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Photographs of Yesterday and Today

The purpose of these pages is to give a more visual history and genealogy of Clearfield County, Pennsylvania. The pages are divided into categories for ease of viewing and downloading quickness.


Rules for Image Submission
  • The photo must be copyright free OR have written permission given to me to post it on this site. If the copyright is owned by you, the submitter, or if permission is being granted, you will be given copyright notice for your image on the web page. And you also have the right to take down the image whenever you want to! 
  • It must have some documentation; i.e. who or what is the photo of. Owner name and address, etc. As much as possible would be nice. Any little stories behind the image would be interesting too!
  • Subject matter should be of significant age, and have originated or have special significance to Clearfield County. Contemporary landmark and event photos are acceptible.
  • If the people or object is undetermined, it will be placed in the Mystery Photo section for identification. Here's your chance to get those images identified!
How to:
  • Email digital photos to Linda J. East. Please include any information about the photograph if possible.
  • To mail image first email me; I do not accept originals or negatives unless by prior arrangement.
  • Please, no photocopies; photographic, postcard or poster type prints.




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