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Coroner's List, 1901


Taken from the Altoona Mirror Tuesday, December 31, 1901 The year 1901 was a busy one for Coroner T. C. McCartney. While but few inquests were held - fewer than for many years past - yet a large number of sudden deaths from accident and otherwise occurred, necessitating an official investigation. The list of suicides is larger than usual - double that of last year, in fact. Below will be found a complete list of the inquests and investigations, obtained from the coroner's official copy.


ATTIG, Leonard O. November 10, Altoona, jolted off freight train in Portage tunnel.
AYERS, Samuel T. August 10, of Altoona, jolted off box car east of Fourth Street and run over in Altoona yard.


BAIN, Jennie Mrs. April 14, died at hospital, peritonitis.
BERNASKA, Frank July 11, of Glen White, wounded in a fight with three miners.
BERNHEIMER, C. J. July 24, Altoona, crushed between cars.
BOYER, Irene May 28, Bellwood, suicided by drowning in Lother's mill dam, Bellwood.
BRODERICK, Joseph E. December 14, injured in yard while making chain coupling.
BURK, Child December 7, burned to death in Juniata Gap.
BURK, Child December 7, burned to death in Juniata Gap.
BURK, Child December 7, burned to death in Juniata Gap.
BURK, Child December 7, burned to death in Juniata Gap.
BURK, Mary C. Mrs. December 7, burned to death in Juniata Gap with her 4 children.
BUSH, Margaret A. October 15, Altoona, run down by P. R. R. hose carriage.


CALLAN, John August 21, Altoona, died at hospital; typhoid fever.
CAMPBELL, Child February 19, child of Nancy Campbell, Hollidaysburg, premature birth.
CARTER, Jacob L. January 1, Altoona, heart failure.
CENCE, Ida Mrs. October 30, Altoona, died at hospital of typhoid fever.
CLARK, Demetrius J. December 24, Altoona, burned to death.
COLLINS, Timothy March 21, Altoona, apoplexy.
CONDON, J. Frank April 25, Altoona, suicided by shooting himself.
COX, Thos. June 5, Altoona, killed by train at Allegheny Furnace.
CREE, C. E. February 18, Tyrone, caught between cars.
CRISTE, James September 16, Altoona, apoplexy.


DAVIS, John D. June 20, Altoona, infant, smothered.
DEBELLA, R. Mrs. August 29, Altoona, killed by train, one mile west of Tipton.
DELANEY, William January 22, died at hospital of tuberculosis.
DEWL, Albert October 12, Canoe Creek, died at hospital, typhoid fever.
DILL, John December 18, Carlim, drowned in Juniata river after fight with 2 Polanders.
DONOVAN, John February 16, Hollidaysburg, killed by cars above P. R. R. depot, Hollidaysburg.
DUNN, Joseph January 30, Altoona, died of heart disease.


EARLEY, John May 22, of Altoona, jolted off engine one-half mile west of Allegrippus tower, and killed by Pacific express.


FARNSWORTH, Theo. September 25, of Bellwood, killed by bursting of emory wheel.
FLAUGH, Francis December 3, near Freedom, heart failure.
FLEMMING, J. B. April 18, died at hospital of perforation of the bowels.


G___?, Martin January 2, Glen White, fall of coal after explosion.
GILL, Guy March 8, died at hospital from injuries received by falling from wagon on Kettle road.
GORMAN, John Mrs. November 5, of Altoona, Christian Scientist, refused medical aid and died of typhoid fever.
GWIN, Maxwell June 1, Altoona, apoplexy.


HANSON, John April 11, Altoona, injured in yard near 'GD'.

HART, John O. April 8, Altoona, epileptic fit.
HASKINS, A. P. January 7, suicide, at Engle Hotel, dose of cyanide of potassium.
HERR, Owen May 11, Altoona, fell from crane frame in shop yard.
HIGGINS, ? June 16, hurt on railroad below Tyrone.
HOWARD, Edward M. January 31, of Altoona, caught in a wreck on the mountain.
HUNTER, Daniel H. February 24, Honestown, killed by Harrisburg coal train at Tyrone water plug.
HUTCHINS, Chas. May 25, Altoona, abscess on lungs.


IMLER, Ransom November 19, died at hospital; typhoid fever.


KARCHAR, George March 16, Altoona, suicided by hanging himself in his stable.


KEISER, David C. September 9, died at hospital; injured at Mill Creek.
KRONSEDER, Frank X. May 2, Altoona, suicided by shooting himself.


LANGHAM, Millard July 23, of Duncansville, killed by special train at Y switches.
LANGHAM, Sarah L. July 23, of Duncansville, killed by special train at Y switches.
LANTZER, Henry June 14, Williamsburg, natural causes.
LONG, William July 30, Fairview, excessive heat.


MALLOY, Thos. November 19, Altoona, ruptured blood vessel.
MARKS, Robert July 13, Hollidaysburg, killed by freight at Duncansville.
MARKS, D. L. August 30, Altoona, struck by lightning at golf links.
MCCORMICK, Alexander September 28, Altoona, chronic diarrhea.
MCCOY, James October 30, Altoona, killed by falling off east approach to Ninth street bridge.
MCHUGH, Dennis July 8, Altoona, natural causes.
MCKINNEY, D. A. October 22, Altoona, killed at McGarvey's by train.

MCLEAN, Alexander August 28, Altoona, struck by passenger train at Blair Furnace.
MILLER, Orin C. August 22, Altoona, killed by limited at Elizabeth Furnace.
MILLER, Edward L. January 5, of Altoona, shot by Constable Northcraft, Johnstown.
MILLER, Joseph G. April 24, Juniata, heart failure.
MULHOLLEN, W. C. December 24, killed on the mountain.
MUSARD, Michael January 9, died at hospital of injuries received at McGarvey's station.


NEYLON, Andrew F. January 18, died of heart disease at Red Lion hotel.


O'BRIEN, Nora Mrs. March 17, died at hospital of pulmonary congestion.


PALACASTRA, G. November 19, Altoona, injured by train at Blair Furnace.
PARSONS, Carrie Mrs. September 6, Altoona, died at hospital; complication of diseases.
PENLOW, Nellie August 21, Duncansville, suicided by drowning in a cistern at Duncansville.


REESE, Geo. W. November 15, Altoona, paralysis.
REIGHARD, Geo. L. July 21, Altoona, infant inanition.
REYNOLDS, Ralph L. August 10, Tyrone, killed by freight train.
ROBINSON, Harry Mrs. June 21, Altoona, died at hospital of burn from gasoline stove.
RUTTENBURG, Sarah July 27, Altoona, died at hospital; peritonitis.
RUTTER, Infant November 23, infant of J. Cameron Rutter, Altoona, convulsions.


SHARRON, James August 28, struck by pole on Logan Valley tracks, near Llyswen.
SHERRON, J. W. June 26, Altoona, caught under wreck at Fourth St.
SHOFF, Walter J. January 12, Altoona, struck by open car door at Twenty-fourth street.
SKANDER, Michael July 5, Altoona, heart failure.
SMITH, Albert M. May 3, Altoona, crushed in No. 1 roundhouse.
SMITH, George December 20, Worcester, Mass., died at hospital; pleuro-pneumonia and peritonitis.
SMITH, Edward L. January 28, Altoona, suicided by shooting himself.
STROH, George January 13, died at hospital of intestinal obstruction.


TAYLOR, James A. October 13, Altoona, skeleton found in mountains.
THOMPSON, Eleanor February 5, Collinsville, died of marasmus.
TOBINA, Antonio September 21, run down by car near 'GD' office.
TREESE, Daniel February 16, McKee's Gap, killed by fall of clay.


UNKNOWN, Infant May 19, found in sewer, premature birth.
UNKNOWN, Man January 2, found dead in Samuel Shimer's barn, North Woodbury township, hemorrhages of lungs.


VANSCOYOC, Aaron July 30, Tyrone, natural causes.


WAITE, Miller Mrs. August 26, Tyrone, suicided by taking rat poison.
WARD, John B. October 25, Graizerville, killed by fall of sand and rock.
WARD, John April 6, died at hospital of pyemia.
WEIGHT, George C. March 27, of Altoona, caught between cars at Blair Furnace repair tracks.
WILLIAMS, Elmer August 26, Altoona, killed in 'dog hole' of freight shop.
WILSON, John M. November 16, Altoona, drowned in bath tub.
WOODRING, Celia July 5, Altoona, suicided by dose of laudanum and carbolic acid.
WRIGHT, Thomas November 6, Altoona, died at hospital; stomach trouble.
WYLAND, Chas. December 2, Altoona, died at hospital; peritonitis.


ZIBORO, Michael June 4, Tyrone, killed by passenger train.
ZIMMERMAN, O. F. May 30, Williamsburg, killed by freight at Franklin Forge.


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