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Clearfield County PAGenWeb Project
Dale Cemetery
Bradford Township
Clearfield County, PA

Contributed by Renee Waring & Justin KIrk Houser

© 2008


Row Surrname Given Middle Name Father Mother Birth Death Age Notes
A1-1 Graham Jesse J.     6/24/1899 5/27/81    
A1-2 Watson Arthur       1882 1928    
A1-3 Watson James A.     1844 1916   "Father"
A1-4   Unmarked              
A1-5 Watson Helen       1903 1932    
A1-5 Watson Ray       1891 1972    
A1-6 Watson William Ray     8/21/30 2/13/94   "Sonny" / Bennet & Houser Funeral Home
A1-7 Kephart Infant girl             Valigorsky Funeral Home
A1-8 Kephart Calvin B.     1912 1969    
A1-8 Kephart Zanna       1911 1984    
A2-1 Graham Emma M.     1865 1936   Wife of Harry F. Graham
A2-1 Graham Harry F.     1859 1940    
A2-2   Unmarked             Fieldstone
A2-3   Unmarked             Stone damaged, unable to see name
A2-4   Unmarked              
A2-5   Unmarked              
A2-6 Watson William   J.A. Watson E.   1872   Infant
A2-7 Akley Horace S. B.E. S.C.   1/3/1858 2 months  
A2-7 Watson Read         9/12/1877 1 month?  
A2-8 Watson Emily J.     1854 1913   "Mother"
A2-9 Reese Judy   Kephart   1944 None    
A2-9 Reese Ramond E.     1934 1983   Korean Vet
A3-1   Unmarked             Fieldstone
A3-2   Unmarked              
A3-3   Unmarked             Fieldstone
A3-4   Unmarked              
A3-5   Unmarked              
A3-6   Unmarked              
A3-7   Unmarked              
A3-8   Unmarked              
A3-9 Shoemaker Susan E.     11/9/1862 10/11/21    
A3-9   Unmarked              
A3-10   Unmarked              
A3-11 Shoemaker Charles E. George Shoemanker Lydia   4/2/1882 25y,4m,4d  
A3-11 Shoemaker George       1/25/1821 6/1/1883 62y,4m,6d  
A3-11 Shoemaker Mary E. George Shoemanker Lydia   11/10/1880 21y, 6m, 1d Foot Stone
A3-12   Unmarked              
A3-13   Unmarked              
A4-1   Unmarked              
A4-2 Dale Martha           80 years Wife of James / footstone
A4-3 Holmes Ann W.       7/7/1878 80 years The stone is broken and in the ground
A4-4 Dale John   John Dale Elizabeth   4/7/1879 51y,6m,22d Innocence is better than repentance / footstone
A4-5 Dale George P. John Dale Elizabeth 5/15/1847 1/3/1852    
A4-5 Dale Mary R. John Dale Elizabeth 3/16/1834 2/5/1852    
A4-5 Dale William W. John Dale Elizabeth 3/3/1841 3/19/1857    
A4-6 Dale Elizabeth   William Waring Gwen Hancorn 9/28/1803 7/10/1881 77y, 9m, 12d She longed to depart / Born in England / We ought not be proud or gain of the advantages we possess but we may only endeavor to use them for the benefit of our fellow creatures and the glory of that great being from whom we have received them
A4-6 Dale John       7/16/1796 12/8/1880 84y,4m,22d Born in England / SS Liddel stone cutter / Psalm 23 to they comfort me
A4-7 Dale Elizabeth   John Dale Elizabeth 4/12/1843 11/7/1896    
A4-8 Dale David       1838 1925   footstone
A4-9 Dale A. Clarke     4/28/1826 2/11/10    
A4-9 Dale Elizabeth R. Johnston   12/25/1831 2/18/23   Wife of A. Clark Dale
A4-9 Dale Infant Son   A. Clarke Dale Elizabeth R. Johnston 6/2/1876 6/3/1876 1 day Our baby (lamb on stone)
A4-10   Unmarked              
A4-11 Woolridge Bessie   A.E. Woolridge Agnes 4/30/1893 8/5/1893    
A4-11 Woolridge Infant Daughter       1/2/1889 1/161889    
A4-11 Woolridge Infant Son   A.E. Woolridge Agnes 11/21/1887 11/23/1887    
A4-12 Murray Alice   Dale   1859 1947    
A4-13   Unmarked              
A5-1 Patchin Frank G.     10/14/1852 2/27/00    
A5-2 Patchin Samuel C.     3/18/1816 5/12/05    
A5-3 Patchin Hetty G.     3/12/1823 5/7/1892    
A5-4 Patchin Ordelia E. Samuel C. Patchin Hetty (E.)   8/7/1863 13y, 5m  
A5-5 Patchen Cambridge B. Samuel C. Patchin Hetty (E.)   4/12/1857 11m,13d  
A5-6   Unmarked              
A5-7   Unmarked              
A5-8   Unmarked              
A5-9   Unmarked              
A5-10   Unmarked              
A5-11 Graham John W.     10/10/1819 3/17/1865 45y,5m,7d Although his lifeless form lies here his spirit dwells on high.
A5-12 Graham Gwen H. Dale   1832 1919    
A5-13 Graham Asbury G. John W. Graham Gwen H. 6/3/1855 10/25/1877 22y,4m,22d I am the resurection & the life.
He that believeth in me although he were dead so shalt he live.
A5-14 Graham J. Curtin John W. Graham Gwen H. 10/24/1869 5/2/1881   Remember now the creator in the days of thy youth.
A5-15 Graham William E. John W. Graham Gwen H. 1/10/1857 1/29/1883   Illegible verse
A5-16 Hoover Z.       5/23/1852 None    
A5-17 Hoover Mary   Graham   5/27/1858 1/9/15   footstone "Mother" / Wife of Z. Hoover
A5-18 Wilson Elizabeth   Graham   1859 1926   Wife of J.R. Wilson
A5-19 Graham Hetty       1861 1958    
A5-20 Graham Milford A.     1906 1907    
A5-21 Graham Catherine         1903    
A5-22 Draper Gwen   Graham   1900 1959   WWII Flag
A5-23 Graham James Nagy     1923 1926    
A5-24 Graham Fannie   Buchanan   1865 1946    
A5-25 Graham James B.     1862 1959    
A5-26   Unmarked              
A6-1 Beers Emily C. Thomas Beers L.   4/10/1846 10m,17d  
A7-1 Holt Vincent B. Thomas Holt Sarah Meek 8/21/1810 5/5/1883   Grandson of John and Sarah (Milliken) Holt, who was a Revolutionary soldier and married in Milesburg.
A7-2 Holt Nancy   Wilson   10/23/1815 3/13/1881   Wife of Vincent Holt
A7-3 Holt Robert A.     4/6/1850 12/28/1878    
A7-4 Holt George B.     8/9/1860 4/4/1882    
A7-5 Holt Abner M.     8/4/1837 7/17/1844    
A7-6 Holt James H.     6/17/1853 5/7/1862    
A7-7 Holt Henrietta       11/22/1844 4/28/1863    
A7-8 Graham Francis         10/8/1850 83 years  
A7-9 Graham Jane         12/11/1852 65y,1m,0d Wife of Francis Graham / The stone is down and broken
A7-10 Holt Thomas       2/5/1786 1/30/1868 81y,11m,25d Then in a nobler sweeter song I'll sing Thy power to save this poor lispering clammering tongue lies silent in the grave.
A7-11 Holt Sarah   Meek   5/29/1789 5/18/1852 62y,11m,19d Wife of Thomas Holt / Illegible inscription
A7-12   Unmarked              
A7-13   Unmarked              
A8-1 Holt John       9/5/1816 3/9/1880 63y,6m,4d This body shall be shaped anew, a fit dwelling for the soul / There is an unreadable second name on the stone.
A8-2 Holt George         6/17/1844 3y,2m,22d  
A8-3 Holt Mary         11/29/1847 2y,11m,15d  
A8-4 Holt Ellen         11/10/1851 2y,3m,21d  
A8-5 Holt Alford         2/9/1854 1m, 1d  
A8-6 Holt Vincent       2/18/1843 9/22/1856 13y,7m,4d  
A8-7 McDowel Margaret   David McDowel Mariah        
A8-8 McDowel David       12/8/1812 8/28/1870 57y,8m,20d  
A8-8 McDowel Maria       10/20/1818 9/27/1894 75y,11m,7d Wife of David McDowel / Possibly Mariah / Stonemason: Shupe Philipsburg
A8-9 McDowell John       4/8/1842 8/21/02   "Father"
A8-10 Peters Alice A.     1868 1958    
A8-11 Muir Florence A.     1891 1917    
A8-12 Muir Alzada       1917 1918    
A8-13 Muir Richard H.       1940    
A8-14 Forcey Anna W.     1867 1940   Wife of James A. Forcey
A8-14 Forcey James A.     1858 1937    
A8-15 Forcey Anna   James A. Forcey Anna W.   1894    
A8-16 Forcey Joe   James A. Forcey Anna W.   1899    
A8-17 Moore Infant twin sons   D. Moore E.   8/17/54    
A8-18 Moore Gail S.     8/1/57 8/3/57 2 days  
A8-19 Forcey Margaret G.     1897 1961    
A8-19 Forcey Maxwell W.     1897 1961    
A9-1 Forcee Etta May J.A. Forcee S.A.   4/4/1872 3y,10m,10d We shall meet in Heaven / Liddell stonecutters
A9-2 Forcee Alexander Mathew Mathew Forcee Margaret 5/18/1833 12/27/1862   "Father" / At rest in Christ
A9-2 Forcee Angelina   George Wilson Lydia 4/21/1829 7/8/15   "Mother"
A9-3 Forcee Infant son   Alexander Forcee Angelina Wilson 5/8/1857 5/8/1857    
A9-4 Forcee Verteicia Martha Alexander Forcee Angelina Wilson   3/25/1863 5y,10m,17d Verse
A9-5   Unmarked              
A9-6 Forcee Matthew J. M. A. Forcee Margaret   8/17/1852 1y, 5m, 21d  
A9-7 Forcee Margaret   M. A. Forcee Margaret   4/15/1841 1m, 9d  
A9-8 Forcee Catura   M. A. Forcee Margaret   7/16/1852 1y,11m,0d  
A9-9 Forcee Mathew A. M.A. Forcee Margaret 7/12/1856 8/22/1859    
A9-10 Forcee M. A.       2/12/1865 58y, 6m, 25d footstone
A9-10 Forcee Margaret         8/5/1870 59y,10m,14d Wife of M. A. Forcee / forever with the Lord / footstone
A9-11 Forcee Elizabeth         6/1/1851 87y,3m,3d Wife of Thomas Forcee / Adue my friends dry up your tears here I must lie till Christ appears.
A9-11 Forcee Thomas       1/25/1766 2/22/1865 99y,1m,27d Revolutionary War Vet / For I know who believes - My record is on high.
A9-12 Forcee Moses         1/7/1865 23y, 11m, 7d But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ
A9-13 Forcee Sarah E. M. A. Forcee Margaret 2/10/1852 4/12/1866 14y,2m,2d  
A9-14 Forcee John A.     9/1/1883 7/27/1898 53y,10m,26d Stonemason - A.T. Shupe
A9-15   Unmarked              
A9-16   Unmarked              
A10-1 Morrow Amelia Jane       11/29/17 82y,8m,0d Wife of H. H. Morrow / Their works do follow them / footstone
A10-1 Morrow H. H.     11/9/1825 7/18/1892 66y,8m,9d Blessed are they who die in the Lord.
A10-2 Morrow Willie Clay H. H. Morrow Amelia Jane   10/15/1865 1y, 8m, 27d The sunbeams love to linger where our little Willie sleeps / Stonemason: J. Beatty, Harrisburg
A10-3   Unmarked              
A10-4 Asky Mary   Forcee     5/5/1853 25y,3m,6d Wife of William Asky / Stone is half underground and we were unable to lift it.
A10-5 Asky Thomas   William Asky Mary Forcee 2/1/1846 3/25/1846 1m,24d Here Little brothers & sisters, here I lay, I am not dead but sleepeth and here I stop til the morning of the resurrection when all good people will be taken home to live.
A10-6 Irwin Thomas       4/14/1863 9/18/30    
A10-6 Irwin Viola       4/6/1864 12/2/45    
A10-7 Irwin Mitchell       10/26/13 2/18/26    
A10-8 Irwin Allen A.     1889 1968    
A10-8 Irwin Orphia M.     1888 1983    
A10-9 Dixon Betty D.     3/14/30 6/11/91   Wife of Marshall Dixon
A10-9 Dixon Marshell       6/14/28 3/16/98   "Abe"
A11-1   Unmarked              
A11-2   Unmarked              
A11-3   Unmarked              
A11-4 Ross Ellis   T. Ross S.   10/21/1846 2m,21d  
A11-5 Ross George   T. Ross S.   4/5/1859 1m,11d  
A11-6 Ross Alexander   T. Ross S.   3/21/1854 3m,21d  
A11-7 Ross Mary E. T. Ross S.   4/30/1857 1m,15d  
A11-8 Ross Catharine   T. Ross S.   10/14/1858 6m  
A11-9 Murry Mary J.       4/20/1858 27y,17d Wife of John Shimel
A11-10 Murry W.         7/9/1853 67y Replacement head stone / piece of original stone between his and Mary's stone.
A11-11   Unmarked              
A11-12 Hoover Alice H.       ? 21, 1878   Wife of Alfred Hoover / More info here, stone is broken and chipped.
A11-13-1 Lutz Eliza Jane     3/1/1819 6/21/1897 78y,3m,20d Wife of Levi Lutz / Beneath this sod they are at rest.
Thy will be done, Jesus knows best.
Soon they'll hear the welcome sound awake all that sleep in the ground.
Soon will burst the prison doors and they'll come forth to die no more.
A11-13-1 Lutz Levi       1/23/1816 10/1/1861 45y,8m,8d  
A11-14-1 Lutz Margaret   Levi Lutz Eliza Jane   12/8/1844 1m,2d  
A11-15-1 Lutz Peter E.     4/16/1857 3/191900 42y,1m,  
A11-16-1 Lutz Marcelia       1845 1929   "Mardia"
A11-17-1 Lutz Mary       1849 1912   "At Rest"
A11-18 Askey James       1838 1922   GAR Star and Flag
A11-19 Askey Etta       1842 1901    
A11-20 Dixon D. Rae     1897 1971   "Mother"
A11-20 Dixon Josephine       1925 1932    
A11-20 Dixon Urey       1901 1983   "Father"
A12-1 Wetzel Leota   Thompson   1858 1881   Wife of George Wetzel
A12-2 Wetzel Georgie   George Wetzel Leota   9/2/1881 2y,4m One little angel more singing with voice so sweet flinging a crown of gold down at the Saviors feet.
A12-3 Wetzel George         12/201878 23y,2m,24d It is well with my soul / Unreadable verse at the bottom of the stone.
A12-4 Barr Susannah   John Cowder Sara 1834 10/30/1874 40y,3m,1d "Our Mother"
A12-5 Kidder Sarah         2/25/1859 abt. 74 years  
A12-6 Gearhart Adam M. John H. Gearhart Elizabeth   6/5/1879 7y,5m,26d  
A12-6 Gearhart Elizabeth J. John H. Gearhart Elizabeth   3/26/1857 1y,6m,13d  
A12-6 Gearhart Infant son   John H. Gearhart Elizabeth   8/30/1879    
A12-6 Gearhart Minnorah B. John H. Gearhart Elizabeth   5/24/1879 17y,2m,9d  
A12-7   Unmarked              
A12-8 Gearhart Frances   A. Gearhart S.   1/21/1853 5y,11d  
A12-9 Gearhart Adam       5/9/1806 3/12/1898   A loving husband. A dear Father. A faithful friend.
A12-10 Gearhart Susanah       3/16/1807 5/29/1882   Wife of Adam Gearhart
"Our Mother"
Alas! She has left us her spirit has fled.
Her body now slumbers along with the dead.
Her Saviour hath called her, to him she has gone.
Be ye also ready to follow her soon
A13-1 Spackman James F.       12/27/1879 23y,16d Asleep in Jesus blessed sleep from which none ever wakes to weep
A13-2 Gearhart Dora B. J. Gearhart M.   6/28/1877 11 month The earth has one ______ less, Heaven one _______ (unreadable)
A13-3 Gearhart Frank   G.W. Gearhart E.M.     2 months The stone is lying in the ground.
A13-4 McEwen Abigail E. S.S. McEwen M.Q.   3/25/1857 1 year  
A13-5 McEwen Martha E. S.S. McEwen M.Q.   3/5/1857 9y,23d No more that voice we loved to hear shall fill her parents listening ears. No more its tones shall join to swell the songs that of a Savour tell.
A13-6 McCartney Jane         6/9/1855 30 years Stone broken off and in the ground
A13-7 McCartney Dortha A. J. McCarney J.   6/45/1854 1y,6d  
A13-8 McCartney Arabellah   J. McCarney J.   9/10/1854 6y,9m,8d  
A13-9 Graffuis Hermie L. A. Graffuis S.J.   2/2/1884 1m,5d "Our babe"
A13-10 Young Annie M. R.L. Young M.A.   12/17/1881 8y,1m,13d  
A13-11 Thompson John A.     6/4/1817 9/10/1874    
A13-11 Thompson Nancy E.     11/25/1827 9/28/01   Wife of John A. Thompson
A13-12 Boyer Mertie M.     7/25/1877 12/1/1893   Budded on earth to bloom in heaven.
A13-13 Boyer John W.       9/25/1895 47y,3m,19d  
A13-14 Woolridge Anna F.     1855 1942   "Sister"
A13-15 Thompson George A.     1852 1911    
A13-16 Thompson Francis   G.A. Thompson E.C./ S.C.   5/18/1894 4y,6m,21d  
A13-17 Baker Eric Lee       10/151974   "Grandson"
A13-18 Records Darlene Dawn       6/221957   "Grand daughter" / #18 & #19 are in the same grave.
A13-19 Collier Hilda McDonald     5/2/13 9/30/92   #19 & #18 are in the same grave
A13-20 Irwin Althea J.     9/29/07 4/1/97   "Mother"
A13-20 Irwin Owen E.     12/16/02 9/13/67   "Father"
A13-20 Irwin Thomas Allen Owen E. Irwin Althea J. 1930 1930   "Son"
A14-1   Unmarked              
A14-2 McDowell Elijah       11/9/1831 8/28/01   "Father"
A14-2 McDowell Nancy J.     1835 1917   Wife of Elijah McDowell / "Mother"
A14-2 McDowell Waring T.     1866 1923   GAR Star and Flag
A14-3 McDowell Birtus B.       12/18/1895 23y,8m,3d Resting in the arms of Jesus
A14-4 McDowell Clay     Nancy J.       "Infant son"
A14-5 McDowell George W. W.T. McDowell Eulalia 2/15/1899 2/20/1899    
A15-1 Loder Harry   J.S. Loder M.A.   3/3/1881 8y, 1m Not sure of dates
A15-2 Loder Infant daughter   J.S. Loder M.A.   6/10/1881    
A15-3 Graham Emeline         10/15/1863 29 years Wife of Francis Graham Jr.
A15-4 Holt Cordie F. Thomas M. Holt Isabella B.   11/28/1870 9m, 10d Female
A15-4 Holt Isabella B.     1838 8/31/1874 35y, 9m Wife of T. M. Holt. Mother of I. E., A. E., C. L., C., and C. F. Holt
A15-4 Holt Thomas M.     1839 1904   Stone Mason - J.A. Cooper
A15-5 Dale Frances Jane     1919 1994    
A15-6 Dale Ernest H.     1873 1959    
A15-7 Dale Ardee (RD)   Rorabaugh   1876 1939   Wife of Ernest H. Dale
A15-8 Dale Edmund       1829 1918    
A15-9 Dale Alfred W. Edmund Dale Eliza Jane Hunter   3/16/1864 9m, 15d  
A15-10 Dale Eliza Jane Hunter   1835 1925   Wife of Edmund Dale
A15-11 Dale Maude E.     1863 1946    
A15-11 Dale Wilbur F.     1857 1946    
A15-12 Dale Luella Frances Coffroad   1877 1948   Wife of W.E. Dale
A15-12 Dale William E.     1872 1944   DDS
A16-1 Buck Our Infants   O.C. Buck M.A. 3/17/1861      
A16-2   Unmarked              
A16-3   Illegible             Stone broken off in ground. Illegible
A16-4   Unmarked              
A16-5 Knepp Fredrick   B. Knepp S.K. 5/5/1866      
A16-6 Knep Emily J. B. Knep S.K.   4/28/1858 1y, 7m  
A16-7 Knep Infant son   B. Knep S.K.        
A16-8 Knepp Alexander   B. Knep S.K.   12/20/1855 1y, 3m  
A16-9 Knepp Daniel   B. Knep S.K.   10/15/1855 5y, 5m, 5d  
A16-10   Unmarked              
A16-11   Unmarked              
A16-12 Loder Willie   J.S. Loder M.A.   12/10/1881 1y, 6m Twin of Ashley Loder
A16-13 Loder Ashley   J.S. Loder M.A.   12/10/1881 1y, 6m Male twin of Willie Loder
A16-14 Loder Norah   J.S. Loder M.A.   11/8/1875    
A16-15 Loder Eddie E. J.S. Loder M.A.   12/17/1881 6y, 9m, 14d  
A16-16 Loder J. L.           Company M, 9th PA Cav. (no dates - in ground)
A16-17   Unmarked              
A16-18 Antes Maria Ann Rev. W. Antes M. H. 12/17/1831 2/9/1855 23y, 1m, 22d M.A.?
A16-19-2 Gearhart Dora E.     1864 1954    
A16-19-2 Gearhart Sarah A.     1854 1939    
A16-20-2 Gearhart Elizabeth       11/22/1831 5/10/1889 57y,5m,18d Wife of John H. Gearhart / "Mother" / footstone / Stonemason - J.A. Cooper
A16-20-2 Gearhart John H.     3/11/1828 3/3/10   "Father" / footstone
A16-21 McDowell Eliza Jane     1858 1930    
A16-21 McDowell Justus M.     1855 1935    
A17-1 Schonwalder William D.     1895 1952   Pvt., Supply Co., 110th Infantry WW1 / WWI Star and Flag
A17-2 Schonwalder Bessie M.   2/26/09 4/19/94   Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars (Star and Flag) / "Mother and Grandmother"
A17-3 Schonwalder Shirley A.     1946 1977   Ladies Auxiliary, Veterans of Foreign Wars (Star and Flag)
A17-4 Schownwalter Carl Windell     3/2/44 8/24/44   "Baby Carl"
A17-5   Unmarked             Wooden Cross - Child?
A17-6   Unmarked             Wooden Cross - Child?
A17-7   Unmarked             Wooden Cross - Child?
A17-8   Unmarked             Wooden tombstone - unreadable
A17-9 Spackman Benjamin       11/17/1826 2/20/01    
A17-9 Spackman Mary J.     10/13/1830 3/24/1889   Wife of Benjamin Spackman
A17-10 Spackman B. Franklin Benjamin Spackman Mary J.   10/29/1887 29y,1m,13d Rest in hope of glorious resurrection
A17-11 Bumbarger Alexander       1858 1930   Memorial donated by Nehemiah and Belle Maines - Family reunion 1993
A17-11 Bumbarger Eliza Jane     1868 1934    
A17-12 Bumbarger Virginia A.     1893 1978   Married Jan. 29, 1911 to Willard C. Bumbarger
A17-12 Bumbarger Willard C.     1888 1958    
A17-13 Dale Alta G.       3/3/1899 37y,7m,20d Wife of George J. Dale / Stonemason A.T. Shupe
A17-14 Bumbarger Charles   Willard C. Bumbarger Virginia A. 1917 1919    
A17-14 Bumbarger Harold   Willard C. Bumbarger Virginia A. 1930 1930    
A17-14 Bumbarger Wilbur   Willard C. Bumbarger Virginia A. 1914 1916    
A17-15 Thompson John A.     1865 1916    
A17-15 Thompson Minnie A.     1866 1945   Wife of John A. Thompson
A17-16 Kephart John M.     1906 1984   "Cormy" / WWII /"Father" / Leavy - Valigorsky Funeral Home
A17-17 Thompson Mary Jane G.B Thompson E.P.   1917    
A18-1 Kephart Agnes             Stone unmarked / Wife of Alvy Kephart
A18-2 Kephart Alvy G.     1910 1990   Grave is unmarked / Leavy-Valigorskey Funeral Home
A18-3   Unmarked             Wooden cross broken (sticks)
A18-4 Bumbarger Elsie B.     1906 1983   Sister to Agnes Kephart
A18-5   Unmarked             Blank stone
A18-6   Unmarked              
A18-7   Unmarked              
A18-8   Unmarked              
A18-9 Whitesell Frances I.     1919 1948    
A18-10 English Alice       1882 1951    
A18-11 English James F.     1881 1934   "Father"
A18-12 English Joseph L.     7/28/1934 6/28/1990   WWII / Hillbilly carved into the stone
A18-13 English Dean       1906 1986    
A18-13 English Frances L.     1910 1969    
A18-14   Unmarked             Stone broken in the ground, no markings / broken footstone also
A18-15 E. W. R.           Information from footstone
A18-16 L. D. W.            
A18-17   Unmarked             "Father" / footstone
A18-18   Unmarked             footstone
A18-19   Unmarked             footstone
A18-20   Unmarked             Stone broken off in the ground
A18-21 Forcey Maxwell W.     5/16/1923 9/3/1981   "Father" / Married Dec. 23, 1941 / Forever honored and forever mourned
A18-21 Forcey Vera Hubler     9/14/1924 None    
A19-1 Zumstein Joseph Allen     8/25/1940 8/15/1954   Painted on the cement - wearing away
A19-2 Williams Vera B.     2/3/1912 4/8/1990 78 years Bennett & Houser Funeral Home
A19-3 Williams Jesse L.           Bennett & Houser Funeral Home
A19-4   Unmarked              
A19-5   Unmarked             Bennett & Houser Funeral Home / No card
A19-6 Bumbarger Levoy E.     1957 1960    
A19-7 Branin Alice Jean     1927 1989   color photo of deceased on stone
A19-8 English Evelyn Jean     12/18/1959 3/20/1960    
A19-9 English Evelyn       1905 1946    
A19-9 English John K.     1901 1978    
A19-10   Unmarked             Has flowers on grave
A19-11 McDowell Frances H.     1862 1942    
A19-11 McDowell William M.     1857 1933    
A19-12 English Charles O.     1888 1975   WWI
A19-13 English Marian V. McDowell   1902 1939   Wife of Charles O. English
A19-14 English John M.     1854 1928    
A19-14 English Mary E.     1863 1936    
A19-15 Gill Maude S. Wilson   1884 1952    
A19-15 Gill Wyatt T.     1881 1972    
A19-16 Gill Ethel Clare Wyatt T. Gill Maude S. Wilson 4/14/10 5/19/11   Footstone
A20-1 Kavelak Beverly B.     1921 2001   Strange & Weaver funeral Home
A20-2 English David W.     1884 1944    
A20-2 English Ethel       1885 1970   Wife of David W. English
A20-3 Maines Clara E.     1892 1965   Wife of Grant U. Maines
A20-3 Maines Grant U.     1891 1934    
A20-4 G. W.             Footstone only
A20-5 F. M. E.           Footstone only
A20-6 Mencer Agatha C.     1896 1978   Wife of Charles E. Mencer
A20-6 Mencer Charles E.     1892 1980    
A20-7 Thompson Howard Fay     1913 1929    
A20-8 Pearce Alta Jane     1888 1911    
A20-9 McDowell James   James M. McDowell Mary A. 1902 1903    
A20-9 McDowell James M.     1863 1953    
A20-9 McDowell Mary A.     1864 1953   Wife of James M. McDowell
A20-10   Unmarked              
A20-11 Williams Bessie V.     1884 1971   Wife of Edward C. Williams
A20-11 Williams Edward C.     1877 1952   "Father"
A21-1 Conway Kristie M.     12/26/69 8/30/77    
A21-2 Conway Curtis Lee     5/23/65 5/24/65    
A21-3 Bock Edna M.     1913 1981   Wife of George W. Bock
A21-3 Bock George W.     1905 1981   WWII Vet
A21-4 Bock Duane C.     7/18/33 2/20/97   Korean conflict
A21-5 Bock Dennis Keith     3/25/49 6/14/49    
A21-6 Foster Robin Lynn       1/1/71    
A21-7 Aughenbaugh Ernest L.     1917      
A21-7 Aughenbaugh Frances J.     1919 1972   Wife of Ernest L. Aughenbaugh
A21-8 Aughenbaugh Judy Ruth     8/18/48 8/15/47   Yes, the dates are correct
A21-9 Maines Sandra       10/19/45 3/16/46   Suffer little children come unto me.
A21-10 Maines Calvin Grant     6/1/44 6/24/64   PFC US Marine Corps. / WWII flag on grave?
A21-11 Maines Russell Scott     12/31/56 8/19/69   "Rusty"
A21-12 Maines Bruce E.     9/6/16 5/21/88   "Beloved Father" / PFC 8th Army Air Force / WWII
A21-13 Maines Lewis M.     1895 1962   Pvt. Co. K 127th Infantry / WWI
A21-14   Unmarked              
A21-15   Unmarked              
A21-16 Graham Sherman E.     1940 1958    
A21-17 D. G. P.           Footstone only
A21-18 Tobias Medelean M.     1913 1986   wife of Ronald L. Tobias
A21-18 Tobias Ronald L.     1905 1962    
A21-19 Maines Maude Eva     1881 1948    
A21-20 Maines Roy V.     1884 1957    
A21-21 Maines Maude Evelyn     1949 1950    
A22-1 McClincy Betty L.     4/30/21 1/29/97   Wife of Donald McClincy
A22-1 McClincy Donald       12/31/23 10/12/83   WWII flag
A22-2 Snyder Donald Harry     1/12/42 1/22/72   PA Sp. 4 Co. C2 by 12 Cavalry
A22-3 Kolbe Julia       1915 None   Wife of Fred Kolbe
A22-3 Martell Kimberly Ann Leroy Martell Edith 1970 1971    
A22-3 Martell Ronald Wayne Leroy Martell Edith 1964 1970    
A22-4 Martell Gordon       5/31/41 9/9/90   "Leroy"
A22-5 Richards Ariann L.     5/21/87 5/22/95   Our precious little Angel / picture engraved in stone
A22-6 Forcey Edward Mathew     1/28/1958 7/27/2000   Beloved son and brother / Father of Matthew & Christopher / Airplane & Bicycle on stone
A22-6 Kolbe Fred       1908 1974    
A22-7 Records Beulah M.     7/9/29 None   Wife of James E. Records
A22-7 Records James E.     1/7/19 10/21/65   Footstone / PFC HQ Co. 7th Inc. 3rd Division WWII
A23-1 Hunt Darlene M.     1949 1974   In God's loving care
A23-2 English Michael B.     10/6/71 10/27/99   Son and brother / Always in our hearts
A23-3 Haag Ronald Duane III     1963 1965   "Son"
A23-4 Bannister Dale Enfield     1946 1987   "Sam" / His courage, his smiles, his love gladdened our hearts. We had the priviledge of loving him - Trudi A. Haag, Eric D. Haag.
A23-4 Bannister Mary A. Haag Powell   1943 None   Her full name Mary A. Powell Bannister Haag
A23-5 English Blair H.     4/24/27 None   WWII
A23-5 English Twila L.     11/22/29     Wife of Blair H. English
A23-6 Swoope Elmer R.     12/11/1886 9/23/64    
A23-6 Swoope Mary A.     12/27/1893 10/20/81    
A23-7 Graham Hazel   Dine   3/3/09 None   Wife of William J. Graham
A23-7 Graham William J.     4/10/1896 3/27/81    
A23-8 Graham F. Fuller     4/5/21 12/15/90   1st Lt. US Army WWII / Korean Conflict / Donaldson-Molivey Funeral Home
A23-9 Graham Ethel   Fuller   10/31/1888 6/22/65    
A23-9 Graham John B.     6/15/1894 7/6/87   WWI
A24-1 Dixon Cecil A.     1952 1979   "Father"
A24-2 Frankenfield Betty   Bumbarger   2/25/20 6/4/83   Member of the VFW
A24-3 Bumbarger Lori Ann     6/12/71 6/20/71   Infant daughter
A24-4 Bumbarger Margaret A.     7/23/51 None   Wife of Melvin C. Bumbarger
A24-4 Bumbarger Melvin C. Jr.     5/12/49 10/12/87   Picture on stone / Vietnam Vet.
A24-5 Bumbarger Melvin C. Sr.     1921 1971    
A24-6 Wallace Elva M.     1905 1978   Wife of Paul I. Wallace
A24-6 Wallace Paul I.     1903 1997    
A24-7 Maines Frances M.     5/7/31 None    
A24-7 Maines Leroy A.     2/24/20 9/4/89   WWII
A25-1 Dale James Clark     1916 1983    
A25-1 Dale Maxine       1920 1999    
A25-2 English Kathryn L.     8/11/56 7/19/00   Married Oct. 16, 1976
A25-2 English Terry K.     2/5/55 None    
A25-3 English Alta Marie     1911 1980   Married Oct. 5, 1927
A25-3 English James Clyde     1909 1980    
A25-4 McDonald Edward F.     1948 1973   The hours part us but they will bring us together again / Cpl., Marine Corps. Vietnam
A25-5 Manos Doris A. Graham   8/31/23 None    
A25-5 Manos John Gus     1/25/18 10/3/93   Bombardier 8th Airforce WWII


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