Butler Co., PA


A List of the Towns and Villages of Butler Co., PA

The following is a list of names for villages and towns that have been used in Butler Co. at one time or another, and the current Butler County townships in which they are located. Current Butler Co. Townships are essentially the same as those shown on the 1874 map in the Map Room.

Most of these names are small villages which have never had any legal definition. As such, the location and extent of the area associated with the village name is somewhat nebulous, and you may find various sources using the name with widely varying scopes.

For reference purposes, this list also includes the legally incorporated boroughs of Butler Co., the years in which they were incorporated, and the names of the surrounding townships. (Boroughs are separate political entities and are not part of the townships in which they are located.)

Where a village or borough lies on or near the township line, the names of both townships have often been used.

Where I know that two (or more) names were definitely associated with the same town or village, I have included this information. Where I only suspect that two or more names may refer to the same location, I have chosen to be conservative and have not included that information. Note that many of the 'Village' and 'Village Station'/'Village Junction' pairs are not identical, since, due to grade considerations, the railroad station was often located at some distance from the original village, and a new village would then grow up around the railroad station.

This list is, by the very nature of its subject matter, incomplete. If you'd like to contribute any information, make any corrections, etc., please e-mail us

Adams Corner, Slippery Rock Twp.

Aiken's Corners, Venango Twp.
Annandale, Cherry Twp.
Annandale Station, Marion Twp.

Annisville, Washington Twp.
Argentine, Washington Twp.

Argyle, Fairview Twp.
Armstrong, Slippery Rock Twp.
Atwell's Crossing, Marion Twp.
Baldridge, Penn Twp.
Barnhart's Mills (now Chicora), Donegal Twp

Black Run, Worth Twp.  (water)
Boggs' Mill (now Evans City), Forward/Jackson Twp.
Bonnie Brook, Summit Twp.
Bonus, Allegheny Twp.
Bovard, Cherry Twp.
Boydstown, Oakland Twp.
Boyers, Marion Twp.
Branchton, Slippery Rock/Cherry Twp.

Breakneck, Evans City
Bredinsville, Butler Twp.
Bricker Crossroads, Buffalo/Winfield Twp.
Brinker, Summit Twp.
Brownington, Brady Twp                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Brown's Run, Brady Twp.  (water)
Brownsdale, Penn/Forward Twp.
Bruin (Borough-1901), Parker Twp.
Buena Vista, Fairview Twp.
Buhls Station, Forward Twp.
Butler Junction, Buffalo Twp.
Butler (City-1918, previously Borough-1816), Butler Twp.
Buttercup, Connoquenessing Twp.
Byers Corners, Concord Twp.
Byrom Center, Allegheny Twp.
Cabot, Winfield Twp.

Caledonia, Clay Twp.
Callery (Borough-1905), Adams Twp.
Carbon Black, Winfield Twp.
Carbon Center, Summit Twp.
Carr, Forward Twp.
Carter, Mercer Twp.
Centreville (now Slippery Rock), Slippery Rock Twp.
Cherry Valley (Borough-1909), Venango Twp.
Chicora (Borough-1855), Donegal Twp.
Christleys Mills, Slippery Rock Twp.
Claytonia, Clay Twp.
Clinton, Clinton Twp.
Coal Hollow, Buffalo Twp.
Coaltown, Cherry Twp.
Connoquenessing (Borough-1848), Connoquenessing/Forward Twp.
Cooperstown, Middlesex Twp.
Coultersville, Clay Twp
Coyle, Jefferson Twp.
Coyleville, Clearfield Twp.
Criders Corners, Cranberry Twp.
Critchlow City, Penn Twp.
Cunningham, Clinton Twp.
Currys Mill, Slippery Rock Twp.

Cushcushking, Slippery Rock Twp.
Danville, Donegal Twp
Daughertys Mills, Slippery Rock Twp.
Deegan, Marion/Venango Twp.
Delano, Winfield Twp.
Delano Station, Winfield Twp.
Denny Mills, Winfield Twp.
DeSale, Venango Twp.
Double Sale, Winfield Twp.
Downieville, Adams Twp.
East Butler (Borough-1927), Summit Twp.
Eau Claire (Borough-1900), Venango Twp.
Eidenau, Jackson Twp.
Ekastown, Buffalo Twp.
Eldorado, Parker Twp.
Elmbud, Worth Twp.
Elora, Brady Twp.
Elmsworth, Venango Twp.
Etna Mills (now Daugherty's Mills), Slippery Rock Twp.
Euclid, Clay Twp.
Evans City (Borough-1882), Forward/Jackson Twp.
Evansboro (now Evans City), Forward/Jackson Twp.
Evansburg (now Evans City), Forward/Jackson Twp.
Evensborough (now Evans City), Forward/Jackson Twp.
Fairmount Station, Fairview Twp.
Fairview (Borough-1867), Fairview Twp.
Farmington (now Eau Claire), Venango Twp.
Fenelton, Clearfield Twp.

Ferguson, Butler Twp.
Fernway, Cranberry Twp.
Ferris, Venango Tpw.
Fisher Heights, Center Twp.
Five Points, Cherry Twp.
Fleeger, Venango Twp.
Flick, Clinton Twp.
Forcht, Summit Twp.
Forest, Brady Twp
Forestville, Mercer Twp.
Frazier Mill, Jefferson Twp.
Gilmoreville, ???
Ginger Hill (now Slippery Rock), Slippery Rock Twp.
Glade Mills, Middlesex Twp.
Glen Eden, Cranberry Twp.
Golden City, Jefferson Twp.
Gomersal, Cherry Twp
Gomersall, Cherry Twp.
Goshen, (now Greece City) Concord Twp.
Great Belt, Jefferson Twp.
Greece City, Concord Twp.
Greenwood Village, Butler Twp.
Greer, Donegal Twp.
Hallston, Brady Twp.
Hannahstown, Jefferson Twp.
Harmony Junction, Jackson Twp.
Harmony [Harmonie] (Borough-1838), Jackson Twp.
Harrisville Station, Mercer Twp.
Harrisville (Borough-1846), Mercer Twp.
Hays Mill, Adams Twp.
Haysville, Fairview Twp.
Hendersonville, Cranberrry Twp.
Herman, Summit Twp.
Hibernia, Center Twp.
Hickory Corner, Franklin Twp.
Hickory Mills, Slippery Rock Twp
Higgins Corner, Venango Twp.
Highfield, Butler Twp.
Hilldale, Concord Twp.
Hilliards, Washington Twp.
Holyoke, Center Twp.
Homeacre, Butler Twp.
Hooker, Concord Twp.
Houseville, Clinton Twp.
Isle, Brady/Franklin Twp.
Ivywood, Clinton Twp.
Jacksville, Worth Twp.
Jamisonville, Center Twp.
Jefferson Center, Jefferson Twp.
Karns City (Borough-1875), Fairview Twp.
Keenan, Venango Twp.
Keisters, Slippery Rock Twp. -- This name is associated with 2 locations in this township.
Kepples Corners, Fairview Twp.
Kepples, Buffalo Twp.
Knox Chapel, Winfield Twp.
Kohlmeyer Corner, Venango Twp.
Laneville, Buffalo Twp.
Lardintown, Clinton Twp.
Leasureville, Winfield Twp.
Leota, Jefferson Twp.
Lernerville, Buffalo Twp.
Lucasville Station, Clearfield Twp.
Luling, Penn Twp.
Lyndora, Butler Twp.
Maharg, Penn Twp.
Maple Furnace, Allegheny Twp.
Mars (Borough-1882), Adams Twp.
Marshall, Adams Twp.
Martinsburg (now Bruin), Parker Twp.
Marwood, Winfield Twp.
McBride Station, Penn Twp.
McBride, Penn Twp.
McCalmont, Penn Twp.
McCandless, Clay Twp
McFann, Middlesex Twp.
McKee Sch, Butler Twp.
McKnight, ????
Mechanicsburg (now Jacksville), Worth Twp.
Meharg, Penn Twp.
Melissadale, Winfield Twp.
Memphis, Brady Twp
Meridian, Butler Twp.
Middle Lancaster, Lancaster Twp.
Middleton, Concord Twp.
Millerstown (now Chicora), Donegal Twp.
Modoc City, Concord Twp.
Moniteau, Cherry Twp.
Monroe Station, Buffalo Twp.
Monroeville, Buffalo Twp.
Moores Corners, Worth Twp.
Mt. Chestnut Springs, Connoquenessing Twp.
Mt. Chestnut, Franklin/Connoquenessing Twp.
Mt. Etna Furnace, Slippery Rock Twp.
Muddy Creek, Clay Twp.
Murrinsville, Marion Twp.
Myoma, Adams Twp.
Nealeys, Worth Twp.
New Hope Mills (now Currys Mills), Slippery Rock Twp.
Nolf Corners, Buffalo Twp.
North Hope, (now North Washington), Washington Twp.
North Liberty, Washington Twp.
North Oakland Station, Donegal Twp.
North Oakland, Oakland Twp.
Northvue, Center Twp.
Odell, Butler Twp.
Oneida Valley, Summit/Butler Twp.
Ogle, Cranberry Twp.
Oildom, Connoquenessing Twp.
Old Stone House, Brady Twp.
Overbrook (now Mars), Adams Twp.
Parkdale, Venango Twp.
Parsonville, Washington Twp.
Peaceful Valley, Washington Twp.
Petersburgh, Connoquenessing Twp.
Petersville, Connoquenessing Twp.
Petersville (now Connoquenessing), Connoquenessing/Forward Twp.
Petrolia (Borough-1873), Fairview Twp.
Phillips City, Penn Twp.
Pinafore, Adams Twp.
Plano, Muddycreek Twp.
Plummer, Donegal Twp
Portersville (Borough-1844), Muddy Creek Twp.
Prospect (Borough-1846), Franklin Twp.
Pughtown, Clinton Twp.
Queen Junction, Clay Twp.
Ramsdale, Jackson Twp.
Rattigan, Donegal Twp.
Redmond, Slippery Rock Twp.
Renfrew, Penn Twp.
Ribold, Forward Twp.
Rich Hill, Cranberry Twp.
Riddles Roads, Clinton Twp.
Riddles Crossroads, Clinton Twp.
Robb, Center Twp.
Rockdale, Penn Twp.
Roughrun, Winfield Twp.
Roy, Venango Twp.
Sandy Lick, Buffalo Twp.
Sandy Point, Allegheny Twp.
Sarver, Buffalo Twp.
Sarver's Station, Buffalo Twp.
Sarverville, Buffalo Twp.
Saxon City, Winfield Twp.
Saxon Station, Winfield Twp.
Saxonburg, Jefferson Twp.
Schuster Heights, Buffalo Twp.
Sedgewicks Mill, Allegheny Twp.
Shanor Heights, Center Twp.
Shep, ????
Sherman, Clay Twp.
Silverville, Buffalo Twp.
Six Points, Allegheny Twp.

Spidertown, Middlesex Twp.
Slippery Rock (Borough-1841), Slippery Rock Twp.
St. Joe Station, Oakland Twp.
St. Joe, Donegal Twp.
Soppitt, Venango Twp.
Stamford, Muddycreek Twp.
Strables Corners, Middlesex Twp.
Templeton, Adams Twp.
Thielman Crossroads, Adams Twp.
Thorn Station, Clay/Concord Twp.
Timberly Heights, Center Twp.
Trail, Adams Twp.
Troutman Station, Concord Twp.
Unango, Marion Twp.
Unionville, Center Twp.
Unionville (now Leasureville), Winfield Twp.
Utena, Cherry Twp.
Valencia (Borough-1897), Adams Twp.
Vogleyville, Summit Twp.
Wadsworth, Summit Twp.
Wahlville, Forward Twp.
Walley, Buffalo Twp.
Walley Mill, Parker Twp.
Watters, Forward Twp.
West Liberty (Borough-1903), Brady Twp.
West Saxonburg, Jefferson Twp.
West Sunbury (Borough-1866), Clay Twp.
Whiskerville, Washington Twp.
White Church, Butler Twp.
White Oak Spring, Mercer Twp
Whitestown, Connoquenessing Twp.
Wick, Slippery Rock Twp.
Willie Roy, Muddycreek Twp.
Wimerton, Muddycreek Twp.
Windward Heights, Center Twp.
Winfield Furnace, Winfield Twp.
Winfield Junction, Buffalo Twp./S. Buffalo, Armstrong Co.
Woodbine, Oakland Twp.
Zelienople (Borough-1840), Jackson Twp.
Zenith Mines, Center Twp.
Zeno, Forward Twp.

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