Zeller Burials at Salem Reformed Church, formerly called Millersburg

Salem Reformed Church was formerly called Millersburg as it was founded by Michael Miller in 1814. The town later changed its name to Bethel.

Maria Zeller, w/o Jonathan -b 8-15-1799/ d 4-28-1861

Jonathan Zeller, h/o Maria -b 10-22-1799/ d 9-11-1876

John Zeller -b 12-29-1827/ d 9-17-1901

Elizabeth Zeller, w/o John-b 3-5-1830/d 3-7-1907

Sara Jane Zeller, d/o John & Eliz., b- 10-17-1861/ d 3-2-1877

William Zeller b- 1-22-1828/ d 7-10-1882

Eliza Zeller, (nee Noll), w/o William b- 4-3-1821/d- 8-11-1894

Isaac Zeller b- 1-7-1855/d 6-4-1875

Jonathan Zeller b- 5-3-1833/d- 5-13-1914

Mary M. Zeller , w/o Jonathan b- 9-8-1837/d- 6-23-1897

Michael Zeller b- 1860/d- 1936

Susan Zeller b- 1870/d- 1952

Jacob P. Zeller b- 4-22-1848/d- 7-26-1931

Telilah Zeller (nee Clemens) b- 4-29-1852/d- 4-16-1928

Children of Jacob & Telilah Zeller

Mamie R. Zeller - died 2-9-1912, aged 23y 11m 12 d

Lottie R. Zeller died 10-18, 1907 14y 11m 21d

Elsie M. Zeller died 12-31-1906 14y 2m 4d

Infant Son born and died 8-16-1887

Lillie I. Zeller died 12-20-1880 1y 5m 9d

Alice S. Zeller died 1-24-1888 144 4m 12d

Daisy Zeller b- 11-23-1892 died 1-25-1894

Aaron Zeller b- 8-8-1823/d- 10-9-1901

Rebecca Zeller (nee Peiffer) w/o Aaron b- 12-14-1825/d 2-19-1902

Clinton J. Zeller b- 1872/d-1954

Thomas D. Zeller b- 12-15-1872/d 5-27-1927

Kate E. (nee Miller) Zeller w/o Thomas b- 2-4-1871/d 6-27-1945

Maggie I. Zeller d/o Tom & Kate b- 5-28-1891/ 4-25-1944

John I. Zeller b- 5-26-1893

Sallie M. Zeller b- 11-27-1895/d 2-14-1961

Guy H. Zeller b- 7-19-1926/d- 6-11-1961

T. Marie Zeller - b- 3-28-1932

Clifford C. Zeller b- 9-1-1932/d- 8-18-1934

Janet Louise Zeller b- 1-18-1871/ died 1962

Ellen Zeller, w/o Frank b- 12-29-1871/ d 1-6-1938

Bessie Zeller ,d/o Frank & Ellen, b- 2-23-1897/d- 5-13-1915

Charles Zeller ,s/o Frank & Ellen, b- 2-19-1908/d- 3-26-1934

Mamie C. Zeller (nee Strauss) b- 9-27-1898/d- 11-11-1923

Catharina (nee Zeller) w/o Michael Miller b- 6-3-1911/d- 7-30-1849 and was d/o Benjamin Zeller

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