The information that follows was transcribed from a LDS microfilm tape that
was microfilmed in 1974 by the LDS. The tape was microfilmed at the Veterans Affairs Office in the Columbia County Court House in Bloomsburg, PA from the original index card file that contained veterans of all wars buried in Columbia County.

LAST NAME        FIRST NAME    LOCATION                CEMETERY             REMARKS

ATEN             THOMAS        MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

BELL             ABRAHAM       BLOOMSBURG              OLD ROSEMONT                                                                   

BOYLE            HUGH M.       BERWICK                 PINE GROVE                                                                     

BROWN            DAVID         MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

BROWN            SAMUEL        MIFFLIN TWP             BROWN                                                                          

COLEMAN          JOSEPH        FISHINGCREEK TWP        ZIONS                                                                          

CRITES           DAVID         MAIN TWP                FISHER'S                                                                       

DEMOTT           ISAAC         MADISON TWP             JERSEYTOWN                                                                     

ECKART           JOHN          BERWICK                 PINE GROVE                                                                     

FAIRMAN          ROBERT        GREENWOOD TWP           GREENWOOD                                                                      

FAIRMAN          WILLIAM       MT. PLEASANT TWP        IKELER'S                                                                       

FARVER           GEORGE        JACKSON TWP             DERRS                                                                          

FRITZ            CHARLES       SUGARLOAF TWP           ST GABRIELS                                                                    

FRY              MICHAEL       MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

GARRISON         BENJAMIN      MIFFLIN TWP             BROWN                                                                          

GEBBENS          CHARLES       BENTON TWP              HAMOLINE                                                                       

GETTY            PHILIP        JACKSON TWP             WALLER                                                                         

HARMON           SAMUEL        BLOOMSBURG              OLD ROSEMONT                                                                   

HARTMAN          GEORGE        SCOTT TWP               ALMEDIA                                                                        

HETLER           JOHN          MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

HILL             FREDERICK     LIME RIDGE - CENTER     METHODIST                                                                      

HOWER            DANIEL        CATAWISSA               UNION                                                                          

HOWER            JOHN SR.      BLOOMSBURG              OLD ROSEMONT                                                                   

JACKSON          JOEL C.       BERWICK                 PINE GROVE                                                                     

KELLER           J.            MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

KNECHT           JACOB         MAIN TWP                FISHER'S                                                                       

KOSTENBAUDER     JACOB         MAIN TWP                FISHER'S                                                                       

LEMON            JONOTHAN      GREENTOOD TWP           LEMONS                                                                         

LUTZ             CHRISTIAN     MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

MCHENRY          ELIAS M.      STILLWATER              STILLWATER         B: 4/14/1794 D: 8/11/1855 - ARMY - 

                                                                          COLONEL (?) 3RD CO 71 REG

MILLER           DANIEL        MT. PLEASANT TWP        IKELER'S                                                                       

MUFFLEY          CHRISTIAN     N. CENTRE TWP           HIDLAY'S                                                                       

NEUHARD          CHRISTIAN     BRIARCREEK TWP          ST PETER UNION                                                                 

QUINN            JOHN          CATAWISSA               QUAKER                                                                         

SHULTZ           PHILIP        BENTON TWP              HAMOLINE                                                                       

UNANGST          PHILLIP       FISHINGCREEK TWP        ZIONS                                                                          

VANHORN          CORNELUIS     BLOOMSBURG              OLD ROSEMONT                                                                   

WOLF             JOHN          MIFFLINVILLE            MIFFLINVILLE                                                                   

YETTER           DANIEL        CATAWISSA               UNION                                                                          



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