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Biographies 2

James MASTERS, farmer, P.O. Sereno, was born September 28, 1812, the second son of David MASTERS born in 1783, near Kennett Square, in Chester County. James MASTERS was the grandfather of our subject, and married Margaret SALKEL by whom he had five children—three sons and two daughters, viz.: Isaac, Sarah, Martha, David and John. All lived to be grown and raised families. Sarah married Samuel KESTER—they rode to Berks County on horseback to be married by the Friend’s ceremony; Martha married Andrew EVES, son of John EVES, the pioneer; Isaac married Paul KESTER’s daughter, and subsequently moved to Ohio; John was a rambler, and never made a permanent settlement; David married Mary EVES, a granddaughter of the pioneer, and settled in Madison Township on Spruce Run, adjoining lands owned by the pioneer EVES, and the DEMOTTS. (The place is now owned by Conrad KREAMER.) This he settled in 1791, there being no improvements on the place. He here made his settlement and lived until he died in 1832, aged eighty-four years and some months. He built a saw-mill into a chopping-mill. David was eight years of age when he came with his father to that place; there he grew to manhood and married Mary EVES, daughter of Joseph, who was a son of John EVES, the pioneer. To David and Mary were born George, James, Sarah, Joseph, Margaret, Parvin, Mary, Elizabeth, all living to be grown. George married Margaret MATHER, settled in Millville and had four children: Sarah, David, Mary M., and William. Sarah married Daniel ROTE, and located near Millville; Joseph married Sarah EDWARDS, and subsequently moved to Muncy, Penn.; Margaret married Benjamin WARNER, and located in Muncy Valley; Parvin resided in Philadelphia, was thrice married, rearing children from each wife; Mary married George D. KELLER, settled near Watson farm, first in Light Street, Columbia County, and ran a blacksmith shop in Northumberland County, and afterward at Muncyborough; Elizabeth married Morris ELLIS, a descendant of William ELLIS, one of the early settlers of Muncy Valley; James married January 1, 1835, Abigal, born March 3, 1812, daughter of Francis and Mary ROTE, the latter of whom was a daughter of Daniel WELLIVER, one of the early pioneers of Madison Township. After James was married he moved to below Eyer's Grove, and operated until 1837, when he moved to Millville and took charge of the grist and saw mill owned by his father; this mill he conducted until about 1841, when on account of failing health he then rented the mill, and for four years clerked for his brother George and his partner, MATHER. Then on account of the mill losing trade by his absence in 1845, he again took charge, and gave it his personal attention until the spring of 1849; then the mill burning down, he quit the milling business and came to Sereno in December, 1849, embarked in the mercantile business, and carried this on until 1857, when he discontinued the store and engaged in farming. He purchased the farm, in 1850, in Greenwood Township of 107 acres, and in 1858 purchased the farm of 228 acres in Pine Township, where he now resides, and has since been engaged in farming pursuits, having about 240 acres, and has been successful in his business. He has six daughters and one son: Mary, Elizabeth, Francis, Catharine, Sarah E., Margaret A. and Susan. Mary is the wife of Dr. J. B. Patton; Elizabeth is the wife of R.L. Rich; Francis resides at home, and married Orpha, daughter of Wilson M. EVES of Iola, Penn. (he has two children, Alfred and Marion); Catharine and Margaret are both single; Susan is the wife of John EVES, the wagon manufacturer. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg. 530-531)

Abraham TITMAN, farmer, P.O. Iola, was born in Greenwood Township, March 1, 1843, the eldest son of Isaac an Beulah (KLINE) TITMAN. The grandfather of our subject was Abraham TITMAN, whose wife was Jane ROBBINS, and to them were born three children. Abraham was among the early settlers and for several years kept a tavern on the place now owned by Humphrey PARKER, on the Greenwood road; he was a farmer, also operated a saw-mill and carried on lumbering. Our subject was reared in Greenwood Township, where he lived until he located on the farm which he now owns, consisting of 100 acres; he came here in 1865. He married Emma, daughter of Philip SHOEMAKER, and they have one son, Walter K., born March 26, 1868. They are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church at Iola. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 531-532)

David ROTE, farmer, P.O. Sereno, was born September 13, 1832, in Madison Township, eldest son of Daniel and Sarah (MASTERS) ROTE. He resided here until March, 1886, when he purchased the farm he now owns, known as the John BRUNER farm. He married Mary, daughter of George WELLIVER; his wife Elsie was a daughter of Simon and Mary (ROBBINS) KINNEY. The KINNEYs were from New Jersey, and among the early settlers in Pine Township. Mr. and Mrs. ROTE have two children: Sarah E. and Anna E. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 531)

Robert POTTER, farmer, P.O. Sereno, was born in this township[Pine], April 19, 1838. Robert POTTER, his father, came from England to this country about the year 1828; his wife was Jane BOOT, and their family consisted of the following named children: Ann, William, Joseph, Thomas, John, Charles, Mary J., Fannie, Henry and Robert. Robert was the youngest of the family and remained on the homestead until twenty-five years of age, when he came to Sereno and learned the tanner's trade of Samuel SCATTERGOOD was foreman and worked in the tannery for several years. he purchased the farm he now owns in 1876, and has since been engaged in farming pursuits, now owning a good property, which he has acquired through his diligence and economy. By his first wife, Mary E., daughter of John and Nancy (WELLIVER) BENNETT, seven children were born: Elizabeth, Marietta, Charles, Susan, Edward, Clyde and Bertha. His present wife was Sarah, daughter of Asa and Elizabeth (FALLS) WETHERAL, and to this union have been born three children: Carrie, Frank and Reba. His eldest daughter, Elizabeth, married Henry GREENLY of Millville, and Marietta married Benjamin DRAKE, of Light Street. Charles removed to California. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 531)

Phineas WHITMOYER, farmer, P.O. Pine Summit, was born May 27, 1840, in Franklin Township, Lycoming County, son of Eli and Catharine (REED) WHITMOYER, whose offspring were four sons and four daughters, viz.: Euphemia (now Mrs. J. T. CRIST); Phineas; Lydia (Mrs. John GORDNER); William, Emanuel, Rebecca, Isabella S. (now Mrs. Sylvester HILL), and Charles W., all of whom save Phineas settled in Lycoming County. Phineas left home at the age of twenty-one, and when twenty-five married Maggie, daughter of Benjamin and Deborah (WELLIVER) WINTERSTEEN. After his marriage he lived for several years in Lycoming County engaged in farming, a portion of the time being on the homestead farm; subsequently removed to Pine Township and purchased the farm he now owns, which formerly belonged to his father-in-law, Mr. WINTERSTEEN. He was for several years engaged in lumbering. Mr. and Mrs. WHITMOYER have two children: Benjamin and Nora. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 532)

Matthias Miller APPLEMAN, wagon-maker and proprietor of the planing-mill, Rhorsburg, was born October 21, 1831, in Sugarloaf Township, a grandson of Matthias APPLEMAN, who was the first of the name to come to this county. His father, Philip APPLEMAN, born February 17, 1808, in Hemlock Township, remained here some years, and with his father carried on a distillery for several years in Hemlock Township. On leaving there he located in Sugarloaf Township, where he married Mary, daughter of Reuben DAVIS. When very young our subject removed with his parents to Fishingcreek where he was reared to maturity, remaining with them until he was twenty-three years of age; then came to Rohrsburg and not finding farming congenial to his tastes began wagon-making. He soon picked up the trade, and in addition to his wagon business added a planning-mill and saw-mill, also a blacksmithing shop and foundry, which give employment to several hands. May 4, 1854, he married Margaret Jane BARBER, of Madison Township, a daughter of Wm. BARBER, and seven children were born to them: Mary E., William H., Philip D., James C., George B., Phineas M. and Boyd W. Mary E. is the wife of Clark W. ALBERTSON, and resides in Mississispi[sic]; William H. resides in Huntsville, Ala.; Philip D. is in the blacksmith business here; James Clyde is in Mississippi; the others are home. Mr. APPLEMAN is a member of the Christian Church and has been officially connected with the same. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 464)

Francis E. ROTE, farmer, P. O. Millville, was born on the border of Madison Township, near Millville, January 16, 1827. The ROTE family came to this township prior to 1800. Francis, who was born October 5, 1775, was the pioneer of the name in this county, and was of German descent. He married Mary WELLIVER and had six children who grew to maturity: Charity, William, Margaret, Daniel, Abigail and Elizabeth, all of whom were born near Millville. His wife was born November 20, 1782, and died June 20, 1855. William, who married Elizabeth EVES, daughter of William EVES, became the father of Frances E. They reared but two children, our subject and Sarah, wife of E. B. Brower, of Bloomsburg. Francis E. was reared in this neighborhood and began to hold the plow when ten years of age. He married, March 11, 1852, Asenath, daughter of Milton and Mary EVES. After his marriage he located on the farm which he now owns, and where he has since resided. He has four children living; Clara B., first married Philip KRAMER, and after his death Ben McMICHAEL, and resides in this township; Mary resides in Madison Township, the wife of R. L. DeMOTT; Henry is a farmer, at home, and William, unmarried. Izora, the daughter of Clara B. and her first husband, resides with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. ROTE. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 480)

Thomas BELLES, farmer, P.O. Benton, the eldest living representative of the BELLES family, was born March 27, 1818, in Union Township, Benton Co., Penn. William BELLES, grandfather of Thomas, was a native of New Jersey, and upon coming to Benton settled on what is known as the "old BELLES farm," in 1820. He first settled in Shickshinny, Luzerne County, in 1813, where he kept hotel until his removal in 1820. He and his wife, Catharine BELLES, are buried in the cemetery devoted to the family use. They had a family of twelve children: Elias, Susan, Christena, Salloma, Catharine, Elizabeth, Mary, Anthony, Simon, Andrew, Adam and Peter. Elias BELLES, father of our subject, had a family of seven children, as follows: Thomas, Elias, Lydia (died April 19, 1826), Susanna (died in 1883), Margaret (died August 4, 1834), William, John (died February 19, 1832). Thomas BELLES removed to his present home April 2, 1844. He married in February 1844, Susan Ann KRICKBAUM, and eleven children were born to them, Lydia E., Mary C., Frances I., William L., Elias S., Samuel B., Isaac P., John W., Cyrus L., Sydney E. and Thomas F. Mary C., Samuel B., Elias S., Sydney E. and William L. are dead and lie buried in the Hamiline Cemetery. The farm consists of 130 acres, with about 100 acres under cultivation. Mr. and Mrs. BELLES are members of the Hamline Methodist Episcopal Church, of which Mr. BELLES has been class steward for many years. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 375)

Jonas DOTY, deceased, was descended from a Puritan of the same name. His grandparents, Joseph and Martha DOTY, resided in New Providence Township, Essex Co., N. J., where they died. One of their sons; David DOTY, was the father of Jonas. He married Sybil CLARK and moved with his family to the Wyoming Valley, where he bought a farm on which he lived until 1850. He then removed to Luzerne county, near the Columbia county line, where he lived until 1850. He then removed to Luzerne County, near the Columbia County line, where he bought a farm, and where he and his wife both died. They are buried in a private burying-ground in this county. They had seven children, as follows: Joseph, on the home farm in Luzerne County; John lived and died in Benton Township, this county; Anthony died in Benton Township; Sarah died unmarried; Martha was the wife of Thaddeus NEWTON, and died in Huntington Township, Luzerne County; Clarinda is the wife of William BELLES, and lives in Huntington Township, Luzerne County, and Jonas. Our subject was born August 9, 1808, in New Jersey. He lived with his parents until his marriage, when he bought a place in the Wyoming Valley, on which he lived until 1849, when he sold out there and removed to this county, buying the farm on which he has since lived. The house to which he removed stood on the site of his present residence, and was destroyed by fire in 1868. Mr. DOTY was engaged in both farming and carpentering, but a few years prior to his death retired, and his son, Israel, now conducts the farm. In 1838 he married Jennet CAMPBELL, who was born June 30, 1816, and died in 1875. Mr. DOTY next married, in 1880, Elizabeth KENNEDY. By his first wife he had ten children: David, born March 20, 1840, married Elizabeth PEALER, and resides on part of his father's farm, which he now owns; Ira, born January 22, 1842, married Cordelia RINARD, and resided in Briarcreek Township; George, born October 31, 1843, married Alice HEATH and resides in Huntington Township; Mary Margaret, born January 17, 1846, and died in childhood; Jeremiah O., born February 10, 1848, married Emma MOORE, and lives on a farm adjoining his father's; Sarah Elizabeth, born March 5, 1850, wife of Lewis W. ROZELLE, in Kansas; Eugene, born May 16, 1852, died in childhood; Martha A., born September 13, 1853, and lives with her parents; Israel, born April 4, 1856, married Alveretta EVELAND, resides on his father's farm, and Luther B., born August 16, 1860, single and living with his mother. Mr. DOTY was a Republican, never held office, but was the candidate of his party for associate judge and other offices. He was an honest, straightforward man, who worked hard for what he acquired, and was represented by his fellow citizens. He died August 28, 1886. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 438-439)

Andrew LAUBACH, Guava, was born January 10, 1826, in Mount Pleasant Township, this county, son of Frederick and Mary (LURISH) LAUBACH. He was twice married, first time February 22, 1848, to Nancy BRITTON, of New Columbus, Luzerne Co., Penn., by whom he had the following named children; John Britton, born January 8, 1849, a dentist in Benton, this county; Mary E., born July 24, 1850, wife of G. L. HESS; Almira, born October 2, 1851, wife of Westbrook HOWELL, in Michigan; Clarence, born July 6, 1853 married to Martha COLE, who was born May 3, 1863 (they have the following children: Horton, William H., Glenn, Freeze and Emma); and Nancy, born March 10, 1856. Mrs. LAUBACH dying March 22, 1856, our subject marrying for his second wife , February 17, 1857, Emeline, daughter of William STEPHENS, and to this union five children were born: Benson, born April 27, 1858, in Lairdsville, Lycoming County, Penn.; Edwin F., born December 4, 1859, married to Mary E., daughter of William BELLES, of New Columbus, Penn. (they have one child, Nora B.); Nora Catherine, born September 9, 1862; Sarah Eugenie, born May 12, 1865, died March 1, 1868, and William B., born April 15, 1870. E. F. LAUBACH after his marriage lived two years in New Columbus, Penn., and was in the hotel business during 1884 and 1885, coming to Guava April 1, 1886, where he has since remained. In politics Mr. LAUBACH is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 541)

Henry C. HESS, P.O. Central. Charles HESS (deceased) a shoemaker by trade was born in Northampton County, Penn., and came to this county, locating in Bloom township, where he married Nancy CULP. He resided in the townships of Bloom, Hemlock and Mount Pleasant, and in 1833 moved to Espy, this county, where he died that same year, and was buried on the hill at Bloom, in the old cemetery laid out by Mr. EYER. Mr. and Mrs. HESS had a family of eleven children, all living; Rachel, married to Fred FRUTCHIE (they resided in Northampton County, Penn., where she is still living at the age of seventy-five); Aaron, also in Northampton Township (was a member of the Legislature in 1862 and 1863), married Margaret RUNDYO[RUNYON?], of Northampton County; Elisha, in Ross Township, in Luzerne County, married Mary Scott, now deceased; Joseph, in Fishingcreek Township, this county: Elizabeth, in New Jersey; Catherine, wife of Abram HESS, in this township; Henry C.; Shadrach, residing in Benton Township, this county, with his daughter Adelia; Lenah, wife of Abram NICHOLAS, in Northampton County, Penn.; Charles, in Ross Township, Luzerne Co., Penn.; Margaret, wife of Mr. BROADT, in Michigan. henry C. was born May 24, 1821, at Bloomsburg, and lived in the neighborhood of Bloom until he was thirteen years old, when he came to this township, where he commenced carpentering with Peter HESS, which trade he has since continued. He was married February 3, 1842, to Rhoda, daughter of Henry HESS, who gave him a lot on which he (Henry C.) built a house. They had one child, Elmira, born November 9, 1842, wife of David KOCHER, and they have seven children: Mary E., Lenora M., Wellington E., Isabella, Grace, Malcolm O. and Warren. Mrs. Henry C. HESS died September 10, 1885, and is buried at St. Gabriel's Church. Mr. HESS has been a justice of the peace two terms. In politics he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 540-541)

William M. SHAFFER, farmer, Bloomsburg, was born in Montour County, July 8, 1835, and is of English and Scotch ancestry. His father, Samuel SHAFFER, was born in 1809 in Lewisburg, Penn., and was a son of Matthias SHAFFER, for many years toll-keeper at Lewisburg. Samuel learned the trade of a cooper, came to this county in 1848, and contracted for getting out limestone for the Bloomsburg Iron Company six years. he subsequently became a large landholder, owned some 250 acres near Bloomsburg (our subject living on 100 acres of it), and 140 acres at Millville. In early life he was a Methodist, but later he joined the Lutheran Church, and died July 31, 1881, leaving a large estate. He married, when not quite twenty, Margaret CULP, a daughter of Peter CULP of Montour County, Penn. They had twelve children, ten now living: Mary, married to Michael SNYDER; Henry, married to Catherine WHITENIGHT; Matthias, married to Mary ZEIGLER; David, married to Hester JOHNSON; William M., our subject; Samuel, Jr., married to Catherine ZEIGLER; John, married to Lydia A. LEE; Jane, married to Benjamin LEE; Simon C., married to Sarah CULP, and Charles, married to Elizabeth ZEIGLER. April 8, 1858, our subject married Catherine A., daughter of Thomas FRY, and by this union seven children were born: Hiram A., born February 20, 1859; Mary M., born June 13, 1860, now the widow of Paul CADMAN, and has one child, Pauline; Hester J., born February 16, 1862; Henry, born April 20, 1864; Thomas, born December 16, 1867; Ellen, born June 16, 1868; William, born October 6, 1869. The mother of this family died October 27, 1869, a member of the Reformed Church, and was buried in Rosemont Cemetery. Mr. SHAFFER's second marriage took place December 2, 1872, with Mary JOHNSON, a daughter of David JOHNSON of Beaver, this county, and by this union there is one child, Martha E., born September 25, 1873. Mr. SHAFFER is a Republican, a member of the Lutheran Church. He is a farmer and has ninety-three acres under cultivation. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 360-361)

Daniel WELLIVER settled in what is now Madison township, on Whetstone run, now called Bear run, in the year 1776. He was driven off by the Indians in 1778, and came back in 1780. His purchase was east of Jerseytown, and took in the farms now occupied by Vincent SHULTZ and Silas WELLIVER. Silas lives on the homestead of his grandfather - Valentine WELLIVER lives on the same purchase. All the north end of the township belonged to him. He raised a large and respectable family of four sons and seven daughters. He came from Sussex county, NJ. (History of Columbia County, PA by John G. Freeze, 1883.)

Adam WELLIVER, John WELLIVER and Christopher WELLIVER, cousins of the above named Daniel, also from Sussex county, NJ, settled in the township about 1780. A large part of Jerseytown is built upon Adam's purchase, which stretched off to the north west. Adam left two sons and two daughters. John's farm lay to the southwest of Jerseytown. There was a family by the name of WHITMOYER living on it at the time of the Wyoming massacre in 1778. When other settlers left they concluded to stay, and in the next spring, at the season of making maple syrup two of the daughters went to the camp and while they were thus absent, the Indians came and killed all the rest of the family and scalped them. It is disputed whether there were three or five thus butchered. They were buried on the old road from Jerseytown to Washingtonville on the left hand side of the road, about half a mile from town, near where Capt William ALLEN now lives. John had a family of four sons and one daughter. Phineas, well remembered in the neighborhood was the youngest. The old farm is now occupied by Samuel JOHNSON. Christopher's land lay south of Jerseytown. A large part of it has been sold off in lots, and are now owned or occupied by William KISNER, John STOUT, Samuel JOHNSON and others. He raised fours sons and three daughters. Russel, who is quite well remembered, was the youngest son. He kept a store in Rohrsburg for a long time and now resides in the west.

Mathias WHITENIGHT, Sr. , farmer, P.O. Mordansville, Penn., was born at Buckhorn, same State, August 16, 1811 and is one of a family of fourteen children, but two now living. His father was born near Easton, and came to this part of the state when a young man, settling at Buckhorn, where he married Rebecca HOFFMAN. Both have been dead many years. Their children, now living are our subject [Mathias], and Catherine, wife of Aaron MILLER, of Hemlock township. Our subject was but five years of age when he moved to the place where he now resides and which has since been his home, he inheriting it on the death of his father. He married in 1838, Miss Mary Ann KLINE, and for sometime previous to that event, worked in the still house of William McKELVY in Bloom. To him and his wife fourteen childern were born, ten of whom are living. Henry William, living in Michigan, George, in Madison Township, keeper of the poorhouse; Maria Catherine, wife of Amos HELLER of Madison Township, Rebecca Jane, who was married to George BEAGLE and after his death to John TANNER of West Hemlock, Montour County; Mathias, who owns a farm adjoining his father; Mary Ann wife of John HOWELL, of this township; Susanna wife of Henry G FRANE of Mahoney City; Mahala Elizabeth wife of Charles Smith of Catawissa; John Wesley who is single and lives with his brother-in-law, John HOWELL; Isaiah McClellan who is married to Miss Jennie PURCEL and resides with his father. Mrs. WHITENIGHT died July 25, 1879. Mr. WHITENIGHT is a member of the German Reformed Church at Jerseytown. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 488-489)

Elias HOWELL, retired, P.O. Light Street, was born in Limestone Township, Montour County, Penn., September 27, 1825, son of William and Anna (TITUS) HOWELL, former of whom was born in New Jersey in 1802, and the latter dying during our subject's infancy, his uncle, Vinson DYE, took him to raise. In 1810, when William was but eight years of age, his uncle removed from New Jersey to what is now Limestone Township, Montour Co., Penn., and with him William lived, assisting on the farm until he had reached the age of eighteen years, when he went to learn the trade of stone-mason and plasterer, in the same neighborhood. While living there he was married to Miss Anna TITUS, and in 1836 they removed to Mount Pleasant Township, this county, where he bought 150 acres in the same neighborhood as the present farm of his son, Elias. He then devoted almost his entire attention to farming, doing only his own mason work, following agricultural pursuits until about ten years before his death, when he lived a retired life. Mr. and Mrs. William HOWELL were the parents of eight children, six now living: Mary Ellen, wife of William HOWER, in Luzerne County, Penn.; William, in East Nanticoke, Penn.; Edith Ann, wife of William BOWMAN, in Carthage County, Mo.; Robert C., in Mount Pleasant township, this county, John V., in Bloomsburg, Penn., and Elias. The father of this family died April 1, 1874. He and his wife are buried in the Bloomsburg Cemetery. Elias HOWELL, subject of this sketch, was ten or eleven years of age when the family removed from Montour County to what is now Mount Pleasant Township, this county. In the spring of 1843 he went to Bloomsburg to learn the blacksmith trade with William SLOAN, and worked with him two years; then went to Montour County, where he resided two years; then returned to this county, and for some seven or eight years worked by the day for different farmers; then went into the mines in Bloom Township, this county, and was there engaged thirteen years at contract work. He then bought eighty-four acres of land in Mount Pleasant Township, this county, and commenced farming; also leased a limestone ridge near by, put up a kiln, and for six years was engaged at that business as well as farming. After that time he gave his entire attention to farming until the spring of 1881, since which time he has lived a retired life, renting his farm. He was married in this county in November, 1846, to Miss Emeline ANDREWS, a native of Columbia County. She died April 19, 1885, at the age of fifty-nine years, three months, nineteen days, and is buried in the Vanderslice graveyard, Hemlock Township, this county. Mr. and Mrs. HOWELL were the parents of eight children, four now living; William, married to Emily LAUBACH, in Hemlock Township, this county; John, married to Mary WHITENIGHT, also in Hemlock Township; Anna Margaret, wife of Peter MELICK, in Mount Pleasant Township, this county; Isaiah Willetts, married to Catherine WOLF, on the home place. The deceased are Sylvester, Robert Francis, James Franklin and Clarence Lloyd. Mr. Howell is a member of the Methodist Church. His wife had also been a member of that church from her fourteenth year to the time of her death, forty-five years. He is at present collector of Mount Pleasant Township, which office he has held since 1880; has also been treasurer of the school board for six years. He has held the office of supervisor for three years, and overseer of the poor four years. He is a member of Light Street Grange, No. 31, P. of H. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 516-517)

Caleb APPLEMAN, retired farmer, Danville, was born in Columbia County, Penn., April 12, 1812, a son of Boltis and Mary Melick APPLEMAN, natives of Pennsylvania and of German and Dutch descent. He is the sixth in a family of eight children and was educated in Bloomsburg. He came to Montour County in 1832, where he followed farming which he made financially successful, and retired in 1885, making his residence in Danville. His grandfather, Peter MELICK, was a soldier in the Revolution and his father was a soldier in the war of 1812. In 1831 Caleb married Mary M., a daughter of Henry RISHEL, of German origin, and ten children were born to them, viz.: Elmira, deceased wife of John CARR; Sally Ann, wife of Charles A. RENTZ; Agnes, wife of James M. VAN DEVENDER; Mary E., wife of John C. PATTERSON, of Danville; Margaret J., wife of Hon. Jesse C. AMERMAN, a prominent farmer; Amos B.; Harriet, wife of Peter E. RENTZ; Eli, a farmer; Caroline, wife of George GILMORE, and Franklin Pierce. Mrs. APPLEMAN united with the Lutheran Church at Milton when she was about nineteen years old. Mr. APPLEMAN is a member of the Episcopal Church. He was a member of the building committee when the Methodist Church in Valley Township, Montour County, was erected and was Sabbath-school superintendent there for ten years. He was school director for six years. He is a Democrat and served twenty-seven years as constable. His son Amos was in the civil war, a member of the One Hundred and Thirty-second Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 142)

W. R. WELLIVER, merchant, Danville, was born February 3, 1834, in Jerseytown, Columbia Co., Penn., to Abraham and Martha (WINDER) WELLIVER, natives of Pennsylvania. His grandfather, a farmer, was an early settler of Columbia County, where his son (subject's father) was born, and where he followed shoemaking in early life, but later farming. Our subject, the eldest of nine children, was reared on the farm and attended the district school, and also the academy at Millville, Columbia County. He was a diligent student and early began to teach, which profession he followed in the winter, and farmed in the summer for eight years, mostly in the country, but also several terms in Washingtonville. In 1863 he came to Danville and commenced business as a dealer in books and stationary, and so continued until 1867. In that year he began his present business (general merchandising), in which he has a good patronage, and keeps a large supply of goods. Mr. WELLIVER has been twice married; first in 1858 to Miss Sue, daughter of Peter WAGNER, and of German origin. She died in 1873, the mother of the following children: Lloyd, married and a merchant in Exchange, Penn.; Hal C., also married, and a merchant in Mooresburg, Penn.; Stewart, a clerk in his father's store, and Charles, at school. In 1878 Mr. WELLIVER married Adelaide CONDON, a native of Philadelphia, Penn. Mr. and Mrs. WELLIVER are members of the Baptist Church. He is a Democrat, but votes the Independent ticket. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 178)

S. J. WELLIVER, of the firm of WELLIVER & COLE, wholesale and retail hardware dealers, Danville, Penn., and East Main Street, Nanticoke, Penn., was born in Montour County, February 3, 1841. His parents, Abraham and Martha (WINDER) WELLIVER, were natives of Pennsylvania, whose ancestors were among the early settlers of the State. His father, a shoemaker by trade, followed farming all his life, and reared a family of nine children, of whom S. J. is the sixth. Our subject attended the common schools and also Greenwood Seminary at Millville, Penn. His first occupation was teaching school, with his brother, established a book and stationery store, and two years later merged their business into a general store. They carried on a successful general mercantile trade for several years, when Mr. WELLIVER sold his interest to his brother, and subsequently took charge of the hardware store of Charles H. WATERS, until the latter's death. He then clerked in a hardware store one year when he embarked in business on his own account, and a year later formed a partnership with James McCORMICK, which continued for five years, when our subject bought out Mr. McCORMICK's interest. In 1883 the present firm of WELLIVER & COLE was established. Mr. WELLIVER married, in 1866, Elizabeth, daughter of Simeon BEST, and of English origin. Mrs. WELLIVER has borne her husband eight children, seven of whom survive: Warren W. has charge of the branch store at Nanticoke; Mary Martha Carrie, Bertha, Clarence, Lulu, Harry, Jessie J. (deceased), and Frances. Mrs. WELLIVER is a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church, Mr. WELLIVER of the Baptist. In 1865 he enlisted in the One Hundred and Fourth Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, and served until the close of the war. He is a member of the I. O. O. F., of Danville. In politics he is a Democrat. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 178)

Frederick DERR, farmer, P.O. White Hall, was born October 12, 1804, on the farm he now owns, which was improved by his father, George DERR, who bought a tract of about 241 acres of the first occupants, the Sutfin brothers. The deed was executed in 1817, but George DERR had occupied it several years previous. George DERR was born in 1777, and married Mary, daughter of William CARNAHAN, by whom he had three children: Frederick, Margaret and Jane. George DERR, the father, spent his days on this farm and died at the advanced age of eighty-one years; his wife died several years previous. Frederick, the subject of this sketch, remained on the farm until he attained his twenty-eighth year, then went to Bay County, Mich., and worked at the carpenter's trade (which he had learned before leaving home) working at this vocation twenty-five years in that place; while here he married Elizabeth M. CLARKE, a native of New Hampshire; she died in 1842, leaving no issue. He returned to this county in 1858, at the time of his father's death, located on the home farm, and has since been a constant resident of this farm. He was married, the second time, to Ellen, daughter of Jacob and Mary (BOGART) WELLIVER. Mr. DERR has no children. (History of Columbia and Montour Counties Pennsylvania, Battle, 1887, pg 502)

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