Burials at St. Joseph's (Hill) Cemetery, Boyertown, PA

Partial list of burials at St. Joseph's (Hill) Cemetery, Boyertown
Name Born Died Age Submitted by
Mathias, David M.** Jan 19, 1833 Dec 2, 1911 78 yrs, 10 mo, 13 d.
newer tombstone
Mathias, Catharina** Mar 29, 1839 Nov 13, 1886 47 yrs, 5 mo, 14 d.
newer tombstone
Mathias, Hannah Jane** June 2, 1860 January 26, 1942   Betty
Diliplane, Davis M.** Oct. 25, 1885 Dec. 19, 1898 Son of Irvin C. & Mary Diliplane Betty

** The tombstones of David M. and Catharina Mathias were found at an antique store in Downingtown, PA c. June 2006 by David, one of the submitters. Around 1942, the original tombstones of David M. Mathias, Catharina Mathias, Hannah Mathias (their daughter) and Davis Diliplane (their grandson) were removed and replaced by a newer tombstone. Two tombstones were sold to Utterly Beloved Productions for use in the movie, "Beloved," which was filmed in Philadelphia some years ago. It is unclear which tombstones were actually sold to Utterly Beloved Productions. The original tombstone of Davis M. Diliplane is on a farm in Earl township.

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