANNIE GLISNOVITCH        MAIN ST       

GOBRIAH        JOSEPH                 1880/08/05     E. PARK        SOPHIA GOBRIAH                AUSTRIA       

GOSHES         JOHN                   1880/08/15                    MRS. JOHN GOSHES                            

GRABOVICH      CHARLES                1886/12        RAILROAD       JOHN M. ?                     CENTRALIA     

GRANT          MICHAEL JAMES          1880/08/21     SOUTH          KATHARINE GRANT (WIFE)        SOUTH ST      

GRIFFITH       THOMAS JOHN            1872/12/31     LOCUST         MRS. SARA GRIFFITH            LOCUST AVE    

GRIFFITHS      JOHN                   1889/11/27     LOCUST                                                     

GUAUKONEY      FRANK                  1883           E. CENTER      MRS. GUAUKONEY                E. CENTER ST  

GULLIVER       ISAAC                  1875/04/13     MYERS          MRS. BLANCH GULLIVER          MYERS ST      

GULLIVER       RAYMOND H.             1889/11/07     CENTER                                                     

GUMULAKY       MICHAEL JAMES          1878/09/29     LOGAN          MRS. GUMULAKY                 LOGAN         

GURGILL        GEORGE                 1891           PARK                                                       

GURGILL        JOSEPH                 1882/09/08     E. CENTER      MRS. MARY GURGILL             E. CENTER ST  

HAFFEY         JOHN                   1882/10/15     LOCUST         MRS. MARY HAFFEY              LOCUST AVE    

HAGGERTY       EDWARD                 1880/02/02     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET HAGGERTY        LOCUST AVE    

HALEY          JAMES CHARLES          1891/07/02                                                                

HALEY          PATRICK JOHN           1895/11/27                                                                

HALUSIA        FRANK                  1875/04        LOCUST         MRS. ANNA HALUSIA             AUSTRIA       

HANNAH         WILLIAM JOHN           1874/08/19     E. CENTER      MRS. BRIDGET HANNAH           E. CENTER ST  

HARDISH        ANDREW                 1896/05/22     PAXTON                                                     

HARRIS         WILLIAM                1877/11/30     LOCUST         MRS. BELLA HARRIS             LOCUST AVE    

HAULEY         FRANK N.               1890/11/10     TROUTWINE                                                  

HAUSE          LEWIS                  1899/11/18     W. PARK        MRS. WALLIE HAUSE             W. PARK       

HEFFNER        HUBERT JOHN            1871/10/07     LOCUST         MRS. MARIE HEFFNER            LOCUST AVE    

HIGGINS        JAMES                  1889/06/09                                                                

HINCHEY        JOSEPH FRANCIS         1875/12/15     E. CENTER      MRS. JULIA HINCHEY            E. CENTER ST  

HINCHEY        JOSEPH FRANCIS JR.     1898/02/02     CENTER         J. F. HINCHEY SR.             CENTER ST     

HOBRIGO        MIKE                   1895/02/02     RAILROAD                                                   

HOFHER         JOHN                   1874/02/28     NORTH          MRS. CATHERINE DAVIS          NEW YORK, NY  

HOFHERB        ADOLPH                 1886/11/25     NORTH                                                      

HOGAN          JAMES                  1887/08/15     BYRNESVILLE                                                

HOGAN          JOHN MICHAEL           1894/01/02     BYRNESVILLE                                                

HOGAN          PATRICK                1885/03        BYRNESVILLE    MRS. JAMES HOGAN              BYRNESVILLE   

HOLDEN         WILLIAM                1897/02/01     NORTH                                                      

HORAN          STEPHEN IGNATIUS       1898/12/09     CENTER         MRS. HORAN                    CENTER ST     

HORN           WALTER A.              1890/05/09     MYERS                                                      

HOTZANIT       FRANK                  1889/03/03     RAILROAD                                                   

HOWERTER       ISAIAH WALTER          1883/05/01     CENTER         CARROL A. HOWERTER (WIFE)     CENTER ST     

HUGHES         JOHN HARRY             1883/04/01     GERMANTOWN     MRS. SAMUEL HUGHES            GERMANTOWN    

HUGHES         SAMUEL                 1889/03/11     GERMANTOWN                                                 

HURDUAGE       MICH                   1874           MAIN           MRS. HURDUAGE                 AUSTRIA       

HUTNYK         STEVE                  1888                                                                      

IRVIN          ANTHONY                1895/03/07                                                                

JATARSA        ALEX                   1878/12        LOCUST         MRS. JATARSA                  AUSTRIA       

JESSIE         JACOB                  1883           MAIN           STEPHEN JESSIE                RUSSIA        

JOHNSTON       CLARENCE FREDERICK     1899/01/05     CENTER         MRS. MARY JOHNSTON            CENTER ST     

JOHNSTON       JOHN BENJAMINE         1895/05/28     CENTER                                                     

JONES          ALLEN FRANKLIN         1900/09/11     LOCUST         JAMES W. JONES                LOCUST AVE    

JONES          EDWARD B.              1889/01/06     TROUTWINE                                                  

JONES          GEORGE ALFRED          1890/02/16                                                                

JONES          HARRY WALTER           1898/05/25     LOCUST         JAMES W. JONES                LOCUST AVE    

JOYCE          CHARLES HARRY          1900/10/24     E. CENTER      ANNIE JOYCE (MOTHER)          E. CENTER ST  

JOYCE          JOHN JOSEPH            1888/06/22     LOCUST                                                     

JOYCE          RICHARD FRANCIS        1892/12/31                                                                

JUDGE          WILLIAM JOHN           1897/07/29     SOUTH          MRS. JOHN MCGINLEY            SOUTH ST      

JUGLAR         JOHN                   1883                          MRS. JULIA JUGLAR                           

JUMBO          GEORGE                 1885/08        LOCUST         MRS. GEORGE JUMBO             RUSSIA        

KANE           ANTHONY                1875/02/15     LOCUST         MRS. KATHERINE KANE           LOCUST AVE    

KANE           MICHAEL THOMAS         1877/11/06     LOCUST         MRS. SADIE KANE               LOCUST AVE    

KANE           RICHARD J.             1879/02/24     MAHANOY        MRS. JULIA KANE               MAHANOY ST    

KANE           RICHARD JOSEPH         1877/06/01     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET KANE            LOCUST AVE    

KANE           THOMAS JOSEPH          1898/04/03     E. CENTER      MRS. ANTHONY KANE             E. CENTER ST  

KEALY          RICHARD JOSEPH         1872/09/27     WOOD           MRS. RICHARD KEALY            WOOD ST       

KEALY          THOMAS I.              1876/03/18                    MRS. KATHRYN KEALY            CENTRALIA     

KECHEFENICH    CHARLES                1881/12/31     RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE KECHEFENICH        RAILROAD ST   

KELLER         DAVID EDWARD           1893/11/02                                                                

KELLEY         MICHAEL JOSEPH         1883/06/17     GERMANTOWN     MRS. HANNAH KELLEY            GERMANTOWN    

KELLEY         RAYMOND B.             1896/09/29     GERMANTOWN                                                 

KELLEY         THOMAS EDWARD          1879/06/08     GERMANTOWN     MRS. HANNAH KELLEY            GERMANTOWN    

KENINITZ       AUGUST                 1885           RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE KENINITZ           RAILROAD ST   

KENNEFF        JAMES IGNATIUS         1894/01/17                                                                

KENNEFF        MICHAEL FRANCIS        1883/06/09     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET KENEFF          LOCUST AVE    

KENNEY         ANDREW IGNATIUS        1891/02/28     BYRNESVILLE                                                

KIMMEL         REUBEN ALLEN           1895/03/11                                                                

KIMMEL         WALTER                 1898/12/14     PARK           MRS. AGNES KIMMEL             PARK ST       

KIMMEL         WILLIAM GEORGE         1892/12/05                                                                

KING           FRANCIS JAMES          1894/05/03                                                                

KING           RAYMOND JOHN           1893/08/11                                                                

KIRYLUK        THEODOSY REV.          1892/01/20                    ST PETER & PAUL ? GREEK O'DOX               

KISAVGE        JOHN                   1890/05/07                                                                

KIYAUSKS       JOHN                   1891/12/12     LOCUST                                                     

KLINE          FRED                   1879/04/0-6    PAXTON         KATIE KLINE                   PAXTON ST     

KNIGHT         JOSEPH                 1873/03/18     DARK CORNER    MRS. ANNIE KNIGHT             DARK CORNER   

KOCETS         HARRY                  1890           LOCUST                                                     

KOCH           CHARLES GETCHEY ?      1897/07/18     TROUTWINE      MRS. KOCH                     TROUTWINE     

KOCH           JOSEPH E.              1884/09/30     W. CENTER      MRS. LAWRENCE ? KOCH          W. CENTER     

KOLLISHAM      SIMON                  1882/09/28     MYERS          MRS. MARY KOLLISHAM           MYERS ST      

KOLLISHUN      KLAUS                  1876/10        MYERS          MRS. MAGGIE KOLLISHUN         AUSTRIA       

KONEVIGE       ROMAN                  1876/03/05     E. CENTER      MRS. CATHERINE KONEVIGE       E. CENTER ST  

KOPKA          TONY                   1880           PARK           MRS. TONY KOPKA               AUSTRIA       

KORES          GRANK ANTHONY          1899/12/25     RAILROAD       MICHAEL KORES                 RAILROAD ST   

KOSER          FRANK                  1888/07/24     RAILROAD                                                   

KOWALCHUCK     ALEX                   1880           W. PARK        MRS. ROSE KOVALCHUCK          CENTRALIA     

KOWALCHUCK     STEVE                  1876           TROUTWINE      MRS. MARY KOWALCHUCK          TROUTWINE ST  

KOWALYSHYN     JOHN                   1892/09/11                                                                

KOWILCHUCK     MICHAEL                1880           W. PARK        STEVE KOWILCHUCK              W. PARK ST    

KRAH           ROBERT                 1881/09/26     TROUTWINE      MRS. JENNIE KRAH              TROUTWINE     

KRAPINISKI     HARRY                  1885           PARK           MRS. HARRY KRAPINISKI         AUSTRIA       

KREISHER       MICHAEL                1880/09/29     CENTER         MRS. MICHAEL KREISHER         CENTER ST     

KROPINSKY      STANEY                 1880/05/04     MAIN           MRS. STANEY KROPINSKY         MAIN ST       

KUCYOST        JOE                    1889           PAXTON                                                     

KUGAL          JAMES WILLIAM          1877           CENTER         MICHAEL KUGAL                 AUSTRIA ?     

KUGLER         JOSEPH                 1886/03/08     MAHANOY        MRS. SUSIE KUGLER             MAHANOY ST    

KURILLA        JACOB JOHN             1889/10/20                                                                

KYAFSKI        ALBERT                 1888/11/11     LOCUST                                                     

LAGINNO        VINCENZO               1887/04        NORTH                                                      

LAMB           ARCHIBALD              1886/07/09     TROUTWINE                                                  

LAMB           THOMAS G.              1889/09/08     TROUTWINE                                                  

LANTIUS        THOMASI                1892/08/29     NORTH                                                      

LAPARA         PASQUALE               1882/06/26     NORTH          MRS. NUNCIATTA LAPARA         ITALY         

LARKIN         EDWARD VINCENT         1888/07/13                                                                

LARKIN         FRANCIS JOSEPH         1885/02/08     PARK           MRS. AGNES LARKIN             PARK ST       

LARKIN         WILLIAM                1880/12/27     MAHANOY        MARGARET LARKIN               MAHANOY ST    

LATAWICZ       ADOLPH                 1884/05/15     PARK           MRS. LATAWICZ                 PARK ST       

LAUGHLIN       CHARLES IGNATIUS       1891/09/26                                                                

LAUGHLIN       CHARLES IGNATIUS       1876/09/02     LOCUST         MRS. MARGET LAUGHLIN          LOCUST AVE    

LAUGHLIN       JAMES GEORGE           1881/01/09     LOCUST         MRS. HELEN LAUGHLIN           LOCUST AVE    

LAUGHLIN       RAYMOND FRANCIS        1895/09/26                                                                

LAUGHLIN       THOMAS HENRY           1877/02/16     WOOD           MRS. ANNA LAUGHLIN            WOOD ST       

LAUGHLIN       WILLIAM JAMES          1896/09/22     NORTH          MRS. ELIZABETH MCHALE         NORTH ST      

LAUGHLIN       WILLIAM JOSEPH         1890/06/25                                                                

LAUSTNI        ALEX                   1890           RAILROAD                                                   

LAVELLE        EDWARD JEROME          1886/12/25                                                                

LAVELLE        JOHN J.                1895/10/30     NORTH                                                      

LAVELLE        JOHN JOSEPH            1899/09/10     LOCUST         MRS. ELLEN LAVELL             LOCUTS AVE    

LAVELLE        MICHAEL I.             1894/06/16                                                                

LAVELLE        PETER JAMES            1875/01/22     WOOD           MRS. MARY LAVELLE             WOOD ST       

LAZUKO         ANDREW                 1875/08        RAILROAD       MRS. ANDREW LAZUKO            AUSTRIA       

LEDDICOTE      GEORGE W.              1895           CENTER                                                     

LENAHAN        JOHN JOSEPH            1899/09/13                                                                

LENAHAN        JOSEPH IGNATIUS        1898/05/02     LOCUST         PETER LENAHAN                 LOCUST AVE    

LENAHAN        MICHAEL                1880/06/28     LOCUST         MRS. PETER LENAHAN            LOCUST AVE    

LEVAN          ISAAC MILES            1897/04/29     LOCUST         MARY E. BROBAK                ARISTES, PA   

LEVAN          WILLIAM HENRY          1875/05/07     TROUTWINE      MRS. MARGARET POLLAR          TROUTWINE ST  

LEVENS         FRANK HOWARD           1895/11/18                                                                

LEWIS          THOMAS J.              1890/03/21     LOCUST                                                     

LICHKO         JOHN                   1895/09/17                                                                

LICHKO         PETER JOHN             1896/04/16                                                                

LIDDICOTE      ALFRED JAMES           1881/04/03     CENTER         MRS. MARIA LIDDICOTTE         CENTER ST     

LIDDICOTE      JOHN MILTON            1886/05/19     CENTER         MRS. THOMAS LIDDICOTE         CENTER ST     

LIDDICOTE      JOSEPH                 1876/08/23     E. CENTER      MRS. MARY LIDDICOTE           E. CENTER ST  

LIDDICOTE      THOMAS                 1889/12/14     CENTER                                                     

LIN            MICHAEL                1891/04        RAILROAD                                                   

LINK           JOHN                   1875/09/17     LOCUST         MRS. ANNA LINK                LOCUST AVE    

LIPPMAN        PHILIP                 1889/09/12                                                                

LIPTOCK        MICHAEL                1894/11/21                                                                

LOBNA          JOHN                   1883           CENTER         MRS. MARY LOBANA              CENTER ST     

LOCH           CHARLEY                1886/02/16     RAILROAD       MRS. MARY LOCH                AUSTRIA       

LOCK           GEORGE                 1875/05        RAILROAD       MRS. KATIE LOCK               RAILROAD ST   

LOCUKITIS      GEORGE                 1877/04/23     W. PARK        MRS. JULIA LOCUKITIS          W. PARK ST    

LOPOSKI        JOHN                   1890/05        RAILROAD                                                   

LOVRINACH      JOHN                   1874/06/11     MAIN           MRS. MARY LOVRINACH           HUNGARY       

LUCZKENSKI     JOHN                   1895           PAXTON                                                     

LYNCH          JOHN                   1887/02/02                                                                

LYNN           JOHN                   1883/03/1883   RAILROAD       MRS. ANASTA LYNN                            

MADARAS        PAUL                   1876/06        RAILROAD       ANASTASIA MADARAS             RAILROAD ST   

MADDEN         ANDREW FRANCIS         1897/12/15                                                                

MADDEN         JOHN LEO               1896/01/08     LOCUST         MICHAEL MADDEN                CENTRALIA     

MADDEN         LAWRENCE               1890/12/24                                                                

MALARKEY       JOHN JOSEPH            1875/12/26     WOOD           PAT MALARKEY                  W. PARK ST    

MALARKEY       PATRICK IGNATIUS       1885/04/06     W. PARK        MRS. HARRY TIGHE              W. PARK ST    

MALECK         FELLMAN                1874/07        RAILROAD       MRS. ANTONETA MALECK          RAILROAD ST   

MALEY          JOSEPH I.              1893/12/21     PAXTON                                                     

MALICH         JOHN                   1880/10        LOGAN          MRS. DORA MALICH              LOGAN         

MALINOFSKI     STANLEY                1899/02/02     PAXTON                                                     

MALONEY        CYRIL JOSEPH           1899/08/24     NORTH          MRS. BRIDGET WALSH            NORTH ST      

MALONEY        JAMES LEO              1878/02/05     MAIN           MRS. MARY MALONEY             MAIN ST       

MALONEY        MARTIN                 1874/01/11     RAILROAD       MRS. CATHERINE CAIN           LOCUST AVE    

MALONOSKIE     JOHN A.                1895/02/09     NORTH                                                      

MANENMOVICH    WASSIL                 1880/04/13     RAILROAD       MRS. THERSA MANENMOVICH       RAILROAD ST.  

MANISHOCK      STEVE                  1873/01/15                    MRS. JULIA MANISHOCK          AUSTRIA       

MANLEY         MICHAEL FRANCIS        1885/07/22     CENTER         MRS. JOHN MANLEY              CENTER ST.    

MARCAVAGE      GEORGE                 1881/07/04                    MRS. MARCAVAGE                              

MARCHINSKI     ANTHONY ALOYSIUS       1895/06/01     LOCUST                                                     

MARCHINSKI     JOHN J.                1890/05/14     LOCUST                                                     

MARINACK       KUZMA                  1874/12        LOCUST         MRS. WYRAWA MARINACK          LOCUST AVE    

MARRISCAVAGE   PETER                  1892           RAILROAD                                                   

MARSH          EDWARD E. (M.D.)       1893/03/09                                                                

MARTINI        JOE (GUISEPPIE)        1897/06/06                    DONATI MARTINI                              

MARTYNICK      MICHAEL                1889/11/15                                                                

MASINICK       HARRY                  1896/04/10     CENTER                                                     

MASINICK       WALLY                  1896/09/14                    HARRY MASINICK                              

MATTA          JOHN                   1888/03/15                                                                

MAURYLLE       JOSEPH                 1892/07        GERMANTOWN                                                 

MAXIN          WALLY                  1887/06/27     GERMANTOWN                                                 

MAY            CHARLES HAEIGMANN (?)  1875/03/02     LOCUST         KATHRYN MAY                   LOCUST AVE    

MAY            FRANK                  1882/10/01     PARK           MRS. MARY MAY                 PARK ST       

MAY            JOHN                   1887/12/02                                                                

MAYER          WILLIAM ORVILLE        1874/09/11     TROUTWINE      MRS. MARY MAYER               TROUTWINE ST  

MCANDREW       ANTHONY                1894/08/15     CENTER                                                     

MCANDREW       JOHN                   1897/08/03     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. MARY MCANDREW            BYRNESVILLE   

MCANDREW       JOHN THOMAS            1898/01/23     E. CENTER      MRS. BRIDGET MCANDREW         MAIN ST       

MCCANN         PATRICK JOSEPH         1891/03/17     BYRNESVILLE                                                

MCCLOSKEY      JOHN                   1895/12/06                                                                

MCCULLION      JAMES EDWARD           1883/04/19     LOCUST         MRS. GERTRUDE MCCULLION       LOCUST AVE    


MCDONALD       JAMES B.               1895/01/02     BYRNESVILLE                                                

MCDONALD       JAMES JOSEPH           1889/04/18     BYRNESVILLE                                                

MCDONALD       JOHN                   1898/06/15     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. PHILL CRESS (?)          LOCUST GAP, PA

MCDONALD       MARTIN                 1877           E. CENTER      MRS. MARGARET MCDONALD        E. CENTER ST  

MCDONALD       MICHAEL                1888/03/07                                                                

MCDONALD       MICHAEL                1896/03/21                                                                

MCDONALD       THOMAS                 1892/06/09     E. CENTER                                                  

MCDONNELL      JAMES FRANCIS          1893/09/30     BYRNESVILLE                                                

MCDONNELL      JAMES JOSEPH           1896/03/16     LOCUST         MICHAEL MCDONNELL             LOCUST AVE    

MCDONNELL      JAMES JOSEPH           1880           E. PARK        MRS. MARY MORAN               E. PARK ST    

MCDONOUGH      OWEN                   1874/02/25                    MARY MCDONOUGH                CENTRALIA     



MCELHANNEY     SAMUAL                 1883/09/10     TROUTWINE      HANNAH MCELHANNEY             TROUTWINE ST  


MCELLHANNEY    JOSEPH                 1883/06/15     PARK                                                       

MCGANN         BERNARD THOMAS         1883/10/28     E. CENTER      MRS. BRIDGET GARAVY (?)       SHAMOKIN, PA  

MCGINLEY       ANTHONY JR.            1885/05/05     CENTER         MRS. IRENE MCGINLEY           CENTER ST     

MCGINLEY       ANTHONY SR.            1877/04/04     TROUTWINE      ELIZABETH MCGINLEY            TROUTWINE ST  

MCGINLEY       BERNARD FRANCIS        1892/12/07                                                                

MCGINLEY       JOHN JOSEPH            1887/03/29                                                                

MCGINLEY       MICHAEL FRANCIS        1899/03/19     E. PARK        MRS. MICHAEL MCGINLEY         E. PARK ST    

MCGINLEY       OWEN JOSEPH            1894/11/25     WOOD                                                       

MCGINLEY       PATRICK JOSEPH         1882/03/17     LOCUST         MRS. SARAH MCGINLEY           LOCUST AVE    

MCGINLEY       THOMAS A.              1894/10/21     PARK                                                       


MCGOVERN       JAMES                  1891/02/18                                                                

MCGOVERN       THOMAS J.              1898/02/22     LOCUST         MRS. MARGARET MCGOVERN        LOCUST AVE    

MCHALE         ANTHONY VINCENT        1896/10/04     BYRNESVILLE    MARGARET BUTLER               BYRNESVILLE   

MCHALE         JOHN E.                1879/05/01     LOCUST         MRS. ELIZABETH MCHALE         LOCUST AVE    

MCHALE         PATRICK JOHN           1885/03/21     LOCUST         MRS. ANNA MCHALE              LOCUST AVE    

MCHALE         PETER JOHN             1875/05/05     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. MARGARET MCHALE          BYRNESVILLE   


MCLAUGHLIN     WILLIAM CHARLES        1872/01/06                    WILLIAM ENGLE (?)             PHILA, PA     

MCNELIS        ANTHONY THOMAS         1884/04/08                    MRS. MARGARET MCNELIS         CENTRALIA     

MCNELIS        JAMES IGNATIUS         1886/12/09                                                                

MEEHAN         CHARLES JOHN           1873/09/25     LOCUST         MRS. ALICE MEEHAN             LOCUST AVE.   

MEHOVICH       PETER                  1880/07        LOCUST         MRS. PETER MEHOVICH           AUSTRIA       

MEKOSH         GEORGE                 1893/04/15                                                                

MEKOSH         WASLY                  1887/08/15     PARK                                                       

MENIUTSKY      BARNEY                 1890/03/05     LOCUST                                                     

MENIUTSKY      VICTOR                 1876/08/12     MYERS          BERNARD MENIUTSKY             MYERS ST      

MERVINE        JAMES                  1895/06/24                                                                

MESHALESKO     METRO                  1889                                                                      

MICHAEL        ALEXANDER B.           1888/04/07     CENTER                                                     

MICHAEL        EDWARD SHAFFER         1892/01/10                                                                

MICHELETSKO    JOHN                   1882/12        MAIN           MARY MICHELETSKO              MAIN ST       

MICHELETSKO    MICK                   1882/10        RAILROAD       MRS. FANNIE MICHELETSKO       RAILROAD ST   

MIKISH         MIKE                   1884/12/21     MYERS          MRS. ANNA MIKISH              MYERS ST      

MILLARD        JOHN WESLEY            1885/03/06     LOCUST         MRS. JOHN W. MILLARD          LOCUST AVE    

MILLARD        OLIVER BURTON          1877/07/17     LOCUST         O. B. MILLARD SR.             LOCUST AVE    

MILLER         JAMES D.               1883/06/04     TROUTWINE      MRS. JAMES MILLER             TROUTWINE ST. 

MINNICK        HARPER GARFIELD        1885/12/03     TROUTWINE      IRENE MINNICK                 TROUTWINE ST. 

MINNITI        PASQUALI               1895/02/25     NORTH                                                      

MINNITI        TONY                   1895/02/25     NORTH                                                      

MIRUSAK        MICHAEL                1896/04/21                                                                

MOCH           CHARLES                1875           RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE MOCH               AUSTRIA       

MOCHANIER      CHARLES E.             1887/03/26     CENTER                                                     

MOHAN          ANTHONY L.             1883/04/02     BYRNESVILLE    MISS MARY MOHAN               BYRNESVILLE   

MOHAN          PATRICK FRANK          1877/04/09     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. KATIE MOHAN              BYRNESVILLE   

MOHAN          THOMAS IGNATIUS        1879/09/11     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. ANNA FISHER              BYRNESVILLE   

MOLONOSKY      FRANK                  1900/09/18     MYERS          MRS. ANNA MOLONOSKY           MYERS ST      

MOLONOSKY      JOHN                   1891/04                                                                   



MONAGHAN       EDWARD                 1874/06/02     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. ANNIE MONAGHAN           BYRNESVILLE   

MONAGHAN       JAMES J.               1900/02/06     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. MARGARET MONAGHAN        BYRNESVILLE   

MONAGHAN       JAMES JOSEPH           1885/02/08     E. PARK        MRS. BRIDGET RILEY            E. PARK ST    

MONAGHAN       JAMES PATRICK          1879/12                       KATHERINE MONAGHAN (MOTHER)   CENTRALIA     

MONAGHAN       MARTIN J.              1872/10/25     BYRNESVILLE    MARY MONAGHAN                 BYRNESVILLE   




MONAGHAN       PETER                  1878/02/08     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. CATHERINE MONAGHAN       BYRNESVILLE   

MONAGHAN       THOMAS JOHN            1877/01/06     LOCUST         ANNIE GALLAGHER               LOCUST AVE    

MONAGHAN       THOMAS JOHN            1892/01/01     BYRNESVILLE                                                

MONAHAN        EDWARD A.              1887/10/20                                                                

MONAHAN        JAMES WILLIAM          1884/04/04     E. CENTER      MARTIN MONAHAN                E. CENTER ST  

MONAHAN        JOHN CHARLES           1880/12/02     LOCUST         M. J. MONAHAN                 PHILA, PA     

MONAHAN        PATRICK                1896/02/26     CENTER                                                     

MONROE         FRANCIS P.             1891/06/06     GERMANTOWN                                                 

MONROE         JOHN JOSEPH            1884/04/11     GERMANTOWN     MRS. JOHN MONROE              GERMANTOWN    

MOONEY         BERNARD FRANK          1883/08/19     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. MARY MOONEY              BYRNESVILLE   

MOONEY         THOMAS B.              1880/01/12     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. JULIA MOONEY             BYRNESVILLE   

MORAN          MICHAEL FRANCIS        1878/06/23     E. PARK        MARY MORAN                    E. PARK ST    

MORRIS         LEWIS ALEXANDER        1898/03/05     MYERS          MRS. CLAY MORRIS              MYERS ST      

MOTTER         WILLIAM HENRY          1877/02/16     LOGAN          MRS. EMMA J. MOTTER           LOGAN         

MUMFORD        MICHAEL THOMAS         1887/02/12                                                                

MURPHY         FRANCIS JOSEPH         1884/07/03     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. HELEN MURPHY             BYRNESVILLE   

MURPHY         JOHN EDWARD            1885/04/14     BYRNESVILLE    MICHAEL MURPHY                BYRNESVILLE   

MURPHY         MICHAEL                1874/10/15     BYRNESVILLE    JOHN E. MURPHY                BYRNESVILLE   

MURPHY         PATRICK J.             1873/05/09     BYRNESVILLE    JOHN MURPHY                   BYRNESVILLE   

MURPHY         THOMAS                 1883/10/01     BYRNESVILLE    MICHAEL MURPHY                BYRNESVILLE   

MURRAY         EDWARD                 1888/11/24     TROUTWINE                                                  

MURRAY         JAMES PATRICK          1897/04/16     TROUTWINE      JOHN MURRAY                   CENTRALIA     

MURRAY         JOHN FRANCIS           1893/06/07     TROUTWINE                                                  

MURRAY         LEO                    1895/07/26     PARK                                                       

MYTCHOCK       HARRY                  1887/05/12     RAILROAD                                                   

MYTOZAK        GEORGE                 1889/05                                                                   

NASH           DANIEL ALOYSIUS        1898/02/19     MAHANOY        MRS. MARY NASH                MAHANOY ST    

NASH           JOHN JAMES             1900/05/07     MAHANOY        MRS. MARY NASH                MAHANOY ST    

NASH           RICHARD FRANCIS        1876/12/02     TROUTWINE      MISS MARY NASH                TROUTWINE ST  

NASH           THOMAS                 1896/03/06                                                                

NAUMOVICH      STEVE                  1874           LOCUST         MRS. HELEN NAUMOVICH          LOCUST AVE    

NESHEUE        MARTIN                 1882/11/12     MAHANOY        MRS. FRANCES NESHEUE          MAHANOY ST    

NOTIGAGE       JOHN                   1890/12/25     CENTER                                                     

NOTIGAGE       MICHAEL                1886/12/18                                                                

NOTTIAGE       MICHAEL                1885           E. CENTER      MRS. NOTTIAGE                 AUSTRIA       

NOVAKSKI       THOMAS                 1893/03/03     RAILROAD                                                   

OBENHAUS       ALLEN                  1875/12/08     PAXTON         MRS. LEAY VIOLA OBENHAUS      PAXTON        

OBRIEN         PATRICK ALOYSIOUS      1894/01/08                                                                

OCONNOR        JAMES                  1876/12/27     E. CENTER      MRS. MARGARET OCONNOR         E. CENTER ST  

OCONNOR        THOMAS                 1884/12/23     LOCUST         MRS. JAMES S. BRENNAN         LOCUST AVE    

OCONNOR        WILLIAM DANIEL         1873/02/22                    MRS. JAMES BRENNAN (SISTER)   CENTRALIA     

ODONNELL       PAUL C.                1888/01/06     CENTER                                                     

OREILLY        EDWARD JOHN            1899/06/09     LOCUST         MRS. BRIDGET OREILLY          LOCUST AVE    

ORINOCKI       LUCAS                  1888/05        GERMANTOWN                                                 

OSTACHE        PETER                  1883/07/04     RAILROAD       MRS. MARY OSTACHE                           

PADDEN         JOHN LAWRENCE          1892/03/16     BYRNESVILLE                                                

PALKO          FRANK                  1887/11        RAILROAD                                                   

PALMER         WILSON RAYMOND         1872/06/02     GERMANTOWN     ERNEST HERRINGTON             ASHLAND, PA   

PALOWAH        MICHAEL                1877/12/15     E. CENTER      MRS. JULIE PALOWAH            E. CENTER ST  

PANKO          JOHN JOSEPH            1887/10/10                                                                

PATT           CHARLES                1891/04                                                                   

PAYNE          CHARLES HENRY          1874/04/07     MYERS          MRS. CHAS PAYNE               MYERS ST      

PAYNE          JOHN HENRY             1897/09/24     MYERS          MRS. FANNIE PAYNE             MYERS ST      

PECHESKI       WILLIAM PAUL           1898/03/29     GERMANTOWN     MRS. EVA PECHESKI             GERMANTOWN    

PECULIS        JOHN PATRICK           1894/08/15                                                                

PERONI         ANDREW                 1880/11/10                    MRS. ANDREW PERONI            ITALY         

PERROVAGE      DOMNICK                1879/01/23                    MRS. ANNA PEROVAGE            ITALY         

PERRY          CHARLES WESLEY JR.     1900/08/01     TROUTWINE      CHAS W. PERRY SR.             TROUTWINE ST  

PETERS         RICHARD                1882/10/03     TROUTWINE      MRS. MARGARET PETERS          CENTRALIA     

PETROVICH      CHARLEY                1884           W. PARK        MRS. PETROVICH                AUSTRIA       

PETUCHNEY      JOHN                   1900/04/10     RAILROAD       MRS. MARY PETUCHNEY           RAILROAD ST   

PETUS          JOHN                   1877/12/01                    MICH MAREUITZ                 LOCUST AVE    

PICHICKI       PAUL                   1886/07/26                                                                

PIFONI         VINCENZA               1893/03/01     RAILROAD                                                   

PIROSO         NICOLA                 1893/02/20     NORTH                                                      

PITZOCK        WALLY                  1884/11/15                    SABATINO POLADORA             MAIN ST       

PIZCZALNIK     GEORGE                 1893/03/24     LOCUST                                                     

PIZZOCCHA      JOHN                   1899/02/21     LOCUST                                                     

POCEKTA        JOE                    1879/12        PARK           MRS. ANNA POCEKTA             PARK ST       

POGARZ         ALBERT                 1885/01/13                    VERONICA POGARZ               CENTRALIA     

POLINSKI       CHARLES                1875/01/13     TROUTWINE      MRS. ANNIE POLISKI            TROUTWINE ST  

POLISHKI       STEVE                  1894/01/21                                                                

POLLARD        CLAYTON LAMAR          1898/06/22     LOCUST         MRS. FRANK POLLARD            LOCUST AVE    

POLLARD        GEORGE WILSON          1875/11/21     TROUTWINE      MRS. EDNA POLLARD             TROUTWINE ST  

POLONCHITZ     MIKE                   1880           RAILROAD       YOUCA POLONCHITZ              RAILROAD ST   

POPURA         TONY                   1875/09/10     PARK           LUCAS ORENOCK                 PARK ST       

PRECOPIO       ANDREW                 1888/07/21                                                                

PRENZLOW       CHRISTIAN JOHN         1900/08/02     CENTER         MRS. PAUL PRENZLOW            CENTER ST     

PRICE          THOMAS CLARK           1898/08/26     GERMANTOWN     MISS EDNA PRICE               GERMANTOWN    

PRICOPE        MICHAEL                1877/05/17     PAXTON         MRS. ANNA PRICOPE             PAXTON ST     

PRODUA         MICHAEL                1881/03/12     MAIN           MR. JOHN PRODUA               RAILROAD ST   

PROVOK         LEON                   1888           RAILROAD                                                   

PUCHANSUY      HARRY                  1881/11/13     CENTER         MRS. HARRY PUCHANSUY          CENTER ST     

PURCELL        VINCENT ANDREW         1898/10/19     E. CENTER      MRS. MARY PURCELL             E. CENTER ST  

RAUSHINKO      JOHN                   1896/08/08     E. PARK        MIKE RAUSHINKO                E. PARK ST    

REB            EARLE M.               1898/01/23     CENTER         MRS. LEWIS REB                CENTER ST     

REB            NORMAN                 1885/02/01     TROUTWINE      MRS. HARRIETTE REB            TROUTWINE ST  

REID           GEORGE MCKINLEY        1896/11/04                    WILLIAM REID                  CENTRALIA     

REILLEY        JOHN                   1890/03/27     PARK                                                       

REILLY         EDWARD                 1894/07/11     PARK                                                       

REILLY         JOHN JOSEPH            1873/11/01     PAXTON         KATHRYN REILLY                PAXTON ST     

REILLY         MICHAEL                1892/03/08     PARK                                                       

REILLY         OWEN FRANCIS           1896/11/17     E. PARK        MRS. BRIDGET REILLY (MOTHER)  CENTRALIA     

REILLY         WILIAM DAVID JR.       1899/06/01                    MR. WM. ANDREW REILLY         CENTRALIA     

REILLY         WILLIAM ANDREW         1875/05/15                    MRS. MARY REILLY              CENTRALIA     

RESENDESCHAN   FRANK                  1880/07        RAILROAD       MRS. ROSIE RESENDESCHAN       AUSTRIA       

REUTELHUBER    WILLAM ARTHUR          1877/10/14     LOCUST         DOLLE REUTELHUBER             LOCUST AVE    

RILEY          JAMES PATRICK          1895/03/17     BYRNESVILLE                                                

RILEY          MICHAEL PATRICK        1886/09/09     BYRNESVILLE                                                

ROADARMEL      HARRY WILLAM           1898/03/01     CENTER         ALVIN ROADARMEL               CENTER ST     

ROMANAK        PETER                  1883           MAIN           METRO IKUKE (?)               MAIN ST       

ROONEY         ANDREW JR.             1890/06/11                                                                

ROONEY         EDWARD                 1899/12/20     CENTER         MRS. JOHN DOYLE               CENTER ST     

ROONEY         JOHN JOSEPH            1875/11/19     E. CENTER      MRS. ELIZABETH ROONEY         E. CENTER ST  

ROSENTHAL      DAVID                  1874/12        LOCUST         MRS. MARSHA ROSENTHAL         LOCUST AVE    

ROVENIS        ANTHONY                1894/12/15                                                                

ROWAN          HARRY                  1893/07/03     PAXTON                                                     

RUBENOVICH     CHARLES                1879/03/13     PAXTON         KOLINA RUBENOVICH             RAILROAD ST   

RUDDY          THOMAS VINCENT         1894/08/21                                                                

RUSSIAN        ALEX                   1893/03/17                                                                

RYAN           EDWARD PATRICK         1898/07/21     LOCUST         MRS. JOHN RYAN                LOCUST AVE    

RYAN           EDWARD THOMAS          1881/09/20     LOCUST         MRS. ELLEN RYAN               LOCUST AVE    

RYAN           EDWARD THOMAS          1897/09/07     LOCUST         JAMES RYAN                    CENTRALIA     

RYAN           FRANCIS PATRICK        1875/03/28     LOCUST         MRS. EDWARD RYAN              LOCUST AVE    

RYAN           JAMES PATRICK          1895/03/13                                                                

RYAN           MARTIN FRANCIS JR.     1897/12/31     MAIN           MR. MARTIN RYAN               MAIN ST       

RYAN           MICHAEL JOSEPH         1889/03/22                                                                

RYAN           OLIVER PATRICK         1887/08/19                                                                

RYAN           WILLIAM                1891/11/11     LOCUST                                                     

SABUSKIE       JOHN                   1880/09/09     NORTH          MRS. JOHN SABUSKIE            NORTH ST      

SAWCHUCK       ALEX                   1884/07/20     W. PARK        MRS. ANNIE SAWCHUCK           W. PARK ST    

SCHMOLZE       CLARENCE E.            1892/03/18     GERMANTOWN                                                 

SCHNIEUS       ALECK                  1879/12        RAILROAD       MARY SCHNIEUS                 RAILROAD ST   

SCHRINER       WALLY JR               1880/08/10     LOCUST         MR. WALLY SCHRINER SR.        CENTRALIA     

SCHUCHART      HARRY J.               1875/06/18     CENTER         MRS. MARTIN SCHUCHART         HAZELTON, PA  

SEADER         MICHAEL                1884           E. CENTER      MRS. SEADER                   AUSTRIA       

SEROCHECK      ANDREW                 1875/11/25     CENTER         MRS. CATH SEROCHECK           CENTER ST     

SEROCHECK      MICK                   1885/09/25     CENTER         MRS. MARY SEROCHECK           CENTER ST     

SHAFFLER       WILLIAM                1881/04        TROUTWINE      MRS. ANTHONY MCGINLEY         TROUTWINE     

SHEARN         BERNARD PAUL           1883/08/17     REY'S HILL     MARY A. SHEARN                REY'S HILL    

SHEARN         DANIEL PETER           1875/08/21     CENTER         MRS. DAN'L SHEARN             CENTER ST     

SHEARN         JOHN IGNATIUS          1897/04/10     W. PARK        BERNARD SHEARN                W. PARK ST    

SHEARN         JOHN JAMES             1896/07/07                    PATRICK SHEARN                CENTRALIA     

SHEARN         JOHN JOSEPH            1883           E. PARK        MRS. ANNIE GALLAGHER          LOCUST AVE    

SHEARN         MICHAEL                1877/11/23     (MT CARMEL)    MR. PATRICK SHEARN            E. PARK ST    

SHEARN         PATRICK BERNARD        1899/07/11                    MR. BERNARD SHEARN            REY'S HILL    

SHEARN         PATRICK DAVID          1894/07/27                                                                

SHEARN         ROGER JOSEPH           1877/05/21     E. PARK        PATRICK SHEARN                E. PARK ST    

SHEARN         THOMAS                 1884                          PATRICK SHEARN (FATHER)       CENTRALIA     

SHEKMAR        JOHN                   1890           RAILROAD                                                   

SHERKI         MICHAEL                1876           MAIN           MRS. MARY SHERKI              RUSSIA        

SHIPINISKI     FRANK                  1895/07                                                                   

SHIRKI         TERRENCE               1873/10/18     MAIN           MRS. TERRENCE SHIRKI          RUSSIA        

SHOVLIN        JAMES JOSEPH           1889/02/02                                                                

SHOVLIN        JOHN                   1886/07/05     W. PARK                                                    

SINCAVAGE      MIKE                   1885           E. CENTER      MRS. POLINA SINCAVAGE         VILNA (?)     

SKUBACZEJOKIE  STANEY                 1889/04/14     RAILROAD                                                   

SKULSKIE       NICKOLAS               1874/12        PAXTON         MRS. CATHERINE SKULSKIE       PAXTON ST     

SKULSKIE       WASSEL                 1879           LOCUST         MRS. WASSEL SKULSKIE          LOCUST AVE    

SKUYGEN        STEVE                  1877/01        RAILROAD       MRS. STEVE SKUYGEN            AUSTRIA       

SMALL          HARRY CHRISTIAN        1895/07/25                                                                

SMITH          ARTHUR GORDON          1878/11/15     LOCUST         MRS. JSSI (?) SMITH           CENTRALIA     

SMITH          GEORGE W.              1895/03/22     MYERS                                                      

SMITH          HARVEY JOHN            1887/11/19                                                                

SMITH          JOHN                   1892/11/25     LOCUST                                                     

SMITH          ROY A.                 1887/02/13                                                                

SMOLKE         JOHN JOS.              1893/03/31     LOCUST                                                     

SMOLKE         TERENCE                1890/05/24     LOCUST                                                     

SMOLLA         NESTOR                 1887/10        RAILROAD                                                   

SMOLOK         MIKE                   1887           RAILROAD                                                   

SMULOK         METRO                  1888/09/17     RAILROAD                                                   

SNODAGE        MACK                   1888/10/12     RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE SNODAGE            AUSTRIA       

SNYDER         HARRY                  1879/07/14                    MRS. ANNA MAY SNYDER          CENTRALIA     

SOMNER         JOHN                   1885/07        CENTER         ENOCH AMBROSE                 CENTER ST     

SORROCO        JOSEPH                 1882/04        RAILROAD       MRS. CATHARINE SORROCEO       ITALY         

STANDUO        JOHN                   1885/11/10     PARK           MRS. JOHN STANDUO             PARK ST       

STINE          EDWARD JAMES           1876/09/12     TROUTWINE      MRS MARIA STINE               TROUTWINE ST  

STINOLIS       GEORGE                 1876/05/12     GERMANTOWN     MRS. PETRICIA STINOLIS        GERMANTOWN    

STRAMARA       SAMUEL                 1900/06/18                    PHILIP STRAMARA               NEW PHILA., PA

STUTCAVICH     EDWARD                 1876/01/15     MYERS          MRS. EDWARD STUTCAVICH        MYERS ST      

STUTSCAGE      JOSEPH JOHN            1898/01/09     PAXTON         VICTOR STUTSCAGE              PAXTON ST     

SUBRETSKO      MARK                   1877/12/23     CENTER         MRS ANN SUBRETSKO             CENTER ST     

SUPTOR         MICHAEL                1887/12/29                                                                

TAROUS         STEVE                  1887/12                                                                   

TARPEY         MICHAEL JOSEPH         1879/03/06     WOOD           MRS. MARY TARPEY              WOOD ST       

TIGHE          JAMES ALPHOUSUS        1878/07/28     TROUTWINE      BRIDGET THIGHE                TROUTWINE ST  

TIGHE          JAMES JOHN             1900/07/25     LOCUST         MRS. JAMES TIGHE              LOCUST AVE    

TIGHE          PATRICK HENRY          1897/02/01     W. PARK        MRS. MARY TIGHE               W. PARK ST    

TIMKO          METRO                  1883/01/22     LOCUST         MRS. ANNIE TIMKO              LOCUST AVE    

TIMKO          MICHAEL                1880/02        MAIN           MRS. ANN TIMKO                AUSTRIA       

TOODOR         NICK                   1891/12/12     RAILROAD                                                   

TREETER        JOSEPH JR.             1893/10/10     LOCUST                                                     

TRETTER        JOHN BAPIST            1891/10/12                                                                

TROUTMAN       EDWARD JAMES           1874/12/06     TROUTWINE      MRS. EDWARD TROUTMAN          TROUTWINE ST  

TROUTMAN       GEORGE                 1889/02/02                                                                

TYSON          GEORGE HENRY           1897/04/06     HIGH (?)       JACOB TYSON                   ARISTES, PA   

URBAN          WALLY                  1877/08/24     PARK           WALTER URBAN                  GILBERTON, PA 

VASEL          CHARLES                1882/07/17     NORTH          MRS. JULIA VASEL              NORTH ST      

VERBILLA       GEORGE JOHN            1894/12/09                                                                

VERBILLA       JOSEPH ANTHONY         1898/08/25     PARK           MRS. ANNA VERBILLA            PARK ST       

VOLCHANSKI     VASEL                  1894           RAILROAD                                                   

VOLETZKI       JOSEPH                 1888/08/18                                                                

VOSCAVAGE      EDWARD J.              1890/08/08     RAILROAD                                                   

VOSCAVAGE      FRANCIS JOSEPH         1899/11/19     RAILROAD       MRS. ANNA VOSCAVAGE           RAILROAD ST   

WAGNER         FRANK HARTMAN          1886/05/03     (BUFFALO, NY)  WIFE                          LOCUST AVE    

WAGNER         HARRY                  1874/04/05     RAILROAD       DAVID WAGNER                  GOWEN CITY, PA

WALCHOCK       FRANK                  1882/07/13     MYERS          MRS. ANNA WALCHOCK            MYERS ST      

WALKAUSKI      SAMUEL                 1890           RAILROAD                                                   

WALLACE        ANTHONY                1879/11/30     PAXTON         MRS. MARY WALLACE             PAXTON ST     

WALLACE        JOHN                   1882/05        RAILROAD       MRS. ANNIE WALLACE            AUSTRIA       

WALLACE        PETER                  1887/07/15     LOCUST                                                     

WALSH          ANTHONY J.             1873/02/11     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. SABINA WALSH             BYRNESVILLE   

WALSH          DAVID SYLVESTER        1887/09/17                                                                

WALSH          HARRY                  1882/06/19                    MRS. SARAH WALSH              CENTRALIA     

WALSH          MARTIN D.              1884/10/28     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. NELLIE WALSH             BYRNESVILLE   

WALSH          PETER JOHN             1890/05/03     BYRNESVILLE                                                

WALSH          WILLIAM CHARLES        1881/08/03     PAXTON         MISS MARY WALSH               PAXTON ST     

WALSHE         RAYMOND HOWARD         1894/08/07     PAXTON                                                     

WARCHOLIK      ANDRO                  1887/05/02     LOCUST                                                     

WASKOVISH      GEORGE                 1887                                                                      

WASOHNSKI      PETER                  1881/07/14     RAILROAD       WALLY WASOHNSKI               PITTSBURG, PA 

WATKINS        ARTHUR EDWARD          1876/08/23     W. CENTER      MRS. LENA WATKINS             NEW MILFORD PA

WATKINS        GEORGE STANLEY         1885/12/03     W. CENTER      MRS. IVA WATKINS              W. CENTER ST  

WATKOSKI       JOHN                   1880           CENTER         ANNA WATKOSKI                 CENTER ST     

WATOVICH       MICHAEL                1876           LOCUST         MRS. MARY WATOVICH            LOCUST AVE    

WELSH          BERNARD                1874/07/10                    NORA WELSH                    CENTRALIA     

WELSH          ROBERT JOSEPH          1878/06/16     LOCUST         MRS. MARY WELSH               PHILA., PA    

WELSH          THOMAS CLEMENT         1876/11/07     E. CENTER      MARGARET WELSH                E. CENTER ST  

WENDEL         GEORGE                 1890/07/25     GERMANTOWN                                                 

WENECK         FRANK                  1884/02/25     E. CENTER      MRS. EVA WENECK               E. CENTER ST  

WHALEN         DENNIS J.              1878                          JOHN WHALEN                   MT CARMEL, PA 

WHITAKER       HARRY J.               1887                          WILLIAM WHITAKER              PHILA, PA     

WHITE          JOHN RINCHON           1895/10/09                                                                

WHYNNE         OWEN VINCENT           1889/10/23     BYRNESVILLE                                                

WILKE          GEORGE                 1899/01/01                                                                

WILLIAMS       EVAN                   1883/01/27     CENTER         MRS. EVAN WILLIAMS            CENTER ST     

WILLS          CLARENCE ELMER         1890/09/25                                                                

WILLS          HUBERT WIFFORD         1882/03/21     CENTER         MRS. HUBERT WILLS             CENTER ST     

WILLS          JAMES F.               1888/07/01     TROUTWINE                                                  

WILLS          JOHN GEORGE            1880/06/06     CENTER         MRS. ELLA WILLS               CENTER ST     

WILLS          NICHOLAS ALFRED        1885/02/01     CENTER         MRS. MICHAEL WILLS            CENTER ST     

WILLS          ROY CORNISH            1899/06/12                                                                

WILLS          THOMAS WIFFORD JR.     1883/12/12     CENTER         MRS. THOMAS WILLS             CENTER ST     

WILLS          WILLIAM G.             1880/03/25     TROUTWINE      MRS. ESTHER M. WILLS          TROUTWINE ST  

WILLS          WILLIAM HENRY          1898/06/03     TROUTWINE      MRS. JANE WILLS               TROUTWINE ST  

WILSON         JAMES IGNATIUS         1885/04/19     W. PARK        MRS. JOHN WILSON              W. PARK ST    

WILSON         JOHN JOSEPH            1874/06/23     W. PARK        MRS. MARY WILSON              W. PARK ST    

WILSON         ROBERT                 1894/03/07     PARK                                                       

WOKONOVICH     FRANK                  1885/10        CENTER         MRS. FRANK WOKONOVICH         RUSSIA        

WOLOSCHUNSKI   SACHAN                 1877/03        MAIN           MRS. MARY WOLOSCHUNSKI        MAIN ST       

WOTCZOINSKY    MICHAEL                1894/12/15     NORTH                                                      

WYNN           EDWARD LAWRENCE        1896/12/17                    MICHAEL WYNN                  BYRNESVILLE   

WYNNE          IGNATIUS JAMES         1885/03/27     BYRNESVILLE    MRS. MARY WYNNE               BYRNESVILLE   

WYNNE          JOHN J.                1890/11/07     RAILROAD                                                   

YAKABCHEN      BELLAR                 1879/05/23     CENTER         MRS. BELLAR YAKABCHEN         CENTER ST     

YAKIAN         PAUL                   1888/08        PAXTON                                                     

YARRAS         MARTIN                 1876/09/11     MAIN           MRS. MARTIN YARRAS            MAIN ST       

YARWORTH       GEORGE WASHINGTON      1890/05/23                                                                

YARWORTH       JOSEPH                 1882/08/29     CENTER         MRS. JENNIE YARWORTH          CENTRALIA     

YARWORTH       WILLIAM                1889/04/04     TROUTWINE                                                  

YEAGER         FRANK                  1899/03/19     LOCUST         MRS. LILLIAN YEAGER           LOCUST AVE    

YEAGER         JOHN H.                1890/08/28     RAILROAD                                                   

YENCHO         JOHN MICHAEL           1900/01/14     MAIN           GEORGE YENCHO                 MAIN ST       

YOST           FRANCIS                1892/12/31     RAILROAD                                                   

YOST           HENRY P.               1890/06/08     RAILROAD                                                   

YOST           WILLIAM EDWARD         1899/03/19     RAILROAD       MRS. ELIZABETH YOST           RAILROAD ST   

YOUSHOCK       METRO                  1878/01/23     PARK           MRS. JOSEPHINE YOUSHOCK       PARK ST       

ZELEUSKI       PETER                  1884/05/29     W. PARK        JOHN ZELEUSKI                 NEWARK, NJ    

ZEVON          JOHN                   1885/12        E. PARK        ANNIE ZEVON                   E. PARK ST    

ZIMBO          JOHN JOSEPH            1899/03/29     LOCUST         MR. ANDREW ZIMBO              LOCUST AVE    

ZIMBO          JOSEPH                 1877/03        PAXTON         MRS. BRIDGET ZIMBO            PAXTON ST     

ZOLOBICK       JOHN                   1887/09/24                                                                

ZUBLICK        WASSIL                 1881/01/15     MAIN           MRS. WASSIL ZUBLICK           MAIN ST       

ZULEBALAK      MICHAEL                1892/09                                                                   

ZUPON          MAX                    1892/11/01                                                                

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