Burials at Breidenstine Cemetery, Cumru Twp., PA

This cemetery is located on Route 122 in Cumru Township. It is south of the Isaac Eberly estate.

The cemetery contains several brown sandstones that are not legible.

Burials at Breidenstine Cemetery, Cumru Twp., PA
Name Born Died Notes
Breidenstein, Catharina (nee Bixler) Aug 27, 1785 June 16, 1854 Here rests Catharina Breidenstein; aged 68y,9m,20d; born Bixler; wife of Christian Breidenstein
Breidenstein, Christian Feb 2, 1771 Aug 27, 1828 Here rests the body of Christian Breidenstein; aged 57y,6m,23d
Breidenstein, Christian Aug 12, 1744 June 9, 1824 aged 79y,9m,29d; lived in marriage 35y,9m,14d; 2 sons, 4 daughters
Breidenstein, Rosina (nee Mesener) March 29, 1747 20th ---, 1802 Here rests Rosina Breidenstein; aged 75 years (under ground); born Mesener; wife of Christian Breidenstein
Breitenstein, Johannes May 26, 1842 Feb 6, 1862 Here rests Johannes Breitenstein; aged 19y,8m,11d; son of Philip and Hannah Breitenstein
Bridenstine, Hannah (nee Lebo) April 7, 1818 Feb 21, 1889 aged 70y,10m,14d; wife of Philip Bridenstine, born Lebo
Bridenstine, Philip Feb 15, 1819 Jan 18, 1892 aged 72y,11m3d
Klingellurger, Belinda Ann June 25, 1844 Jan 13, 1847 In memory of; aged 2y,6m,21d; daughter of Peter and Mary Klingellurger; born and died in Cumru Township, Penn

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