Burials at the Newer Cemetery Altalaha, Rehrersburg, Berks County, PA

Following is a list of burials at Altalaha's new cemetery, on hill north of church. For a list of burials in the older cemetery see the list of burials at the older cemetery.

Submitted by
Mary Alice Berger
Kathy Jo Berger

Partial list of burials at the newer cemetery at Altalaha, Rehrersburg, PA
Name Inscription Observations
Adams, Junior I. Junior J. Adams Sept. 4, 1929 Feb. 2, 1992 Country Gentleman Parents of Donald, Dennis, Noel, Bonita, Robert, Kathy, Kevin, Darryl, John Shares base with Sallie M. (Wenrich) Adams
Adams, Sallie M. (Wenrich) Sallie M. (Wenrich) Adams Oct. 13, 1931 Shares base with Junior J. Adams
Anspach, Amelia (Snyder) Amelia Anspach nee Snyder June 21, 1858 Feb. 13, 1925 Shares marker with John Anspach
Anspach, Amelia E. Ameila E. Anspach Dec. 20, 1856 Aug. 18, 1929  
Anspach, Clara S. (Hottenstein) Anspach Clara S. nee Hottenstein 1881 1961 Shares marker with William S. Anspach
Anspach, Clarence J. Son Clarence J. Anspach 1903 1971  
Anspach, Davilla Davilla Anspach Aug. 9, 1844 July 8, 1924  
Anspach, Emma E. (Matthew) Anspach Emma E. nee Matthew Sept. 14, 1851 Oct. 19, 1933 Shares marker with Nathaniel Anspach
Anspach, Ezra J. Ezra J. Anspach 1850 1935 Shares marker with Kate Anspach
Anspach, Gertrude T. Anspach Mother Gertrude T. 1881 1912 Shares marker with Walter J. Anspach
Anspach, John John Anspach Feb. 18, 1854 Feb. 10, 1932 Shares marker with Amelia (Snyder) Anspach
Anspach, Kate His Wife Kate 1863 1907 Shares marker with Ezra J. Anspach
Anspach, Nathaniel Anspach Nathaniel Feb. 21, 1847 Mar. 20 1928 Shares marker with Emma E. (Matthew) Anspach
Anspach, Walter J. Anspach Father Walter J. 1883 1936 Shares marker with Gertrude T. Anspach
Anspach, William S. Anspach William S. 1884 1962 Shares marker with Clara S. (Hottenstein) Anspach
Bartholomew, Harvey Chancellor Harvey Chancellor Bartholomew 1886 1948  
Bartholomew, Rita T. Rita T. Bartholomew 1865 1929  
Bashore, Helen M. (Raber) Bashore Helen M. nee Raber Feb. 26, 1918 Shares marker with Ronald P. Bashore and Norman M. Bashore
Bashore, Norman M. Bashore Norman M. Oct. 2, 1914 Sept. 29, 1998 Shares marker with Helen M (Raber) Bashore and Ronald P. Bashore
Bashore, Ronald P. Bashore Ronald P. Aug. 12, 1939 Mar. 26, 2003 Shares marker with Helen M. (Raber) Bashore and Norman M. Bashore
Beidler, Harry D. Beidler Harry D. Jan. 11, 1919 June 25, 1999 Shares marker with Katie L. (Muth) Beidler and Sue A. Beidler; World War II marker
Beidler, Katie L. (Muth) Beidler Katie L. (Muth) Nov. 8, 1920 Jan. 28, 1992 Shares marker with Harry D. Beidler and Sue A. Beidler
Beidler, Sue A. Beidler Sue A. Daughter Nov. 22, 1941 Jan. 11, 2002 Shares marker with Harry D. Beidler and Katie L. (Muth) Beidler
Bender, Assunda Bender Assunda Nov. 18, 1925 Shares marker with Clifford E. Bender
Bender, Clifford E. Bender Clifford E. Apr. 14, 1928 Dec. 25, 2000 Shares marker with Assunda Bender; World War II marker
Bennetch, Bessie D. (Snyder) Bennetch Bessie D. nee Snyder 1904 1927 Shares marker with David S. Bennetch and Florence M. (Hostetter) Bennetch
Bennetch, David S. Bennetch David S. 1902 1983 Shares marker with Bessie D. (Snyder) Bennetch and Florence M. (Hostetter) Bennetch
Bennetch, Donald H. Bennetch Donald H. Born--Died Mar. 18, 1936 Shares marker with Josephine E. Bennetch
Bennetch, Florence M. (Hostetter) Bennetch Florence M. nee Hostetter 1907 1993 Shares marker with David S. Bennetch and Bessie D. (Snyder) Bennetch
Bennetch, Josephine E. Bennetch Josephine E. June 26, 1926 Aug. 26, 1926 Shares marker with Donald H. Bennetch
Billman, Alverta A. (Klick) Billman Alverta A. nee Klick June 29, 1931 June 22, 1967 Shares marker with Arlene F. (Sweinhart) Billman and Franklin M. Billman
Billman, Arlene F. (Sweinhart) Billman Arlene F. nee Sweinhart Jan. 13, 1939 Shares marker with Alverta A. (Klick) Billman and Franklin M. Billman
Billman, Edna M. Billman Edna M. Oct. 30 1896 Nov. 17 1965 Shares marker with Edwin P. Billman
Billman, Edwin P. Billman Edwin P. Sept. 4 1899 Jan. 31 1963 Shares marker with Edna M. Billman
Billman, Frank A. Billman Frank A. 1894 1971 {?} M. G. Co. 110 Infantry World War I Shares marker with Stella Billman. Military text in photo is partially blocked by military marker but is otherwise legible
Billman, Franklin M. Billman Franklin M. Sept. 11, 1928 Nov. 18, 1996 Shares marker with Arlene F. (Sweinhart) Billman and Alverta A. (Klick) Billman
Billman, Helen R Billman Mother Helen R. Feb, 22, 1920 Mar. 8, 2009 nee Miller Shares marker with Lester C. Billman and Lester H. Billman
Billman, Lester C. Billman Son Lester C. Oct. 8, 1950 Nov. 16, 1968 Shares marker with Helen R. (Miller) and Lester H. Billman
Billman, Lester H Billman Father Lester H. June 18, 1921 Mar. 18, 1998 Shares marker with Helen R. (Miller) and Lester C. Billman
Billman, Stella Billman Stella 1896 1958 Shares marker with Frank Billman
Billman, Steven S. In Loving Memory of Steven S. Billman Sept. 23, 1957 Feb. 8, 2002 son of Franklin and Alverta  
Billman, Wilmer M. Wilmer M. Billman Mar. 10, 1924 May 18, 1991  
Blatt, Edith G. (Walmer) Blatt Mother Edith G. Walmer Dec. 2, 1922 June 4, 1992 Shares marker with Rufus H. Blatt
Blatt, Rufus H. Blatt Father Rufus H. Dec. 10, 1924 May 10, 1992 Shares marker with Edith G. (Walmer) Blatt
Bohn, Anna Mary (Williams) Bohn Anna Mary nee Williams Aug. 15, 1910 Mar. 23, 2000 Shares marker with Frederick Bohn
Bohn, Frederick Bohn Frederick Oct. 15, 1911 Jan. 13, 1981 Shares marker with Anna Mary (Williams) Bohn
Boyer, Carl B. Boyer Carl B. 1925 1997 Shares marker with Edith A. (Boyer); WWII marker
Boyer, Daughter Daughter Boyer 1965 1965 Temporary funeral home marker next to marker for Earl H. Keeney and Mary K. Keeney
Boyer, Edith A. Boyer Edith A. 1932 1990 Shares marker with Carl B. Boyer
Bross, Annie M. (Schlaseman) Bross Annie M. nee Schlaseman 1895 1945 Shares marker with John D. Bross
Bross, John D. Bross John D. 1892 1924 Shares marker with Annie M. (Schlaseman) Bross
Bross, Mildred S. Mildred S. Bross July 12, 1917 Sept. 14, 1985  
Brossman, Carl S. Carl S. son of Charles E. & Sarah M. Brossman May 8, 1909 Dec. 27, 1909  
Brossman, Charles E. Brossman Charles E. Apr. 16, 1879 Oct. 29, 1950 Shares monument with Sarah M. (Deck) Brossman
Brossman, Gladys E. (Miller) Brossman Gladys E. nee Miller May 13, 1931 Married Oct. 1, 1949 Matt. 6: 24-34 Shares marker with Schuyler C. Brossman
Brossman, Howard A. Brossman Howard A. Jan. 29, 1915 Aug. 15, 2003 Shares marker with Lizzie Brossman
Brossman, Leon Russell Leon Russell Son of Charles E. & Sarah M. Brossman Dec. 17, 1929 Dec. 31, 1929  
Brossman, Lizzie Brossman Lizzie Mar. 30, 1927 Nov. 1, 2005 Shares marker with Howard A. Brossman
Brossman, Mark E Mark E. Son of Charles E. & Sarah M. Brossman Dec. 5, 1911 April 3, 1912  
Brossman, Robert E. Robert E. Brossman Nov. 18, 1937 Dec. 30, 1937  
Brossman, Sarah M. (Deck) Brossman Sarah M. nee Deck Apr. 26, 1884 June 14, 1948 Shares marker with Charles E. Brossman
Brossman, Schuyler C. Brossman Schuyler C. Jan. 8, 1927 May 16, 1998 U S C G Merchant Marine WWII PFC U S Army Korea /SGT PA Air National Guard Shares marker with Gladys E. (Miller) Brossman
Brown, Alonzo A. 'Buster' Alonzo A. Brown 'Buster' July 31, 1908 May 7, 1997  
Brown, Carl H. Brown Carl H. Jan. 12, 1918  
Brown, Carmilla R. 'Millie' (Bellone) Brown Carmilla 'Millie' R. (Bellone) Sept 9, 1912 June 19, 2002 Parents of Franklin, Ferdinand, Paul, Mary, Idalene, Helene, Alonzo, Barbara, James, Salvatore Shares marker with Frank Edward Brown
Brown, Frank Edward Brown Frank Edward July 23, 1903 Sept. 28, 2000 Parents of Franklin, Ferdinand, Paul, Mary, Idalene, Helene, Alonzo, Barbara, James, Salvatore Shares marker with Carmilla R. 'Millie' (Bellone) Brown
Brown, Henry G. Brown Henry G. Sept. 9, 1897 Oct. 16, 1949 Shares marker with Mollie (Wagner) Brown
Brown, Mollie (Wagner) Brown Mollie nee Wagner June 11, 1897 Jan. 28, 1981 Shares marker with Henry G. Brown
Burkhart, Irene K. Irene K. Burkhart 1907 1987 Temporary funeral home marker
Busch, Frederick Aaron Our Son Frederick Aaron Busch May 2, 1970 Nov. 2, 1972 Safe in the arms of Jesus  
Deck, Addie M. Deck Addie M. Sept. 6, 1891 Mar. 21, 1955 Shares marker with Jonathan Deck
Deck, Amanda (Echberger) Mother Amanda Deck nee Echberger Aug. 22, 1849 Apr. 17, 1927 Shares base with William Deck
Deck, Annie B. Annie B. Deck 1895 1959  
Deck, Jonathan Deck Jonathan Feb. 6, 1885 Nov. 9, 1968 Shares marker with Addie M. Deck
Deck, Samuel Samuel Deck 1891 1948  
Deck, William Father William Deck May 6, 1846 Apr. 16, 1927 Shares base with Amanda (Echberger) Deck
Deck, William William Deck 1914 1917  
Dieffenbach, Elsie M. Elsie M. Dieffenbach Mar. 10, 1908 Apr. 8, 1909  
Dieffenbach, Frank M. Dieffenbach Frank M. May 13, 1916 Jan. 1, 1997 Shares marker with Rhea A. (Rothermel) Dieffenbach
Dieffenbach, Leon H. Leon H. Dieffenbach Feb. 3, 1925 May 14, 1941 WWII marker
Dieffenbach, Minnie May (Miller) Dieffenbach Minnie May nee Miller Feb. 18, 1887 Nov. 16, 1948 Shares marker with Victor C. Dieffenbach
Dieffenbach, Paul E. Paul E. Dieffenbach May 30, 1909 June 2, 1909  
Dieffenbach, Rhea A. (Rothermel) Dieffenbach Rhea A. Rothermel Aug. 18, 1916 June 24, 1994 Shares marker with Frank M. Dieffenbach
Dieffenbach, Victor C. Dieffenbach Victor C. Oct. 26, 1882 June 26, 1965 Shares marker with Minnie May (Miller) Dieffenbach
Dietrich, Clarence I. Clarence I. Dietrich 1968 1908 Shares marker with Sarah (Manbeck) Gerhart, John H. Gerhart and Isaac Gerhart
Dietrich, Irma L. (Strauss). Dietrich Irma L. nee Strauss 1907 1975 Shares marker with Isaac Dietrich, Milo J. Dietrich and Rebecca (Gerhart) Dietrich
Dietrich, Isaac Dietrich Isaac 1879 1959 Shares marker with Irma L. (Strauss) Dietrich, Milo J. Dietrich and Rebecca (Gerhart) Dietrich
Dietrich, Milo J. Dietrich Milo J. 1906 2001 Shares marker with Irma L. (Strauss) Dietrich, Isaac Dietrich and Rebecca (Gerhart) Dietrich
Dietrich, Norman C. Norman C. Dietrich Sept. 30, 1922 June 3, 1940 17Y. 8M. 3D.  
Dietrich, Rebecca (Gerhart) Dietrich Rebecca nee Gerhart 1876 1945 Shares marker with Irma L. (Strauss) Dietrich, Isaac Dietrich and Milo J. Dietrich
Dinger, Anna L. Anna L. Dinger Nov. 3, 1905 Sept. 10, 1998  
Dinger, Phares P. Phares P. Dinger Sept. 2, 1908 Apr. 8, 2007  
Eckert, Elsie M. (Ludwig) Eckert Mother Elsie M. Ludwig May 20, 1905 Feb. 9, 1973 Shares marker with Joseph L. Eckert
Eckert, Infant Son Infant Son of Joseph L. -- Elsie M. Eckert Mar. 18, 1928  
Eckert, Joseph L. Eckert Father Joseph L. Dec. 8, 1903 Oct. 9, 1949 Shares marker with Elsie M. (Ludwig) Eckert
Edris, Charles H. Father Charles H. Edris Aug. 23, 1885 Dec. 28, 1966  
Edris, Christine E. (Baird) Christine E. Edris (Baird) Apr. 26, 1921 Jan. 3, 1993  
Edris, Lillie G. Mother Lillie G. Edris Nov. 8, 1890 June 15, 1950  
Edris, Robert B. Robert B. Edris S. Sgt US Army World War II 1920 1986  
Eisenhauer, Rebecca Rebecca Eisenhauer Wife of Henry Heverling Apr. 26, 1862 Oct. 11, 1934  
Emerich, Emma E. Mother Emma E. Emerich Oct. 27, 1896 June 16, 1962  
Etchberger, Edna Mother Edna Etchberger Wife of Daniel Berns Nov. 2, 1889 July 26, 1908  
Etchberger, George C. George C. Etchberger Mar. 28, 1865 Oct. 29, 1921 Aged 56Y 7M 1D  
Etchberger, Leah J. Leah J. Etchberger Mar. 24, 1868 Feb, 21, 1941 Aged 72Y. 10M. 27D.  
Fink, Clafron E. Fink Clafron E. 1897 1964 Shares marker with Maggie C. (Snyder) Fink
Fink, Maggie C. (Snyder) Fink Maggie C. nee Snyder 1898 1965 Shares marker with Clafron E. Fink
Fisher, Anna May Fisher Anna May May 16, 1930 Dec. 30, 2007 Shares marker with William H. Fisher
Fisher, William H. Fisher William H. May 19, 1934 Feb. 5, 2005 Shares marker with Anna May Fisher
Forry, Christine M. Christine M. Dau. of F. Leon --Marlene L. Forry Nov. 17, 1958 Feb. 6, 1976  
Forry, F. Leon Forry F. Leon Oct. 2, 1935 May 29, 1988 Shares marker with Marlene L. (Beidler) Forry
Forry, John C. John C. son of F. Leon -- Marlene L. Forry Oct. 29, 1963 Sept. 30, 1970  
Forry, Marlene L. (Beidler) Forry Marlene L. Beidler Sept. 4, 1937 Shares marker with F. Leon Forry
Frantz, Emma (Moyer) Wife Emma Frantz nee Moyer June 7, 1858 Aug. 2, 1927 69Y. 1M. 25D.  
Frantz, Harry W. Harry W. Frantz Born June 9, 1890 Died Nov. 30, 1911  
Frantz, Lillie M. (Stoudt) Frantz Lillie M. Stoudt Mar. 11, 1888 June 13, 1964 Shares marker with William J. Frantz
Frantz, Mary A. Mary A. Frantz Aug. 2, 1826 Dec. 13, 1916 Aged 89Y. 4M. 11D.  
Frantz, Mary L. Frantz Mary L. 1869 1942 Shares marker with Morris Frantz
Frantz, Morris Frantz Morris 1862 1946 Shares marker with Mary L. Frantz
Frantz, Sarah R. Sarah R. Frantz Oct. 26, 1851 July 4, 1915 Aged 63Y. 8M. 8D.  
Frantz, Thomas Husband Thomas Frantz Aug 20, 1858 Apr. 17, 1931 72Y. 7M. 27D.  
Frantz, William William Frantz Born June 16, 1820 Died Dec. 5, 1908 Aged 88Yrs. 5M. 19D.  
Frantz, William J. Frantz William J. May 13, 1886 Oct. 1, 1962 Shares marker with Lillie M. (Stoudt) Frantz
Gassert, Emma R. (Anspach) Emma R. Gassert nee Anspach April 20, 1886 May 7, 1944  
Gassert, Robert Robert Gassert PFC Co H 4 Infantry PA NG Oct 27 1886 April 9 1950 Spanish War marker
Gerhart, Isaac Gerhart Isaac 1837 1916 Shares marker with Sarah (Manbeck) Gerhart, John H. Gerhart and Clarence I. Dietrich
Gerhart, John H. Gerhart John H. 1877 1963 Shares marker with Sarah (Manbeck) Gerhart, Isaac Gerhart and Clarence I. Dietrich
Gerhart, Sarah (Manbeck) Gerhart Sarah nee Manbeck 1842 1916 Shares marker with Isaac Gerhart, John H. Gerhart and Clarence I. Dietrich
Good, Charles W. Good Charles W. Mar. 7, 1910 Apr. 10, 1975 Shares marker with Katie R. (Knoll) Good
Good, Katie R. (Knoll) Good Katie R. Apr. 26, 1907 Mar. 3, 2001 nee Knoll Shares marker with Charles W. Good
Gruber, George W Gruber George W. Apr. 5, 1861 July 31, 1944 Shares marker with Nora Gruber
Gruber, Nora Gruber Nora Nov. 3, 1871 Oct. 7, 1961 Shares marker with George Gruber
Haag, Annie H. Mother Annie H. Haag Sept. 4, 1899 Aug. 8, 1976  
Haag, Emma R. Emma R Daughter of Irvington and Malaria Haag Died June 27, 1908 Aged 7Y. 4M. 17D.  
Haag, Gertrude C. Mother Gertrude C. Haag June 8, 1905 Oct. 22, 2006  
Haag, Irvington Haag Irvington 1867 1957 Shares marker with Malaria Haag
Haag, Laura Laura Daughter of Irvington and Malaria Haag Died April 25, 1908 Aged 9Mo. 7D.  
Haag, Malaria Haag Malaria 1875 1956 Shares marker with Irvington Haag
Haag, Mary Mary Haag Wife of Wm Schaeffer Born Aug. 18, 1831 Died Jun 26, 1905 Aged 73Yrs. 8Mos. 8Das. fallen marker
Haag, Minnie L. Sister Minnie L. Haag Aug. 14, 1896 May 18, 1989  
Hain, Denise Ely Hain Denise Ely March 15, 1958 Shares marker with Steven Benjamin Hain
Hain, Steven Benjamin Hain Steven Benjamin April 3, 1956 Nov. 29, 2001 Shares marker with Denise Ely Hain
Harnish, Daniel J. Harnish Daniel J. June 9, 1928 Dec. 4, 1989 Shares marker with Lilliam M. (Ohlinger) Harnish
Harnish, Lillian M. (Ohlinger) Harnish Lillian M. nee Ohlinger Oct. 5, 1931 Shares marker with Daniel J. Harnish
Heagy, Howard C. Heagy Howard C. Jan. 14, 1897 Jan 31, 1953 Shares marker with Mabel (Henninger) Heagy
Heagy, Mabel (Henninger) Heagy Mabel Henninger Oct. 22, 1898 Aug. 12, 1964 Shares marker with Howard C. Heagy
Heberling, Curtis K. Heberling Curtis K. Apr. 30, 1916 Jan. 17, 1994 In God's Care Shares marker with Helen M. (Bord) Heberling
Heberling, Helen M. (Bord) Heberling Helen M. Bord Mar. 1, 1918 Dec. 8, 2004 In God's Care Shares marker with Curtis K. Heberling
Heberling, Ralph B. Son Ralph B. Heberling Aug. 20, 1907 Feb. 13, 1992  
Heimbach, David H. David H Heimbach PVT US Army World War II 1907 1983  
Heimbach, Ella M. Ella M. Heinbach 1900 1952 Shares marker with David Ressler
Heimbach, Emma S. Daughter Emma S. Heimbach Nov. 8, 1898 Apr. 5, 1950  
Heimbach, Mary Heimbach Mary Sept. 7, 1868 Feb. 26, 1951 Shares marker with Milton W. Heimbach
Heimbach, Milton W. Heimbach Milton W. Jan. 10, 1874 Apr. 23, 1944 Shares marker with Mary Heimbach
Henninger, Charles A. Henninger Strickler Charles A. Dec. 27, 1910 Apr. 10, 1911 Shares marker with Esther M. Strickler and Warren A. Strickler
Henninger, John L. Henninger John L. May 16, 1909 Nov. 30, 2002 Shares marker with Mary E. Henninger and Lewis F. Henninger
Henninger, Lewis F. Henninger Lewis E. May 8, 1888 Aug. 23, 1980 Shares marker with Mary E. Henninger and John L. Henninger
Henninger, Mary E. Henninger Mary E. July 3, 1888 Mar. 22, 1961 Shares marker with Lewis F. Henninger and John L. Henninger
Heverling, Henry Henry Heverling Sept. 27, 1862 Mar. 17, 1943  
Hiegl, Charles Hiegl Charles 1903 1990 Shares marker with Margaret Hiegl
Hiegl, Margaret Hiegl Margaret 1899 1968 Shares marker with Charles Hiegl
Hill, Dolores E. (Schrack) Hill Das Lob der Liebe 1 Cor. 13 Alles hat seine Zeit Ecc. 3 Dolores E. (Schrack) May 13, 1942 Shares marker with Harvey A. Hill
Hill, Harvey A. Jr. Hill Harvey A. Jr. Jan. 15, 1929 Sept. 2, 1993 Shares marker with Dolores E. (Schrack) Hill
Himmelberger, Dorothy E. (Smith) Himmelberger Dorothy E. Smith July 24, 1930 Shares marker with Ray W. Himmelberger
Himmelberger, Margaret A. Himmelberger Margaret A. Apr. 3, 1906 May 21, 1993 Shares marker with Robert Lee Himmelberger and Robert W. Himmelberger
Himmelberger, Ray W. Himmelberger Ray W. Mar. 18, 1931 June 4, 1991 Shares marker with Dorothy E. (Smith) Himmelberger
Himmelberger, Robert Lee Himmelberger Robert Lee Dec. 7, 1942 Feb. 21, 2007 Shares marker with Margaret A. Himmelberger and Robert W. Himmelberger
Himmelberger, Robert W. Himmelberger Robert W. Jan. 20, 1903 Nov. 14, 1961 Shares marker with Margaret A. Himmelberger and Robert Lee Himmelberger
Hoffert, Tabatha J. Tabatha J. Hoffert 1997 Temporary marker; broken
Ibach, Mary E. (Anspach) Ibach Ralph W. Oct. 23, 1910 Feb. 26, 2001 Shares marker with Mary E. (Anspach) Ibach
Ibach, Ralph W. Ibach Mary E. Anspach Aug. 1, 1912 Jan. 3, 2001 Shares marker with Ralph W. Ibach
Ibach, Rosalyn C. Rosalyn C. Ibach 1933 1945  
Keener, Esther (Klopp) Keener Esther Klopp May 28, 1907 Jan. 2, 1992 Shares marker with John D. Keener
Keener, John D. Keener John D. Aug. 8, 1909 Oct. 12, 1989 Shares marker with Esther (Klopp) Keener
Keener, Sallie M. Keener Sallie W. Oct. 15, 1885 Mar. 23, 1981 Shares marker with Wayne E. Keener
Keener, Wayne E. Keener Wayne E. Dec. 1, 1885 Aug. 22, 1946 Shares marker with Sallie W. Keener
Keeney, Charles F. Keeney Charles F. 1890 1950 Shares marker with Maggie M. Keeney
Keeney, Earl H. Keeney Earl H. 1911 1987 Shares marker with Mary K. Keeney
Keeney, Maggie M. Keeney Maggie M. 1893 1945 Shares marker with Charles F. Keeney
Keeney, Mary K. Keeney Mary K. 1914 1983 Shares marker with Earl H. Keeney
Kiebach, Allen R. Kiebach Allen R. Sept. 6, 1930 Shares marker with June R. Kiebach
Kiebach, June R. Kiebach June R. June 25, 1933 Shares marker with Allen R. Kiebach
Knoll, Annie M. (Potteiger) Knoll Annie M. Oct. 15, 1881 June 12, 1974 nee Potteiger Shares marker with Jacob D. Knoll
Knoll, Harvey S. Harvey S. son of Jacob D. & Annie M. Knoll Dec. 14, 1908 Apr. 11, 1923 14Yrs. 3M. 27D. Jesus Promised Me A Home  
Knoll, Jacob D. Knoll Jacob D. Aug. 5, 1877 Apr. 26, 1965 Shares marker with Annie M. Knoll
Koch, Grace E. (Brossman) Koch Grace E. Brossman Jan. 8, 1917 Dec. 24, 1997 Shares marker with Samuel H. Koch
Koch, Samuel H. Koch Samuel H. Aug. 6, 1917 Oct. 20, 1988 Shares marker with Grace E. (Brossman) Koch; World War II marker
Kurr, Michael Michael Kurr Sept. 30, 1849 Aug. 29, 1928  
Kurr, Miranda E. Miranda E. Kurr Sept. 10, 1852 June 7, 1934  
Ladagona, Frank A Frank A Ladagona PVT US Army World War II Feb. 15, 1927 May 18, 1999 If Tears Could Build A Stairway, And Memories A Lane, I'd Walk Right Up To Heaven And Bring You Down Again  
Landreth, William M. William M. Landreth 1862 1940  
Line, Grace I. (Keeney) Mother Grace I. Line (Keeney) Feb. 16, 1919 July 20, 2003  
Livingston, Melissa Beth Melissa Beth Dau. of George D. -- Rose E. Livingston May 24, 1981 June 7, 1981  
Long, Daniel B. Daniel B. Long Sept. 4, 1851 Nov. 27, 1923 72Y. 2M. 23D. Shares marker with Sibilla K. Strauss
Ludwig, Harvey L. Ludwig Harvey L. Aug. 24, 1868 Aug. 29, 1945 Shares marker with Mary E. Ludwig
Ludwig, Mary E. Ludwig Mary E. Aug. 15, 1879 Mar. 10. 1926 Shares marker with Harvey L. Ludwig
Manbeck, Clarence F. Manbeck Clarence F. Sept. 21, 1908 May 14, 1991 Pennsylvania Legislature 1961 1982 Shares marker with Eve P. Manbeck
Manbeck, Elsie Q. (Billman) Manbeck Elsie Q. nee Billman Sept. 26, 1916 Aug. 22, 2004 Shares marker with Theodore H. Manbeck
Manbeck, Eve P. Manbeck Eve P. Shares marker with Clarence F. Manbeck; No dates
Manbeck, Harvey J. Manbeck Harvey J. 1884 1964 Shares marker with Katie M. Manbeck, Ray W. Manbeck and Infant Manbeck
Manbeck, Infant Manbeck Infant 1916 Shares marker with Harvey J. Manbeck, Katie M. Manbeck, Ray W. Manbeck and Infant Manbeck
Manbeck, Infant Manbeck Infant 1911 Shares marker with Harvey J. Manbeck, Katie M. Manbeck, Ray W. Manbeck and Infant Manbeck
Manbeck, Katie M. Manbeck Katie M. 1889 1966 Shares marker with Harvey J. Manbeck, Ray W. Manbeck and Infant Manbeck
Manbeck, Mabel M. (Killinger) Manbeck Mabel M. Mar. 21, 1916 May 1, 1983 nee Killinger Shares marker with Robert W. Manbeck
Manbeck, Paul J. Manbeck Paul J. Apr. 7, 1911 Mar. 29, 1993 Shares marker with Sallie A. (McAllister) Manbeck
Manbeck, Ray W. Manbeck Ray W. 1913 1926 Shares marker with Harvey J. Manbeck, Katie M. Manbeck and Infant Manbeck
Manbeck, Robert W. Manbeck Robert W. Jan. 6, 1914 May 26, 1974 Seaman 1/C US Navy World War 2 Shares marker with Mabel M. (Killinger) Manbeck
Manbeck, Sallie A. (McAllister) Manbeck Sallie A. McAllister Apr. 14, 1916 Apr. 26, 2008 Shares marker with Paul J. Manbeck
Manbeck, Salome (Yeich) Manbeck Salome Yeich Jan. 24, 1885 Sept. 6, 1970 Shares marker with Webster F. Manbeck
Manbeck, Theodore H. Manbeck Theodore H. Nov. 12, 1915 Dec. 1, 2003 Shares marker with Elsie Q. (Billman) Manbeck
Manbeck, Webster F. Manbeck Webster F. Jan. 27, 1886 Nov. 15, 1970 Shares marker with Salome (Yeich) Manbeck
Manmiller, Lawrence L. Sr. Lawrence L. Manmiller Sr. Aug. 25, 1901 Feb. 1, 1975  
Manmiller, Lillian (Gassert) Manmiller Lillian June 30, 1929 July 1, 1986 nee Gassert Shares marker with Russell R. Manmiller
Manmiller, Russell R. Manmiller Russsell R. Oct. 23, 1920 Jan. 4, 2007 Shares marker with Lillian (Gassert) Manmiller; World War II marker
Marderness, Kenneth C. Marderness Kenneth C. July 16, 1946 Aug. 24, 1993 SP4 U.S. Army Vietnam Married June 21, 1969 Shares marker with Kenneth C. Marderness
Marderness, Margaret M. (Billman) Marderness, Margaret M. Apr. 3, 1949 Married June 21, 1969 Dau. of Franklin and Alverta Billman Shares marker with Margaret M. (Billman) Marderness
Martin, Alva Mary Alva Mary Martin May 7, 1856 March 7, 1926 Shares marker with Emma E. Martin
Martin, Emma E. Emma E. Martin 1862 1939 Shares marker with Alva Mary Martin
McAllister, Infant Daughter Infant Dau. of Robert -- Mary McAllister Feb. 9, 1930  
McAllister, Mary K. (Brown) McAllister Mary K. Brown Sept. 16, 1892 Dec. 13, 1960 Shares marker with Robert McAllister
McAllister, Robert McAllister Robert Sept. 22, 1892 Sept. 30, 1935 Shares marker with Mary K. (Brown) McAllister
McGinnis, Lillian Lillian McGinnis May 8, 1884 Nov. 6, 1943 Sister  
Metz, David John David John Metz Mar. 13, 1962 Mar. 16, 1962  
Miller, Kate Miller Kate May 21, 1866 Apr. 7, 1951 Shares marker with William Miller
Miller, Russell S. Miller Russell S. Oct. 13, 1933 June 10, 1997 Shares marker with Virginia A. (Eckert) Miller
Miller, Sarah J. (Naftzinger) Sarah J. Miller nee Naftzinger Oct. 4, 1884 June 14, 1952  
Miller, Virginia A. (Eckert) Miller Virginia A. nee Eckert July 6, 1929 Apr. 13, 1983 Shares marker with Russell S. Miller
Miller, William Miller William Aug. 17, 1864 Sept. 15, 1939 Shares marker with Kate Miller
Mohn, Daniel C. Amos 8:9 Daniel C. Mohn Died Feb. 26, 1941  
Mohn, Laura Dawn (Naftzinger) Laura Dawn Mohn nee Naftzinger Died July 26, 1991 Psalm 146:2  
Mohn, Thomas B. Son Thomas B. Mohn 1924 2004  
Moyer, Levi L. Levi L. Moyer Born Dec. 9, 1874 Died Dec. 29, 1940 Aged 66Yrs. 20D.  
Muth, Albert M. Albert M. Muth March 23, 1896 Dec. 5, 1918 22Y. 8M. 12D.  
Muth, Emma J. (Snyder) Muth Emma J. Snyder Dec. 12, 1896 Jan. 26, 1990 Shares marker with Roy D. Muth
Muth, Henry Father Henry Muth Sept. 13, 1872 Sept. 12, 1925 52Y. 11M. 29D. Shares marker with Katie C. Muth
Muth, Katie C. Mother Katie C. Muth Sept. 12, 1879 Dec. 2, 1919 40Y. 2M. 20DS. Shares marker with Henry Muth
Muth, Roy D. Muth Roy D. Oct. 3, 1897 Sept. 14, 1976 Shares marker with Emma J. Snyder
Myers, Elizabeth M. Elizabeth M. Myers 1902 1960 Temporary Hill Funeral Home marker
Naftzinger, C. W. C.W. Naftzinger 1880 1936  
Naftzinger, Maria (Lutz) Maria Naftzinger nee Lutz Jan. 13, 1856 June 26, 1931  
Naftzinger, Thomas D. Thomas D. Naftzinger Jan. 2, 1851 May 14, 1928  
Nein, Lillian C. (Miller) Nein Lillian C. (Miller) Apr. 4, 1931 May 15, 1994 Shares marker with Richard J. Nein
Nein, Richard J. Nein Richard J. Jan. 30, 1929 Feb. 8, 1989 Shares marker with Lillian C. (Miller) Nein
Ney, Helen M. Ney Helen M. July 23, 1913 Dec. 25, 1937 Shares marker with Mazzie A. Ney and Samuel T. Ney
Ney, Mazzie A. Ney Mazzie A. May 14, 1891 May 24, 1957 Shares marker with Samuel T. Ney and Helen M. Ney
Ney, Samuel T. Ney Samuel T. Feb. 9, 1889 Feb. 2, 1963 Shares marker with Helen M. Ney and Mazzie A. Ney
Oswald, Martin A. Oswald Martin A. Dec. 7, 1926 Mar. 4, 1984 Seaman 2C US Navy World War II Shares marker with Viola L. (Miller) Oswald
Oswald, Viola L. (Miller) Oswald Viola L. nee Miller June 10, 1929 Feb. 15, 2004 Shares marker with Martin A. Oswald
Peiffer, Louisa Peiffer Louisa 1889 1959 Shares marker with Robert Peiffer
Peiffer, Robert Peiffer Robert 1885 1958 Shares marker with Louisa Peiffer
Potteiger, Elizabeth M. 'Lizzie' (Rhine) Potteiger Elizabeth M. (Lizzie) Mar. 1, 1870 June 18, 1966 nee Rhine Shares marker with Ezra J. Potteiger
Potteiger, Ezra J. Potteiger Ezra J. Nov. 20, 1869 Apr. 20, 1957 Shares marker with Elizabeth M. 'Lizzie' (Rhine) Potteiger
Potteiger, Infant Son At Rest Infant son of E. J. & Lizzie Potteiger D. Mar. 5, 1906 Age 10 Days  
Potteiger, John H. Father John H. Potteiger Born Oct. 26, 1855 Died Apr. 26, 1910 Aged 55Yrs. 6Mos. Shares base with Katie (Reno) Potteiger
Potteiger, Katie (Reno) Mother Katie Potteiger Nee Reno Born Dec. 21, 1859 Died Aug. 14, 1936 Aged 76Y. 7M. 23D. Shares base with John H. Potteiger
Prowitz, Gertrude M. Prowitz Gertrude M. Jan. 24, 1922 Jan. 26, 1993 In Loving Memory  
Raber, David Father David Raber Born Mar. 7, 1843 Died Dec. 18, 1925 Aged 82Y. 9M. 11D. Shares base with Susanna Raber
Raber, Homer D. Son Homer D. Raber May 2, 1914 May 21, 1934  
Raber, Levi J. Raber Levi J. 1877 1951 Shares marker with Maggie M. Raber
Raber, Maggie M. Raber Maggie M. 1881 1947 Shares marker with Levi J. Raber
Raber, Susanna Mother Susanna Raber Born Aug. 25, 1843 Died Jul. 23, 1914 Aged 70Y. 10M. 28D. Shares base with David Raber
Ragsdale, Aaron L. Our Beloved Son Aaron L. Ragsdale Jr. Born Feb. 24, 1980 Went Home To Be With The Lord May 24, 1993 'The Rose Still Blooms'  
Reber, Aaron H. Aaron H. Reber Feb. 8, 1872 Oct. 31, 1936 64Y. 8M. 23D. Shares marker with Isabella Reber
Reber, Bessie (Henninger) Bessie Reber nee Henninger July 19, 1889 June 24, 1962  
Reber, Grace K. Grace K. Dau of Levi & Maggie Reber D. Jan 2, 1912 A. 2 Days  
Reber, Isabella Isabella Reber Apr. 7, 1874 Dec. 24, 1918 44Y. 8M. 17D. Shares marker with Aaron H. Reber
Reber, Kathryn I. (Heagy) Reber Kathryn I. nee Heagy Apr. 5, 1922 Shares marker with Paul J. Reber
Reber, Paul J. Reber Paul J. Dec. 11, 1921 May 6, 1984 T/5 U.S. Army World War 2 Shares marker with Kathryn I. (Heagy) Reber
Ressler, David David Ressler 1897 19__ Shares marker with Ella M. Heimbach
Rhine, Frank Frank Rhine Sept. 8, 1849 Aug. 29, 1928 78Y. 11M. 21D. Shares base with Sarah a. (Smith) Rhine
Rhine, Sarah A. (Smith) Sarah A. Rhine nee Smith Aug. 3, 1850 May 1, 1925 74Y. 8M. 12D. Shares base with Frank Rhine
Rollman, Francis I. Father Francis I. Rollman Aug. 14, 1866 Dec. 12, 1945  
Rollman, Kate A. (Snyder) Mother Kate A. Rollman nee Snyder Oct. 22, 1867 Nov. 17, 1923  
Rollman, Laura R. Laura R. Rollman 1895 1924  
Rollman, Robert S. Robert S. Rollman 1895 1950 SGT. HDQ CO. 316th Infantry, World War I  
Rothhar, Harold J Rothhar Harold J. Mar. 29, 1906 July 31, 1977 Shares marker with Verna S. Rothhar
Rothhar, Verna S. Rothhar Verna S. Feb. 3, 1919 Nov. 24, 1983 Shares marker with Harold J. Rothhar
Ruhf, Charles L. Ruhf Charles L. July 16, 1951 Shares marker with Theresa S. Ruhf
Ruhf, Theresa S. Ruhf Theresa S. Jan. 9, 1952 Shares marker with Charles L. Ruhf
Russell, Marie W. (Snyder) Marie W. Russell (Snyder) 1916 2004 S/SGT. U.S.A. W.W.II  
Schaeffer, Anita V. Eternal Love Schaeffer Anita V. Jan. 25, 1922 Oct. 25, 1974 Shares marker with Harold R. Schaeffer
Schaeffer, Cyrus H. Schaeffer Cyrus H. May 4, 1872 Mar. 16, 1960 Shares marker with Emma B. (Mogel) Schaeffer
Schaeffer, Elizabeth (Wertz) Mother Elizabeth Schaeffer nee Wertz Born Dec. 24, 1839 Died Apr. 12, 1909 Aged 69Yrs. 3Mo. 18Ds.  
Schaeffer, Emma B. (Mogel) Schaeffer Emma B. nee Mogel Nov. 5, 1867 Nov. 2, 1945 Shares marker with Cyrus H. Schaeffer
Schaeffer, George Father George Schaeffer Born Dec. 15, 1834 Died Dec. 4, 1923 Aged 88Y. 11M. 19D.  
Schaeffer, Harold R. Eternal Love Schaeffer Harold R. Aug. 5, 1918 Jan. 29, 1976 Cpl Co I 54 Inf WWII Shares marker with Anita V. Schaeffer
Schaeffer, Harvey A. Harvey A. Schaeffer Sept. 24, 1909 Jan. 16, 1974  
Schaeffer, Margaret C. Schaeffer Margaret C. Mar. 12, 1908 July 9, 1981 Shares marker with William P. Schaeffer
Schaeffer, Ralph J. Father Ralph J. Schaeffer Oct. 21. 1897 May 2, 1930  
Schaeffer, Thomas J. Thomas J. Schaeffer 1929 2006 Temporary marker; Korean War marker
Schaeffer, William Wm. Schaeffer Husband of Mary Haag Born Sept. 4, 1827 Died Oct. 23, 1909 Aged 82Yrs. 1Mos. 19Days fallen marker
Schaeffer, William P. Schaeffer William P. July 4, 1903 May 9, 1988 Shares marker with Margaret C. Schaeffer
Schewe, Augusta Mother Augusta Schewe Aug. 1, 1874 Jan. 15, 1958  
Schlasman, Elmer Andrew Elmer Andrew Son of Daniel W. & Ida Schlasman Nov. 30, 1910 May 16, 1915  
Schlasman, George E. Schlasman George E. June 10, 1873 May 13, 1936 Shares marker with Maggie R. Schlasman
Schlasman, Maggie R. Schlasman Maggie R. Dec. 7, 1880 Nov. 26, 1950 Shares marker with George E. Schlasman
Schlassman, Agness (Boltz) Mother Agness Schlassman nee Boltz June 17, 1856 April 18, 1902 Aged 45Yrs. 10Mos.  
Schlassman, Daniel W. Father Daniel W. Schlassman April 30, 1860 June 1, 1920 Aged 60Y. 1M. 29D.  
Schneck, Evelyn B. (Muth)) Evelyn B. Muth Schneck Aug. 12, 1918  
Seebar, Frederick Frederick Seebar Died Oct. 15, 1935 Aged 79 Years  
Shirey, George W. Jr. Shirey DOBH George W. Jr. Sept. 15, 1932 Nov. 11, 2003 Parents of Denise, George III, John, David, and Paul Shares marker with Idalene M. Shirey
Shirey, Idalene M. Shirey Idalene M. May 30, 1937 Jan. 9, 2009 Parents of Denise, George III, John, David, and Paul Shares marker with George W. Shirey Jr.
Sholley, Donald C. Sholley Donald C. Sept. 28, 1922 May 8, 1984 Shares marker with Grace H. (Frantz) Sholley; WWII marker
Sholley, Grace H. (Frantz) Sholley Grace H. Frantz Feb. 13, 1921 July 2, 2007 Shares marker with Donald C. Sholley
Smith, Denise Lynn Denise Lynn Daughter of Nathaniel -- Arlene Smith Oct. 7, 1966 Oct. 9, 1966  
Smith, Gilbert N. Smith Gilbert N. Dec. 9, 1921 May 8, 2008 Shares marker with Mary S. (Fryberger) Smith
Smith, Mary S. (Fryberger) Smith Mary S. (Fryberger) Sept. 8, 1927 Shares marker with Gilbert N. Smith
Smith, Milton H. Smith Milton H. Sept. 20, 1888 Nov. 17, 1976 Shares marker with Minnie J. Smith
Smith, Minnie J. Smith Minnie J. Dec. 6, 1890 Apr. 7, 1978 Shares marker with Milton H. Smith
Smith, Ray Henry Ray Henry Smith June 19, 1925 April 20, 2002 Corporal US Marines WWII  
Snyder, Albert F. Son Albert F. Snyder 1928 1967  
Snyder, Emma R. Snyder Emma R. July 20, 1905 Feb. 21, 1979 Shares marker with Ralph C. Snyder
Snyder, Franklin I. Snyder Franklin I. Aug. 13, 1887 June 27, 1974 Shares marker with Kate M. Snyder
Snyder, Helen I. Helen I. Snyder July 1, 1935 May 12, 2002 Loving Sister  
Snyder, Kate M. Snyder Kate M. Sept. 25, 1887 Dec. 24, 1984 Shares marker with Franklin I. Snyder
Snyder, Mame I. Snyder Mame I. 1888 1966 Shares marker with Percy A. Snyder
Snyder, Mary Jane (Miller) Snyder Mary Jane nee Miller 1865 1919 Shares marker with William F. Snyder
Snyder, Percy A. Snyder Percy A. 1889 1947 Shares marker with Mame I. Snyder
Snyder, Ralph C. Snyder Ralph C. Feb. 19, 1907 Aug. 17, 1991 Shares marker with Emma R. Snyder
Snyder, Robert E. Robert E. Snyder 1913 2005 CAPT. U.S.A.R. W.W.II  
Snyder, William F. Snyder William F. 1866 1957 Shares marker with Mary Jane (Miller) Snyder
Spaid, Annie R. (Groff) Annie R. Spaid nee Groff Sept. 21, 1899 Oct. 12, 1982  
Spaid, John O. John O. Spaid Oct. 15, 1903 Mar. 28, 1988  
Spannuth, Harvey A. Harvey A. Spannuth Sept. 14, 1877 May 17, 1951  
Spannuth, Laura H. (Snyder) Laura H. Spannuth nee Snyder Dec. 29, 1880 Oct. 12, 1947  
Spannuth, Lena M. Lena M. Spannuth Dec. 8, 1903 June 5, 1939  
Spannuth, Mary E. Mary E. Spannuth Sept. 5, 1874 Sept. 26, 1958  
Spannuth, Michael E. Michael E. Spannuth June 27, 1900 Dec. 15, 1907  
Spannuth, Wm. C. Wm. C. Spannuth Oct. 24, 1870 July 19, 1939  
Spitler, Byrl G. Spitler Byrl G May 11, 1925 Shares marker with Pearl J. (Brown) Spitler
Spitler, Pearl J. (Brown) Spitler Pearl J. (Brown) Mar. 12, 1927 Shares marker with Byrl G. Spitler
Spriggs, Walter Gordon Walter Gorden Spriggs SP5 US Army Vietnam Oct 21 1938 Oct 10 1987  
Stoltz, Helen M. (Brown) Stoltz Helen M. nee Brown Feb. 6, 1922 Jan. 16, 1990 Shares marker with Lee O. Stoltz
Stoltz, Lee O. Stoltz Lee O. Feb. 19, 1920 Apr. 14, 1997 Shares marker with Helen M. (Brown) Stoltz
Stoyer, Margaret K. Margaret K. Stoyer - Nov. 21, 1924 - Feb. 1, 1981  
Strause, Elmer A. Strause Elmer A. Mar. 7, 1922 Nov. 9, 2003 Shares marker with Kathryn M. Strause
Strause, Kathryn M. Strause Kathryn M. Dec. 27, 1931 Shares marker with Kathryn M. Strause
Strauss, Sibilla K. Sibilla K. Strauss his Wife Sept. 28, 1850 Apr. 17, 1928 77Y. 6M. 19D. Shares marker with Daniel B. Long
Strickler, Esther M. (Henninger) Henninger Strickler Esther M. Feb. 7, 1908 Feb. 16, 2003 Shares marker with Charles A. Henninger and Warren A. Strickler
Strickler, Warren A. Strickler Warren A. Nov. 15, 1909 Jan. 13, 1987 Shares marker with Esther M. Strickler and Charles A. Henninger
Stupp, Franklin Franklin Stupp Nov. 26, 1839 July 5, 1920  
Tevalt, Martha E. Mother Martha E. Tevalt Oct. 28, 1878 Feb. 8, 1938  
Thiele, Gary D., Thiele Gary D. 1947 FLT 2004 Shares marker with Kathleen L. Thiele and Lori A. Thiele; Odd Fellows marker
Thiele, Kathleen L. (Warfield) Thiele Kathleen L. 1949 Warfield Shares marker with Gary D. Thiele and Lori A. Thiele
Thiele, Lori A. Thiele Lori A. 1973 Shares marker with Gary D. Thiele and Kathleen L. Thiele
Thorpe, Matilda A. Matilda A. Thorpe - July 8, 1944 - Oct. 23, 2002  
Tvermoes, Mary (Laubach) At. Rest Mary Tvermoes nee Laubach Aug. 8, 1856 July 31, 1917 60Y. 11M. 23D.  
Umberger, Irene K. (Gassert) Wife Irene K. Umberger nee Gassert July 7, 1907 Shares base with John A. Umberger
Umberger, John A. Husband John A. Umberger Nov. 8, 1906 Shares base with Irene K. (Gassert) Umberger
Urich, Annie L. Annie L. Urich 1891 1904  
Urich, Ellsworth P. Ellsworth P. Urich 1864 1949  
Urich, Lillie P. Lillie P. Urich 1864 1961  
Walmer, Annie E. (Dietrich) Walmer Annie E. Dietrich Sept. 3, 1902 Jan. 30, 1986 Shares marker with John A. Walmer
Walmer, John A. Walmer John A. Feb. 10, 1895 July 26, 1970 PVF BFRY A 325 Field Arty 32nd Div Army WWI Shares marker with Annie E. (Dietrich) Walmer
Warfield, George E. George E. Warfield Sr. S1 US Navy World War II 1913 1979  
Warfield, Lillian S. Wife of George E. Lillian S. Warfield 1916 1974  
Warfield, Richard K. Our Son Richard K. Warfield 1951 1964  
Weaver, Jeremiah M.. Weaver Psalm 23 'Jerry' Jeremiah M. Feb. 22, 1925 May 21, 1993 Shares marker with Nettie V. Weaver
Weaver, Nettie V. Weaver Nettie V. Mar. 22, 1925 Aug. 10, 1996 Shares marker with Jeremiah M. Weaver
Weiand, Cecilia Mother Cecilia Weiand his wife May 6, 1867 May 23, 1922 Shares base with Levi Weidman
Weiant, Joann D. (Ely) Weiant Joann D. (Ely) Feb. 19, 1936 Shares marker with Neal D. Weiant
Weiant, Neal D. Weiant Neal D. Apr. 10, 1931 Mar. 21, 1988 Shares marker with Joann D. (Ely) Weiant
Weidman, Ida L. (Deck) Weidman Ida L. Deck May 11, 1905 July 3, 1976 Shares marker with Ramey L. Weidman
Weidman, Jacob Weidman Jacob 1885 1960 Shares marker with Lizzie Weidman
Weidman, Levi Father Levi Weidman Jan. 14, 1857 Apr. 5, 1925 Shares base with Cecilia Weiand
Weidman, Lizzie Weidman Lizzie 1886 1956 Shares marker with Jacob Weidman
Weidman, Mabel L. Mabel L. Dau. of Ramey L. -- Ida L. Weidman Aug. 22, 1922 Aug. 23, 1922  
Weidman, Ramey L. Weidman Ramey L. Sept. 8, 1900 Jan. 16, 1968 Shares marker with Ida L. (Deck) Weidman
Weidman, Richard E. Richard E Weidman TEC 3 US Army World War II Jul 31 1926 Apr 7 2007 A Proud Veteran  
Weidman, Shirley A. Shirley A. Dau. of Ramey L.--Ida L. Weidman Nov. 3, 1936 May 24, 1937  
Weidner, Jean R. (Koch) Weidner Jean R. Koch Jan. 3, 1941 May 28, 1995 Later wife of Tim S Achenbach Shares marker with Lee R. Weidner
Weidner, Lee R. Weidner Lee R. Mar. 17, 1939 Jan. 21, 1983 Shares marker with Jean R. (Koch) Weidner
Wooten, Augusta V. Wooten Augusta V. Apr. 18, 1905 Feb. 9, 1991 Shares marker with Paul V. Wooten
Wooten, Paul V. Wooten Paul V. June 30, 1927 Apr. 12, 2009 Shares marker with Augusta V. Wooten
Yeager, Carrie S. Mother Carrie S. Yeager Jan. 29, 1895 Apr. 23, 1974  
Yeager, Paul A. Yeager Together Forever Paul A. Jan. 12, 1930 Shares marker with Pearl A. (Walmer) Yeager
Yeager, Pearl A. (Walmer) Yeager Together Forever Pearl A. Walmer Feb. 21, 1928 Shares marker with Paul A. Yeager
Yiengst, Clara C. (Deck) Yiengst Clara C. Deck June 21, 1913 Feb. 1, 1995 Shares marker with Miles D. Yiengst
Yiengst, Miles D. Yiengst Miles D. Feb. 21, 1907 Oct. 3, 1967 Shares marker with Clara C. (Deck) Yiengst

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