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Biographies 4

Ellis EVES, merchant, Millville, was born January 16, 1834, the eldest son of Charles and Sarah (KESTER) EVES. On arriving at manhood he succeeded his father in business in 1855, and subsequently associated with him his brothers, John, W. W. and J. B., in the manufacturing business. In 1870 he engaged in mercantile business with his brothers as partners, which association continued until 1875, when James B. took charge of the mill and hub factory, the others continuing as before until 1883, when John retired. Since then our subject has been associated with W. W. under the firm name of ELLIS, EVES & Bro., dealing in dry goods, groceries, boots, shoes, hardware, notions, china, lumber, etc., doing a large trade. Mr. EVES has been twice married: first, to Mary Margaret, daughter of GEORGE MASTERS. They were married July 21, 1857, and November 12, 1870, Mrs. EVES died, leaving four children: Lois M., wife of Hiram J. DEMOTTE, of this township; Charles M., in Nanticoke, in the grocery business; Paschall L. and Georgeanna. December 8, 1880, Mr. EVES married Elizabeth, daughter of David and Sarah EVES. In matters relating to the general interest of the community, Mr. EVES takes a prominent part. He is one of the principal officers in the local insurance company here, and is deeply interested in the railroad which is being built to this place. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 469)

Joseph C. EVES, wheelwright, P.O. Millville, was born in Sereno, January 24, 1844, the second son and third child of Chandlee, who was a son of J. Parvin EVES. The mother of J. C. was Mary REECE, a descendant of one of the pioneer families of Columbia County. The father of our subject was a tanner by trade, and for some time was interested in the tannery at Sereno, and here died in the spring of 1846; his widow yet survives him. Three children lived to be grown, viz.: John P., Anna R. and Joseph C. Joseph P. was a member of Company I, One Hundred and Thirty-sixth Regiment of Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. He was severely wounded at the close of the battle of Fredericksburg, by a piece of shell in the arm, and died three days afterward. Joseph C. enlisted in Company H, in the 100-day’s service, and upon his return drove team one year, and then learned the trade of wheelwright, which he has since followed. He was married, October 28, 1871, to Charlotte, daughter of Charles S. and Hannah W. (WATSON) HEACOCK. They have three children: May B., Curtis C. and Charles S. Mr. EVES is a member of J. P. EVES Post, No 536. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 470)

W. Webster EVES, of the firm of ELLIS, EVES & Bro., Millville, was born July 12, 1848, in South Millville, the fifth son of Charles EVES and was raised to farming pursuits. In 1870 he associated with his brothers in the mercantile and manufacturing business, and so continued several years, when his brother John withdrew and the firm is now ELLIS EVES & Bro. They are engaged in mercantile, lumber and planing-mill business. Mr. EVES married Anna M., daughter of Joseph E. SANDS. They have fice children: Pliny, Edward R., Esther I., Winfred and Fank C. Mr. EVES is a member of the Society of Friends. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 469-470)

E. Truman EVES, farmer, P.O. Millville, was born on the farm he now owns, August 24, 1848, first son of Francis P. and Elizabeth (ROTE) EVES—this farm being the one his father had located on after his marriage, which tract is embraced in the original tract located by John EVES, the pioneer, previous to the Revolution. Truman was reared on this farm, and brought up to farming pursuits; he married, January 11, 1872, Alice, daughter of Jesse and Julia (MERRILL) MATHER. After his marriage he lived one year on the farm now owned by James O. WARNER, which was formerly a portion of the original farm. The next year he located on the place where he now lives, and has since resided here, engaged in agricultural pursuits. He has three children: J. Stanley, A. Mabel and Francis Henry. Marion E. died in July, 1876, aged three years. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 470)

Vernon P. EVES, furniture dealer, Millville, was born in this township April 21, 1852, the only son of Benjamin K. EVES. The latter was born in East Millville and also dealt in furniture. His wife was Mary, daughter of John and Jemima EVES. Vernon P. was reared in this township and learned the furniture business with his father, whom he succeeded. From 1873 to 1884 he conducted it alone, since then he has been associated with George W. HENRIE, under the firm name of V. P. EVES & HENRIE. They operate a furniture and undertaking establishment and also manufacture spring mattresses. Mr. EVES married Maggie E., daughter of George W. and Hannah (HEACOCK) HENRIE and have two children: Clemuel La Rue and Bernice C. Mr. EVES was elected justice of the peace in 1885, and has since held the office. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 470)

William EYER. The EYERS are of German stock. The name of the father of our subject was Ludwig EYER, son of Martin EYER, born about the year 1746, place not known, and located first at Upper Mount Bethel where several of his family were born; he married Catharine, daughter of Joseph LONG. From Upper Mount Bethel he came to what is now Bloomsburg and laid out the town; he was a dyer by trade which business he followed here at Bloomsburg, and finally moved out on Black Run, in Madison Township, where he settled and built a saw-mill, farmed to some extent, and died here about the year 1816. He reared a family of ten children: Philip, Jacob, John, Adam, Sarah, Henry, Margaret, Anna, William and Mary. But two are now living, John and Margaret (now Mrs. Samuel JOHNSON). William EYER, the subject of this sketch, was born April 25, 1811, in Bloomsburg, and removed with his parents to this township[Greenwood] when a mere child; was reared to manhood in this locality. When in his teens he learned the shoemaker trade which he followed for fifteen years when he engaged in farming in Madison Township; finally he came to Greenwood and carried on his brother’s farm for several years, then located permanently in what is now Eyer’s Grove, laid out by and named for his brother, Jacob EYER. He was married October 4, 1832, to Elizabeth, daughter of John and Sarah (DeMOTT) MANNON. To them have been born eight children: Catharine (Mrs. John DOLLMAN), Mary (Mrs. Jacob HILEMAN), Margaret (Mrs. Robert BEAGLE), Minerva (Mrs. William HILEMAN), John Turner, William B. and Robert: Mr. EYER is Democratic in politics and cast his first vote for Gen. Jackson. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 470)

Jacob GERARD, farmer, P.O. Rohrsburg, was born July 15, 1823, in Huntington County, N.J., a son of Isaac and Elizabeth (SMITH) GERARD, of French descent. Isaac was a son of Joseph and Mary (ROBBINS) GERARD, to whom were born six children: Amos, Isaac, Jonas, Hannah, Mary and Elizabeth, all of whom reared families. Isaac and wife reared a family of five children: Jacob, Catherine, Joseph, Isaac and Mary. Isaac was drowned, when a young man, in the Delaware River. Jacob left New Jersey in December 1841. He came to Columbia county, Penn., in 1842, and worked at the blacksmith’s trade as a journeyman until 1843. He then set up in business for himself in Rhorsburg, at which he continued until 1860. He then moved to where he now resides and which place he had previously purchased, and which was known as the PEALER property. There were no buildings on the place and the land was overgrown with briars. Mr. GERARD has, by proper cultivation and care, made it into a good farm of 112 acres. He also owns a farm of 400 acres in York County, Va., and has acquired a competence for his declining years. He married, March 26, 1846, Rosieta, daughter of William and Catherine (SHOEMAKER) GIRTON. Eight children were born to their union: William, John, Stephen, Ulysses G., Catherine, Jane, Anna and Sarah. William died in 1876; John and Ulysses G. reside in Minneapolis, employed in the Washburn mills; Stephen is on the home farm; Catherine is the wife of Nelson FREECE; Jane is the wife of James PATTERSON; Anna is the wife of Ellis YOKUM, and Sarah is at home. Mr. and Mrs. GERARD are members of the Presbyterian Church. Politically he is a Republican; had been Master of the Grange for years, and is now Past Master. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 470)

Johnson H. IKELER, retired, P.O. Rohrsburg, was born February 5, 1813, in this township [Greenwood] and is descended from one of the early settlers of this part of the county. William IKELER, the first of the family to settle here, came from New Jersey and located on the farm now occupied by George IKELER, about one century ago. He married a Miss BARNHART and by her had four children: Andrew, William, Elizabeth and Barnabas, all of whom settled in this township, except Barnabas. Andrew married Christian Ann, daughter of Isaac JOHNSON, who came from New Jersey. To Andrew and wife were born six children: Elizabeth, William J., Margaret, Isaac, Andrew J. and Johnson H., all of whom settled in this county. Andrew, the father of our subject, was born April 18, 1773, and died November 24, 1850; his wife was born in 1774 and died December 29, 1865. Mr. IKELER was not a member of any church, but gave liberally to all Christian denominations. He was a Democrat and served as commissioner and supervisor, and also held other township offices. He was a colonel in the militia and was called out in the civil war, but after twelve days’ service returned, as he was not required. Johnson H. began farming at the age of twenty-two years, when he took charge of the farm on which he lived until the spring of 1881. He then moved to Rohrsburg and has since led a retired life. He yet owns the homestead farm and another south of the town, and also a mill property, which he operates. He married, October 31, 1834, Maria, daughter of Jonathan LEMON, and they have reared six children: Christian Ann, Emeline, William P., Elmira, Iram B. and Elizabeth. Emeline married Reuben APPLEMAN, and resides in Greenwood; Elmira married Henry E. MATHER; Iram B. resides on the homestead; Elizabeth is the wife of Dr. T. C. McHENRY. Mr. IKELER since Buchanan’s time has been a Republican; has served twenty years as justice of the peace and deputy revenue assessor for six years; has also held other offices and been prominently identified with the interests of the township for many years. He was never defeated for any office. He is not a member of any church society but gives liberally to all charitable causes. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 473)

W. W. HEACOCK, merchant, P.O. Millville, was born in this township, April 16, 1853, the second son of C. S. and Hannah (WATSON) HEACOCK. He was reared in this township. At an early age he entered the store of William MASTERS as clerk, and clerked for him about fourteen years, learned the business thoroughly, and in recognition of his services and ability he was taken as partner March 27, 1884, under the firm name of MASTERS & Co., which still exists. They are doing an excellent business, and are among the leading merchants in the county. He was married, May 4, 1876, to Sareh, eldest daughter of S. B. KISNER. To them have been born four children, three living: Lulu, Mellie and Lillian; deceased: Zella, aged four years. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 473)

William P. IKELER, farmer, P.O. Rohrsburg, is descended form one of the prominent families of Greenwood Towhship, where he was born December 22, 1838, on the IKELER homestead. He is the eldest son of Squire J. H. ikeler AND REMAINED AT HOME UNTIL HE WAS TWENTY-FOUR YEARS OF AGE. He then married Savella GOHO, a native of Mifflin Township, and a daughter of Jacob and Anna (HESS) GOHO. Three months after his marriage, Mr. IKELER located where he now resides, and where he has since been engaged in farming. He owns 113 acres, which he has brought under a high state of cultivation. To him and Mrs. IKELER six children were born: Milroy B., clerking at Millville; Raymond G., Vinnie W., Otto P., William H. and Clarence H. Politically Mr. IKELER is a Republican, but gives little attention to politics, being engaged with his farming and stock raising. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 473-474)

Iram Benton IKELER, farmer, Millville, is descended from a prominent family of this township, and was born on the homestead, February 11, 1844. He is the youngest son of Johnson H. IKELER, was reared to farming and has always resided on the homestead engaged in agricultural pursuits. He married January 10, 1877, Sallie, daughter of Alinas COLE, of this township. Mrs. IKELER was born in Sugarloaf Township, and spent the early part of her life in school-teaching—the first term at the age of sixteen; she has borne her husband four children: Irma B., Jessie C., Jay Harold and Mattie Ellsworth. Mr. IKELER is a member of the I. O. O. F., Mountain Lodge, No. 264, and of the P. of H., No 52, Millville. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 474)

James L. JOHN, merchant, Millville, was born May 17, 1852, in Mount Pleasant Township, son of James M. and Hannah (KESTER) JOHN. He was left fatherless while an infant and was reared under his mother’s care until he arrived at manhood. At the age of eighteen he commenced to learn the carpenter’s trade, but later taught school and clerked for Ellis EVES & Bro. one year. He then taught and attended school, and in spring of 1876 engaged in business with Isaac UNDERWOOD & Co. and remained about one year. In 1877 he went to Half Moon, Centre Co., Penn., and then embarked in business on his own account, in which he continued one year and nine months. He then went to Sereno, Columbia County, where for six months he conducted a store. In April 1879, he went to Lairdsville, where he remained five and a half years. October 31, 1884, he came to Millville, erected a store and other improvements, and has since remained engaged in mercantile business. August 31, 1876, he married Edith, daughter of Jesse and Lydia (PARKER) HEACOCK. They have four children: Watson I., Jesse M., Mary H. and Brand L. Mr. John has a livery in connection with his store and furnishes horses and conveyances at reasonable rates on short notice. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 474)

Samuel B. KISNER, blacksmith, P.O. Millville, was born March 16, 1828, in Madison Township; eldest son of John and Susan (BATTIN) KISNER. John KISNER was born December 9, 1800, at Maidencreek, Berks County, at the foot of Blue Mountain. John was a son of Leonard KISNER, born at Maidencreek, Berks Co., Penn., and came to Spruce Run at an early day, and settled there in 1806; he married Elizabeth, daughter of John BUCK. To Leonard and Elizabeth KISNER were born Jonas, Elizabeth, John, Jacob, Anna and David. All reared families except Anna, who died of small pox. John was reared in Madison Township. He married Susan BATTIN December 30, 1824, and they had five children: Sarah, wife of J. P. SMITH, in Rohrsburg; Elizabeth, married Phineas WELLIVER, in Madison Township; Samuel; Anna C., wife of James WELLIVER, in Greenwood; Henry, died aged twenty-four years. Samuel KISNER moved to this township in 1846, and learned the blacksmith trade. In 1849 he began business for himself, and in 1851 he came to Millville, and has since carried on his trade. In 1878 he took in his son Henry, and the firm is now S. B. & H. W. KISNER. Samuel KISNER was married, December 9, 1847, to Martha, daughter of Amos and Mary PARKER. They have nine children: John, residing in this place; Elijah; Henry; Roy, a miller, residing at Iola; Sarah, wife of W. W. HEACOCK; Susan, at home; Mary, married G. McHENRY, at Iola; Kate, died aged seventeen; Amos, died at the age of one year. In politics Mr. KISNER is a Republican. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 475)

Richard KITCHEN, Millville, was born in this town March 7, 1837, the eldest son of Henry KITCHEN, who was born in this township February 26, 1801, on the farm now owned by G. W. UTT. September 17, 1829, Henry married Elizabeth DEMOTT, who was born September 9, 1807, and died August 16, 1853. Henry died November 23, 1863. They had a family of seven children, all living: Mary J., who married Uriah R. HARRAR and settled in Muncy; Richard; Harriet, wife of W. A. THOMAS, of this township [Greenwood]; Sarah, resides at Welliverville, the wife of Isaac KLINE; John Amos, in Mount Pleasant Township, and McKELVY, in Washington County, Kas., engaged in farming. Richard was reared on the farm, and in 1862 enlisted in Company H. One Hundred and Seventy-eighth regiment, and served nine months. He returned home and the next year, September 20, 1864, married Maria, daughter of Nicholas and Maron (McMICHAEL) KINDT. Mrs. KITCHEN was born in this township February 21, 1847, and has borne her husband one child, Clinton A. The latter resides on the home place, and in 1886 married Agnes, daughter of Jonas MILLER. Mr. and Mrs. KITCHEN are members of the Baptist Church. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 475-476)

George W. DERR, farmer, P.O. Derrs, was born July 4, 1834, in Orangeville, this county, and lived under the parental roof until his first marriage, October 30, 1856, with Miss Lucinda, daughter of William ROBBINS, of Greenwood, this county. After marriage they lived at the saw-mill of Iram DERR till 1860, and in 1861 moved to present place of forty acres, in Greenwood Township. They were the parents of three children: Emma J. and an infant son (deceased), and Leah C. Mr. DERR’s second marriage was October 18, 1866, to Miss Elizabeth F., daughter of William G. LAWTON, of Greenwood, this county, and to this union have been born two children: Sarah A. and Charlie F. The family attend the services of the Christian Church. In politics our subject is a Democrat, and was elected jury commissioner in 1882, which position he still holds. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 466)

Alinas COLE, farmer and miller, P. O. Derrs, was born July 4, 1820, in Sugarloaf Township, on the farm that his grandfather, Ezekiel COLE, settled when he came from New Jersey. Ezekiel’s last wife was Elizabeth HESS, by whom he had three sons and three daughters: Ezekiel, William, Isaiah, Rebecca, Lana and Adaline. Ezekiel, the father of Alinas, married Sarah, daughter of Silas JACKSON. After marriage he settled on the homestead farm, and died here June, 1848, aged about forty, his widow surviving him until the fall of 1885. They reared four sons and one daughter: Alinas, Lana, John, Benjamin and Dennison. Alinas was born and reared on the homestead, and raised to farming and miling, and at twenty-three he began life for himself. He married Rhoda, daughter of John and Elizabeth (FRITZ) KILE. Since 1848 he has been principally engaged in milling, yet has carried on farming and lumbering in the meantime. In April, 1876, he came to the place he now owns, formerly owned by ROBBINS, the mill seat being first built by Henry FULLMER about 1836. Mr. and Mrs. COLE have seven children: Albert and Norman, residing on the old homestead; Byron, in Tuscola County, Mich.; Arthur at home; Howard in Mifflin Township; Sarah E., wife of J. B. IKELER, and Rose. Mr. COLE owns 400 acres in Greenwood Township, 160 acres in another tract, and 156 in Sugarloaf. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 466)

Andrew Jackson DERR, merchant, P.O. Derrs, was born March 18, 1838, at Orangeville, this county, and remained at home until he was married, January 26, 1865, to Mary Jane Davis, daughter of Thomas Davis, of Greenwood Township, this county. His first occupation was in his father’s mill in Jackson Township. This mill he operated from 1861 to 1874, in which latter year he came to Greenwood Township and opened a store, putting up the buildings. His stock consists of general merchandise, and he does a good business. Mr. and Mrs. DERR are members of the Christian Church. He is postmaster at DERRS, and in politics is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 466)

Isaac A. DeWITT. The DeWITT family came originally from Holland, and was first represented in this country by two brothers, Isaac and Jacob, who immigrated prior to the Revolution. Isaac settled in New Jersey and Jacob in New York, on the Hudson River. Isaac, who served in the Revolution, had several sons: John, Jacob, Isaac and James. Isaac and John settled in Northumberland County. Jacob removed to Ohio, and James, it is supposed, remained in New Jersey. Isaac married Margaret GARDNER, by whom he had two sons and four daughters: James, Isaac, Catherine, Nellie, Elizabeth and Sarah. Catherine married Isaac DeMOTT and settled near Jerseytown; Nellie settled in Northumberland County, the wife of John CASE; Elizabeth settled in the same county, the wife of Isaac KLINE; Sarah married Joseph PATTON and first settled in Northumberland County, and later removed to this township; James married Mary AIKMAN and had two sons and one daughter: Isaac A., John W. and Margaret. John W. is a physician in Delaware; Margaret is the wife of Wesley B. KLINE, of Bradford County, Penn. James, the father of our subject, was born in Northumberland County in 1801, and died in 1841. His wife was born in Briarcreek Township July 18, 1807, and died December 21, 1840. James was a tanner by trade, which he followed as long as he lived. He came to this township after his marriage. His successor is our subject, Isaac A., who is the only child now remaining in the county. He has been for many years engaged in teaching, and also learned surveying; he is a bachelor. John W. DeWITT served in the civil war as surgeon in the Army of the Potomac. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 466-467)

Ira JOHNSON, farmer, P.O. Millville, is descended from the JOHNSONs who were among the early settlers of Columbia County. John Jacob JOHNSON, his grandfather, was a native of Germany; was enrolled in the service of the British and brought to America to fight the colonists. Deeming their cause a just one, he watched his opportunity, joined the American forces and served as a cavalryman until the close of the war. He was wounded during his service in the cheek and leg and subsequently received a pension. Soon after the close of the Revolution he came to what is now Columbia County, and lived for several years at Orangeville. He was by trade a tailor, and married Mary BARNHART, who bore him six children: Barney, Jacob, William, Catherine (who married George KLINE), Elizabeth (married Harmon KLINE), and Sarah (who became the wife of George SNYDER). William, the father of Ira, was born February 7, 1788, in New Jersey, and died January 24, 1877. He married Jerusha, a daughter of Robert and Elizabeth (ROBBINS) RICHART. William was a tailor, and to him and wife were born six children: Wesley R., Sarah (wife of Demar JOHNSON), Minerva (wife of William McMICHAEL); Philena L. (wife of Jackson ROBBINS), Arsintha (wife of James MANNING) and Ira. The last named was born May 21, 1822, one mile east of Millville, and when young worked with his father at the tailoring business, but later gave his attention to farming. He married Sarah, daughter of Michael and Catherine (SNYDER) THOMAS, and two sons blessed their union: Charles BRITTON and Arthur WILSON. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 474)

Jackson ROBBINS. The ROBBINS family take rank among the early settled families in Greenwood Township Joseph ROBBINS, grandfather of our subject, married Catharine HARRIS, by whom he had nine children—six sons and three daughters: William, Jerusha (married to William SNYDER), Vincent, hannah (married to William EVES), Joseph, John, Catharine (married to John SIBERT), Robert and Jesse. John ROBBINS, father of our subject, was born on the homestead now owned by the latter, and married Mary, daughter of john MANNON, whose wife was a DEMOTT. The children born to John and Mary ROBBINS were Jackson, Sarah (married to James DEMOTT), Catharine (married to George B. THOMAS), Charlotte (single) and Ira. Our subject was born on his farm in 1832, and with the exception of three years’ residence in Fishingcreek Township, this county, has lived continuously on the farm where he was born. He has been twice married: first to Paulena L., daughter of William JOHNSON; at her decease she left four children: Robert, Elizabeth (married to B. MANNON, of Eyers Grove), Harriet (married to John Barber, of Stillwater), and John. Robert and John reside in Greenwood. Mr. ROBBINS’ second wife was Anna Beckford, by whom he has the following named children: Mary, Louis, Samatha, Effie, Orra and George. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 480)

John EVES, manufacturer, Millville, was born in this town May 4, 1843, a son of Charles and Sarah (KESTER) EVES. During his youth he worked for his brother Ellis, and on becoming of age associated with him in the business, and after several changes in the partnership he took the entire interest in the wagon manufactory, which includes the saw, bending and planing-mill, turning-lathe and hub factory, blacksmith and paint shops, and, in fact, all the necessary appliances for the successful manufacture of the excellent wagons turned out of the place. He employs regularly about fifteen workmen, and his business is constantly increasing. He has attained success by his strict attention to business and in the manufacture of a first-class article, which meets the requirements of his patrons. His wife is Susan, daughter of James MASTERS, and their children are Charles, Louisa, Rebecca, Mildred and Helen. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 469)

George W. APPLEMAN, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, was born on the farm where he now resides, November 10, 1840, a son of George and Rebecca (KINNEY) APPLEMAN, the former a native of Montour County, the latter of New Jersey. To George and Rebecca were born six children that grew to maturity: Matthias, Isaac K., Amanda, David, George W. and Emanuel. Amanda is the wife of Hiram BOWMAN; David resides in Wisconsin; Isaac K. in Mount Pleasant; Matthias in Bloomsburg; the others in this township [Orange]. George W. was reared on the farm. He taught school several years during the winters and remained with his parents as long as they lived. He married, in January, 1881, Elizabeth McHENRY, a daughter of John and Sabrina (CONNER) McHENRY. He has two children: Edith and Arthur R. Mr. APPLEMAN owns 140 acres of land and is a member of the Grange.(History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 521-522)

Emanuel L. APPLEMAN, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, was born on the homestead in Columbia County, June 2, 1848, the youngest son of George and Rebecca APPLEMAN, and was reared to agricultural pursuits. February 6, 1872, he married Elizabeth J., daughter of Samuel GILLASPY. She was born near Rohrsburg, and to her and husband have been born four children: Fannie Udella, Lulla May, Charles Orval and Hubert Harold, the latter dying September 27, 1881, aged six months and six days. Mr. APPLEMAN has a farm of 100 acres, which is highly improved and one of the best in the township. Both Mr. and Mrs. APPLEMAN are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, with which they have been identified since about 1885. He is a member of the Grange. Mrs. APPLEMAN was born September 14, 1850, in Greenwood Township, a daughter of Samuel and Charity (VAN HORN) GILLASPY. She has five sisters and two brothers, all of whom are living in the county except Ida, the wife of Ellwood KESTER, of Audubon County, Iowa, and James, in Montour County. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 522)

Joseph Patton DeWITT, farmer and stock dealer, P.O. Rohrsburg, was born in Orange Township, this county, January 5, 1846, the youngest child of Isaac and Nancy B. (STEWART) DeWITT. Isaac was born in Rush Township, Montour County, was a wheelwright by trade and also followed farming. In 1851 he located one mile north of Rhorsburg. He reared a family of five children: Amanda, Clinton K., James M., Williamson M., and Joseph. Amanda married Jacob TERWILLIGER, of Light Street; Clinton and James are farmers in Fishingcreek; Williamson M. died in January, 1885. The father died July 9, 1875. Joseph P. remained at home until about the age of twenty-five. In 1875 he purchased the property where he now resides, and which has since been his home. He is engaged in farming and stock raising and also in huckstering. He married, in 1867, Susan A. REECE, daughter of T. J. and Mary (REEDER) REECE. Three children bless their union: Cora B., Thomas E. and Stella M. One died in infancy. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

Alpheus Moore DeWITT, merchant, Orangeville, was born at Light Street, Penn., February 12, 1851, a son of John H. and Caroline (MEARS) DeWITT. John H. was born near Light Street in Orange Township, a son of Isaac and Mary (HAUGHAUAT) DeWITT, and two weeks after his birth was taken by his grandfather, Abram MOORE. He lived with him until he was eighteen years of age, when he returned to Light Street to learn the trade of a wheelwright. He married in 1849 and died march 11, 1857; his widow survived him until 1881. To him and wife were born four children: Alpheus M., George B., Lillie M. and Hester A. Lillie M. died in childhood. Hester A. married Boyd Henry and located in Light Street; George B. married Jennie LAMON, located in Plymouth and died in February, 1881. Alpheus M. is now the only male representative of the family, and was but six years old when his father died. He was reared by Abram MOORE in Greenwood until nineteen years of age. Later he attended the normal school at Bloomsburg during the summer, and taught school in the winter and farmed in Greenwood. From 1879 to 1881 he clerked in a store, and in May of the latter year set up in business for himself, in partnership with George S. FLECKENSTINE, under the firm name of FLECKENSTINE & DeWITT, which association continued until December, 1883. Mr. DeWitt then started on his own account in the building which he now occupies. He carries a general stock of merchandise, drugs, hardware, paints, oils, etc., and does a good business. He married in February, 1880, Mary S. CONNER, who was born in this township, a daughter of Samuel and Mary (ACHENBUCH) CONNER. They have one child living, Mary; Harold C. died at the age of four years. Mr. DeWITT is a member of the Reformed Church. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

Abram B. DILDINE, farmer, P.O. Welliversville, is a son of Andrew DILDINE, who was born near Bloomsburg, this county. Andrew was a son of John and married Ruth BOGART, daughter of Abram and Margaret (CREEGER) BOGART. To them were born four sons and six daughters: Elizabeth Ann, Abram B., John O., Margaret, Jacob, Isaiah, Amanda, Sarah J., Mary E., Ruth. Abram B. was born May 27, 1816, on the REICHARD farm, and lived here until he was thirteen years of age. When twenty-one years of age he began to learn the carpenter’s trade, which he followed several years, and becoming a contractor did an extensive business. His first wife died April 26, 1878, quite suddenly of heart disease. After her death he abandoned contracting, returned to his children and engaged in farming. In June, 1883, he married Mrs. Eliza FREECE, who was born in this county, a daughter of Henry HOOMEL. By his first wife he had nine children: John A., Ruth C., Celestia A., Sarah M., George W., Dora J., Mary A., Joseph C. and Amanda A. His first wife was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, of which he and his present wife are also members. Mr. DILDINE is a member of the Grange; politically he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 523)

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