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Coroner's List, 1902


List of deaths, the coroner was called to investigate during 1902, taken from a list printed in the Altoona Mirror on Tuesday, December 30, 1902.


ABERNATHY, Robert Nov. 21, fell down steps at court house
AENECKER, Albert Dec. 30, fatally injured in No. 1 roundhouse on Dec. 27
ANDERSON, William Oct. 11, pneumonia
ANDREW, Jacob July 8, fell off box car near GD office


BARCLAY, Lottie Oct. 15, suicide by laudanum at Bellwood
BARTLEBAUGH, J. B. Sept. 22, killed by cars at Red bridge
BECHER, William Jan. 20, pneumonia
BEIGHLE, Ella Miss Jan. 16, paralysis
BELLER, Albert March 20, fatally injured near Lilly
BOLKIS, Laszle July 20, jumped or fell off day express at Elizabeth Furnace
BOOKS, William H. Jan. 22, squeezed to death in No. 1 roundhouse
BOYLES, James S. Aug. 26, fell in front of trolley company dirt car at stone quarry near Greenwood
BURNS, William Dec. 26, heart disease
BUTLER, John Dec. 7, killed by train No. 10 at Bennington


CALDWELL, W. T. May 18, Hollidaysburg, natural causes
CARPENTER, Augustus Aug. 30, struck by lightning at Elizabeth Furnace
CAVALIERE, Lugi May 3, peritonitis
CAVILERO, Antonio Sept. 11, killed at Tyrone by train No. 25
CLAPPER, Ira Jan. 1, fell from a train near Ninth St.
CLARK, Robert April 2, colored, Bellwood, killed on railroad by train No. 33
CLAYTON, Calvin March 12, killed near Red Bridge
CLAYTON, William March 12, killed near Red Bridge
COLDONATO, Luigi Aug. 13, bowel trouble
COMONA, Jurcona June 4, pneumonia
COONEY, T. W. Feb. 14, killed in wreck at Allegrippus
CRONE, William Nov. 27, neuralgia of heart


DAVIS, Charles C. June 11, Mahaffey, killed in wreck of dirt cars at classification yard
DEARMENT, Mary A. Mrs. April 3, heart failure
DELOZIER, Amos Sept. 14, heart failure
DISABRATO, Tonia Aug. 12, inanition
DOUKLE, Peter Sept. 10, acute indigestion
DUNERVISH, Eron Dec. 27, fatally shot in fight on New Portage work


ECKERT, William Sept. 23, killed on railroad near Tipton
ELDER, H. G. April 23, Tyrone, killed by falling safe at Tyrone


FARRELL, Christian Sept. 3, Kittanning Point, apoplexy
FRANCISCO, Arno June 2, pneumonia
FRAZIER, Morris P. July 25, fatally injured on railroad on July 21
FRENCH, Lillian Mrs. Aug. 28, typhoid fever
FURL, Frank F. April 29, explosion of engine at Kittanning Point


GALLAGHER, James Sept. 22, Bright's disease
GEHL, Ambrose J. Nov. 5, shot at dance at Mrs. Rachel Brode's
GLASGOW, Jacob March 20, Bellwood, strangled in machine of saw mill
GLASSER, Dennis Sept. 26, typhoid fever
GOOD, Chas. Nov. 11, lockjaw
GORE, Samuel Feb. 14, killed in wreck at Allegrippus
GREEN, Luella M. Mrs. Nov. 29, shock due to operation
GROVER, Isaac March 30, Bellwood, died from injuries received in accident which killed George McCracken


HAINES, Samuel April 17, killed in yard near Fourth St.
HARPSTER, Samuel Oct. 31, run down by engine in yard at Eighth St.
HARTZ, William Jan. 6, run over by freight train near Three Culverts
HELLER, John A. Aug. 17, cerebra abscess
HENEGHMAN, John Aug. 2, killed riding an empty car at Bennington slope
HEROLD, Conrad March 30, peritonitis
HERR, Jacob Dec. 2, fell from crane in erecting shop
HOLLIDAY, William V. Dec. 3, heart disease
HOUCK, W. J. Sept. 12, squeezed between fenders in Stratton's yard
HOUP, Earl June 15, Hollidaysburg, drowned in ore hole at Ant Hill
HOY, Howard P. Dec. 14, killed in railroad yard


INFANT, child Aug. 2, buried by poor parents


JOHNSON, Charles A. Dec. 23, run down by dirt cars in classification yard
JONES, J. E. Nov. 22, fatally injured by explosion in coal mine at Saxton, PA


KASH, Charles July 1, Bellwood, burned by kerosene at classification yard
KIPPLE, Grace March 3, Blair Furnace, hemorrhage of brain
KOBLE, Charles July 7, Tyrone, struck by freight train at Tyrone
KRUISE, Eva Mrs. Nov. 29, salpine ophorectoy
KUNSMAN, Abraham L. Nov. 7, killed by train at Bennington
KURTZ, Michael Oct. 26, fell from house roof


LANELIS, Sallie Mrs. Oct. 9, complication of diseases
LARATO, Frank Oct. 17, fell off rock at Clover Creek
LARMODO, Mike July 20, erysipelas
LEE, William March 23, killed on railroad near Allegrippus
LINDNER, John March 4, asphyxiated in watch box at Middle division roundhouse
LINKER, D. H. April 26, brain fever, probably caused by blow on back of neck
LOCKER, Sherley May 24, peritonitis, due to bullet accidentally discharged into body by Jacob Plowden
LUCKETT, Chrysoston J. July 7, crushed between cabin car and steel car at ST tower
LUTHER, Paul V. Nov. 29, inanition
LYON, John T. Feb. 21, heart failure, super induced by alcoholism & exposure


MAHONEY, J. D. Aug. 1, Juniata, natural causes
MARCHIONE, Peter Aug. 9, killed by train No. 19, at Elizabeth Furnace
MARELLI, Vingengo Jan. 14, instantly killed by engine near Blair Furnace
MARSHMAN, Jessie Sept. 29, fatally injured by cars near Red Bridge
MATTS, Frank Jan. 10, gangrene of intestines
MCCAULEY, William Dec. 26, knocked over embankment by passenger train at Lloydsville
MCCOLTON, Samuel Nov. 15, senility
MCCRACKEN, George March 24, Bellwood, killed on railroad by hand car being thrown off track by bar
MCDERMOTT, Francis C. June 13, apoplexy
MCDONOUGH, Patrick Jan. 15, frozen to death at Elizabeth Furnace
MCFARLAND, John Feb. 22, cancer of the stomach
MCGATHAN, Ethel Miss April 9, gastritis
MCGRADY, Dell May 11, killed on the railroad near Cresson, falling between cars
MCKERNAN, William June 27, pneumonia
MCPHERRAN, Samuel Nov. 12, shock and exhaustion due to amputation made necessary by gunshot wound
MCSIRK, W. S. Oct. 6, killed by cars near Hollidaysburg
MENTZER, Curtis May 7, diseased glands
MITCHELL, J. B. Jan. 15, instantly killed in yard at Ninth St.
MOMER, James Dec. 26, run down by engine and cabin car in railroad yard


NAGLE, Thomas Dec. 26, run down by engine and cabin car in railroad yard
NEWHOUSER, Catherine Mrs. June 10, Juniata Gap, heart disease
NICODEMUS, Levi April 4, suicide by opium poisoning


OLINSMAN, John May 17, hanged himself in city prison


PALMER, Carrie Mrs. Jan. 13, blood poisoning
PALUSZEK, Martin Aug. 23, Graizerville, killed by train
PARKS, Cleveland July 3, Pinecroft, fell from dinky engine at classification yard
PATTERSON, Samuel Nov. 21, cancer
PATTON, John Oct. 1, killed by cars at Bennington
PELLEGRINO, Angelia Dec. 19, caught under car on New Portage work
PENN, William Aug. 3, pneumonia
POLUSS, Matt May 4, run down by car in yard near W. N.
PRETUSACK, Peter Sept. 12, killed by draft of cars at classification yard
PRINGLE, Daniel J. Nov. 24, fatally injured by explosion on engine
QUERTON, Job June 25, crushed between trestle post and stone at classification yard


RABOLD, William G. Aug. 29, neck broken by bar in machine shop
REILLY, John B. Nov. 16, jolted from box car and run over by cabin
REYNOLDS, Richard Sept. 11, killed by fall from train at Horseshoe Curve
RICHARDS, Harry C. May 24, instantly killed by draft of cars in the yard
RILEY, Mary C. Mrs. May 25, chronic nephritis
ROCCO, Frank Oct. 10, killed by train No. 20, near Allegrippus tower
ROYER, Martin Oct. 22, overdose of laudanum


SATEK, Mike Sept. 1, shock due to operation at hospital
SCOMULIO, Joanna July 6, tubercular peritonitis
SEABOULT, David July 19, killed by train near Red Bridge
SERAPHER, Joseph July 19, fatally injured by engine near Red Bridge
SHAFFER, L. E. March 6, jolted from train near Bennington Curve
SHAFFER, Lester Nov. 15, fatally burned while playing with fire
SHULTZ, George W. Dec. 19, fatally squeezed by cars at Logan Valley power house
SMITH, Adam Jan. 30, heart trouble
SMITH, George May 15, instantly killed by being jolted from cabin, which was struck by a freight train in yard
SMITH, Ira Oct. 21, operation at hospital
SMITH, W. J. Oct. 13, killed by fall from new tank in shop yard
SMITH, William Aug. 26, pneumonia
SOSOCK, Michael July 5, pneumonia
STAHL, John March 9, squeezed between crane and side of erecting shop
STALEY, Laura Mrs. Nov. 11, appendicitis
STAXTON, George June 6, pneumonia
STEFANO, Chincanna Nov. 4, crushed by dirt car on New Portage work
STETLER, Charles July 18, Tyrone, struck by train No. 11 at Tyrone
STOUFFER, Charles B. May 7, peritonitis, super induced by burns received by explosion of gas


TATE, Mabel C. April 23, complications after an operation
TEMPLE, Elsie Aug. 10, marasmus
TUSSEY, Hugh C. Aug. 28, drowned in Three Mile Dam
TYLER, Mary J. Jan. 29, spasms


UNKNOWN, German May 22, killed on railroad near Kittaning Point
UNKNOWN, male infant, March 23, found dead in box
UNKNOWN, man July 21, found on Newry ridge, near Hollidaysburg
UNKNOWN, man July 28, killed by draft of cars at Tyrone
UNKNOWN, man Sept. 14, killed on railroad near Bellwood
UPDYKE, Adam Sept. 10, killed in yard at Fifth street


VAUGHN, William Jan. 3, Bennington, palpitation of heart


WAITE, George W. July 14, Williamsburg, killed by fall of rock at Carlim
WALTZ, Henry Nov. 20, run down by engine at Cresson
WATSON, Robert B. Feb. 7, fell from train at WN tower
WATSON, Thomas E. Oct. 13, struck on head by scaffold at new power plant in shop yard
WEIGHT, George Sept. 2, peritonitis
WELDON, Edward March 5, pneumonia
WERTNER, Vincent W. Feb. 14, killed in wreck at Allegrippus
WICKES, Nicholas June 24, meningitis
WILLIAMS, David Dec. 10, fatally injured by engine near Lilly


YOUNG, Abram Oct. 28, heart failure
YOUNG, C. B. Sept. 30, killed by cars at Tyrone


ZEIEDER, Michael Nov. 26, squeezed between dinky and car on New Portage work
ZERILLO, Guiseppe Jan. 18, fatally injured in yard at Seventh St.


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