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Columbia County Births

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This information is located at the Prothonotary's office in the Columbia County Court House.

Registration of Births, as returned by JOHN F. FAUSS, the Assessor of Hemlock Township,
Columbia County, on the 5th day of December, 1893.

Name of Child, Sex, Color, Father, Mother, Residence, Date of Birth, Place of Birth

Atta B. Beagle, F, W, George Beagle, Atta Beagle, Hemlock, 6/28/1893, Hemlock

[Infant dau], F, W, Frank Dent, Ellie Dent, Hemlock, 6/6/1893, Hemlock

Harry Mordan, M, W, Isaac Mordan, Mary E. Mordan, Hemlock, 11/20/1893, Hemlock Twp

[Not named] Pursel, [2]M, W, I. G. Pursel, Alice Pursel, Hemlock, 12/3/1893, Hemlock Twp

Arthur Shoemaker, M, W, Frank Shoemaker, Ida Shoemaker, Hemlock, 4/31/1893, Hemlock

Eliza Maud Shoemaker, F, W, George Boon, Blanche Shoemaker, Buckhorn, 5/24/1893, Hemlock

Virginia Lenora Shoemaker, F, W, William Shoemaker, Mary E. Shoemaker, Hemlock, 5/30/1893, Hemlock

Fred Stiner, M, W, Edward Stiner, Georgia Stiner, Hemlock, 4/19/1893, Hemlock

Arthur Thomas, M, W, John Thomas, Rebecka Thomas, Hemlock, 3/27/1893, Hemlock

William Stroup, M, W, David R. Stroup, Sadie Stroup, Hemlock, 3/6/1893, Hemlock

Minnie Grosaum, F, W, Vendel Grosaum, Minnie Grosaum, Hemlock, 2/6/1893, Hemlock

Ethel Blanch Bennet, Girl, W, L(?). J. Bennet, Willia Bennet, Buckhorn, 2/29/1893, Hemlock

John F. Edgar, Girl(sic), W, J. F. Edgar, Emma E. Edgar, Trowell, 2/22/1893, Hemlock

Velman Renner, Boy, W, Harry Renner, Lizzie Renner, Trowell, 10/4/1893, Hemlock

Harris W. Gross, Boy, W, J. E. Gross, Sarah Ann Gross, Trowell, 1/27/1893, Hemlock

Margrea Alis Swisher, Girl, W, William Swisher, Ellia E. Swisher, Trowell, 9/21/1893, Hemlock

Anna Werkheiser, Girl, W, Reubin Werkheiser, Margret Werkheiser, Trowell, 3/2/1893

(?Howard or Leonard) McHenry, Boy, W, Harvey McHenry, Nora McHenry, Hemlock, 3/8/1893

William Chrisman, Boy, Thomas Chrisman, Clarry Chrisman, Hemlock, 2/28/1893

Charels(sic) R. Poul, Boy, W, John D. Poul, Sarah Poul, Hemlock, 2/22/1893

[no name] Harvey, Girl, W, Reuben Harvey, Lilley Harvey, Hemlock, 11/30/1893

Registration of Births, as returned by E. F. WELLIVER, the Assessor of Madision Township,
Columbia County, on the 19th day of December, 1893.

Babe(sic), Girl, W, Willson Eves, Sarah Eves, Madison, 12/6/1893, Madison

Mary Hartman, Girl, W, Edward Hartman, Lucy Hartman, Madison, 11/20/1893, Madison

Lillie E. Ball, Girl, W, John Ball, Lizzie Ball, Madison, 3/28/1893, Madison

Ella Confer, Girl, W, Stearan(?) Confer, Hattie Confer, Madison, 10/1/1893, Madison

Albert A. Weatherill, Boy, W, Davis Weatherill, Margret Weatherill, Madison, 5/31/1893

Patrick Graham, Boy, W, Mark Graham, Mary Graham, Madison, 6/17/1893, Madison

Walter M. Robbins, Boy, W, John Robbins, Mary Robbins, Madison, 4/3/1893, Madison

Roy Sees, Boy, W, Edward Sees, Lizzie Sees, Madison, 5/27/1893, Valley Twp (Montour Co.)

Laura Carey, Girl, W, Benton Carey, Mary Carey, Madison, 4/17/1893, Jerseytown

Wesley N. Holdern(sic), Boy, W, William Holdern, Emma Holdern, Madison, 5/14/1893, Jerseytown

Elmer S. Zar, Boy, W, Loyd(sic) Zar, Catharine Zar, Madison, 6/21/1893, Madison

Letha A. Krepneck, Girl, W, William Krepneck, Emma Krepneck, Madison, 1/27/1893, Madison

Chester M. Cox, Boy, W, Martain(sic), Cox, J(?) Cox, Madison, 9/19/1893, Madison

Clota Gillaspy, Girl, W, Albert Gillaspy, Catharine Gillaspy, Madison, 8/24/1893, Madison

Lala Houtan, Girl, W, Harry Houtan, Cetta Cox, Madison, 9/15/1893, Madison

Babe(sic), F, W, E. F. Dyer, Amanda Dyer, Madison, 9/17/1893, Madison

Veda(?) A. Miller, F, W, Peter Miller, Mary J. Miller, Madison, 3/2/1893, Madison

Twins Martha E. & Mary R. Shultz, FF, John H. Shultz, Mary Shultz, Madison, 9/19/1893, Madison

Maretta Mausteller, F, W, Warren Mausteller, Fanny Mausteller, 7/13/1893, Madison

Elroy Car(sic), Boy, W, Henry J. Car, Gerty Car, Madison, 8/20/1893, Madison

Grace Mary Zeisloft, Girl, W, Leidy Zeisloft, Cora Zeisloft, Madison, 5/11/1893, Madison

Babe (sic), Boy, W, Henry J. Fry, Julia Fry, Madison, 4/22/1893, Madison

Emily C. Johnston, F, W, L. E. Johnston, Agnes Johnston, Madison, 10/31/1893, Madison

John W. Roup, M, W, Edward Roup, Mertle Roup, Madison, 7/24/1893, Watsontown North

Hellen Black, F, W, A. E. Black, Belle Black, Madison, 11/5/1893, Lightstreet

Emma Hilliard, F, W, P. B. Hilliard, Lizzie Hilliard, Madison, 11/22/1893, Madison

Raymond Richard, Boy, W, John Richard, Emma Richard, Madison, 8/27/1893, Madison

Frank Cotner, Boy, W, J. E. Cotner, Sallie Cotner, Madison, 6/3/1893, Jerseytown

Eva F. Nephan(?), F, W, More(sic) Nephen, Sarah J. Nephan, Madison, 2/26/1893, Madison

Anna F. Welliver, F, W, Uriah Welliver, Ida M. Welliver, Madison, 9/21/1893, Jerseytown

May Turner, F, W, Hiram Turner, Kate Turner, Madison, 4/18/1893, Jerseytown

Registration of Births, as returned by Tillman Stadler, the Assessor of Millville Boro,
Columbia County, on the 11th day of December, 1893.

Naomi Park, F, W, C. M. Park, Laura D. Park, State St., 11/11/1893, State St.

Frances Marion John, F, W, J. L. John, Edith John, Main St, 3/25/1893, Main St.

George Sherman Eckman, M, W, C. W. Eckman, Sadie Eckman, Moorehead Ave, 8/10/1893, Moorehead Ave.

Mary Stadler, F, W, Frank Stadler, Lizzie Stadler, Centre St., 4/12/1893, Centre St.

Earl Johnson, M, W, John W. Johnson, Elmira F. Johnson, Centre St., 4/18/1893, Centre St.

Naomi Moore, F, W, G. H.(?) Moore, Laura E. Moore, State St., 3/31/1893, State St.

Leon Ernst Welliver, M, W, Amos Y. Welliver, Alice Welliver, Centre St., 5/9/1893, Centre St.

Howard F. Swisher, M, W, Henry Swisher, Sarah Jane Swisher, State St., 4/8/1893, State St.

Irvin V. Taylor, M, W, Amos Taylor, Maggie Taylor, Centre St., 7/2/1893, Centre St.

Ralph Pursell, M, W, James M. Pursell, Ritta Pursell, Centre St, 7/27/1894, Centre St.

Hiram James Welliver, M, W, J. B. Welliver, Martha Welliver, Centre St., 1/26/1893, Centre St.

Aletha Verda Cole, F, W, Sherman N. Cole, Lizzie S. Cole, State St., 5/21/1893, State St.

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