Armstrong County Schools

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School Name Latitude Longitude Area More Information
Apollo-Ridge Elementary 403501N 0793355W Vandergrift  
Apollo-Ridge High 403620N 0792827W Avonmore  
Apollo-Ridge Middle 403501N 0793349W Vandergrift  
Bagdad School 403908N 0793750W Freeport  
Belknap School       Photo at PA USGW Archives
Bellwood School 404643N 0793124W Kittanning  
Bethel Township School 404228N 0793218W Leechburg  
Borland School 405129N 0791414W Plumville  
Bradys Bend Township 405952N 0793738W Chicora  
Cardinal Maida Academy 403600N 0793351W Vandergrift  
Central Elementary School 404901N 0793112W Kittanning  
Coleman School 410127N 0791338W Summerville  
Concord School     Plumcreek Twp 1910-1917 Pupils
Dayton Elementary School 405256N 0791411W Dayton  
Dayton High School 405256N 0791423W Dayton Alumni Reunion Info at PA USGW Archives
Divine Redeemer School 404604N 0793202W Kittanning  
Dry Ridge School (historical) 405838N 0791311W Dayton  
Easley School     North Buffalo Twp 1914 & 1916 Attendees at PA USGW Archives
Elderton Elementary School 404130N 0792022W Elderton  
Elderton High School 404134N 0792022W Elderton  
Faith Christian Academy 404849N 0793115W Kittanning  
Ford City Junior-Senior High 404550N 0793102W Kittanning  
Freeport Area Senior High 404030N 0794117W Freeport  
Gilpin Elementary School 403818N 0793616W Leechburg  
Girty (Rupert) School     South Bend District 1884 Attendees in PA USGW Archives
Grace Christian School 404840N 0793149W Kittanning  
Hills Consolidated School 403958N 0793620W Leechburg  
Horrell School 403332N 0792835W Avonmore
Jackson School 403439N 0793241W Vandergrift  
Kittanning Junior High 404903N 0793114W Kittanning  
Kittanning Senior High 404948N 0793137W Kittanning  
Kittanning Township Elementary School 404635N 0792706W Mosgrove  
Laurel Point School 403812N 0793226W Leechburg  
Leechburg Area Elementary 403755N 0793709W Leechburg  
Leechburg Area High 403740N 0793612W Leechburg  
Lenape Area Vocational Technical 404603N 0793115W Kittanning  
Lenape Elementary School 404621N 0793144W Kittanning  
Lenape Elementary School 404524N 0793138W Kittanning  
Madison School 405815N 0792631W Templeton  
Mahoning School 405818N 0791947W Distant  
Moore School 405109N 0793310W Kittanning  
North Apollo Elementary 403537N 0793318W Vandergrift  
North Buffalo Elementary 404711N 0793603W Kittanning  
North Vandergrift Elementary School 403624N 0793330W Vandergrift  
Orchard Hills Christian 403447N 0793132W Vandergrift  
Parker Elementary School 410550N 0794120W Parker  
Ralston School 404202N 0793947W Freeport  
Shannock Valley Elementary 404805N 0791905W Rural Valley  
Shannock Valley High 404803N 0791911W Rural Valley  
Sloan School 404406N 0793840W Freeport  
Spaces Elementary School 404954N 0793335W Kittanning  
Sugarcreek Elementary 405500N 0793622W East Brady  
Sunnyside Elementary 403633N 0792901W Avonmore  
Taylor Run School 404220N 0793400W Leechburg  
Tempelton Elementary 405508N 0792743W Templeton  
Transylvania Bible School 404450N 0793843W Freeport  
Troy Hill School 404925N 0793045W Kittanning  
West Hills Elementary 404928N 0793256W Kittanning  
West Leechburg Elementary 403757N 0793711W Leechburg  
Whitesell School 404944N 0793325W Kittanning  
Worthington High School       School Website

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