St. John's Church Cemetery - Kutztown

Kutztown Patriot, Kutztown, PA

May 20, 1926

Work of Beautifying This Place of The Dead Alongside St. Johnís Church To Require Over $3,000

The committee appointed for the improvement of the graveyard adjoining St. Johnís Church, this borough is making progress in its duties, a list of the names of all the persons whose bodies are interred on that burial ground having been compiled and an appeal is being made to all the relatives of these people and all other public-spirited folks to give financial support to this commendable movement because it will require between $3,000 and $3,500 to carry out the present plans. All the tombstone will be set in rows, the bases set in concrete and the foot stones removed. The plans include a new fence, to be erected along the Walnut Street side, and such other changed effected as will make this old place of the dead a spot to which the members of both congregations of St. Johnís Church and the citizens of this borough and vicinity may point with pride. The names of the persons whose bodies are buried there, the figures indicating the number of tombstones in all cases in which there is more than one, are as follows: