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 Friends Fete Cowansville Area Couple

A Cowansville RD 1 couple-Mr. and Mrs. Elmer S. HEPLER-were joined by family members, friends and neighbors as they recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary.
The HEPLER home was the scene for the initial phase of the celebration. Relatives gathered there on Oct. 9 to mark the occasion.  Later in the evening Mr. and Mrs. HEPLER were presented with many gifts from friends, neighbors and relatives as an "open house" was held in the Sugar Creek Twp. fire hall.  The goldenweds are the parents of one daughter and five sons. The immediate family circle also includes 14 grandchildren.
*From the Leader-Times of Kittanning, 1955.

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Back at old Farm

W.A. Cox of Rayburn township piloted a jolly party back to scenes of his boyhood days.

Near Shelocta on the fourth Mr. Cox visited the old farm called on old neighbors and escorted the crown to a familiar spot under the shade of a old tree on the premises where a bounteous dinner was served.

July 5, 1929 from Simpson's Leader-Times (Kittanning, Pennsylvania)

Contributed by Bonnie Schultz

Woman to Celebrate Birthday Thursday
Mrs. D. S. HEPLER, of R. D. 1, East Brady, will celebrate her 86th birthday on Thursday, May 23. She and Mr. HEPLER celebrated their 64th wedding anniversary on May 3, and Mr. HEPLER's 86th birthday on April 30. They have six children, all living, 18 grandchildren and 10 great grandchildren. 
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Pastor 50 years
(with Photo)
Rev. C. F. W. BRECHT.
Chicora, Pa., June 23.-Services in honor of the Reverend C. F. W. BRECHT will mark 50 years of service by him as pastor of St. Paul's Church of Chicora and the Zion Church of Brady's Bend.  Two special services have been set for Sunday, June 26. Visiting pastors will officiate at both services and two choirs will furnish special music.  Mr. BRECHT was born in Evans City. When he was a year old the family moved to Wildwood, where his sisters still live.

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Mr. and Mrs. George GROVES and son Robert visited at the home of C. A. GROVES for a couple days.

Mr. and Mrs. Homer MITCHELL visited the W. T. CARROLL family Sunday afternoon.
Miss Stella KING returned home from W. C. BURELL's where she was keeping house while Mr. and Mrs. BURELL made a trip to St. Paul, Minnesota.

Mr. Fred HUNSBERGER Jr., was a Clarion visitor last week.

Mrs. Grace FORINGER returned to her work in Canton, Ohio.

The room of 7th and 8th grades did not have school Friday. Their teacher, Miss JARDINE, attended the Clarion County Teachers Institute in Clarion.

The teachers and pupils of the Kaylor school are holding their sauerkraut supper Thursday evening, November 22 in the basement of the Baptist church. Supper at 5 o'clock. The proceeds go towards paying for their Ditto machine.  Come out and help them.

Mr. and Mrs. Lee KELTZ, Lillian and Elsie Mae GROVES were Butler shoppers Saturday.

Mrs. E. R. GROVES who had been seriously ill has not improved at this writing.

A very interesting prayer meeting was held in the Baptist church on Sunday morning. The young folks have charge of the prayer meeting for next Sunday morning and every body is welcome to attend.

Mr. and Mrs. W. C. BURELL returned home Thursday after spending several days in St. Paul, Minn.

Miss Dela BOLTZ of near Kaylor is confined to her bed and is seriously ill at this writing.
Miss Rachel BURELL who is attending College at Pittsburgh spent the week-end with her parents Mr. and Mrs. W. C. BURELL.

Mr. and Mrs. Emmet GRIFFITHS celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary on Sunday. Those present were: Mrs. Margaret GRIFFITHS, Milford GRIFFITHS, Edna Mae GRIFFITHS, Mr. and Mrs. Aaron KING and Misses Stella and Winifred KING.

The Golden Link class of the Baptist Sunday school held its meeting at the home of Mrs. Aaron KING. The main business of the meeting was to open the money apron which the girls had been working on for some weeks. The apron contained $5.25 the class decided to turn the money into the Orphans Home at Pittsburgh, as the Orphans Home is in great need of help. The Class wishes to thank all persons who contributed in the apron.

Mr. and Mrs. Floyd WILES and children Grace and Hubert, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie WILES and children Chester, Anna and Almeda, attended the wedding supper at the home of the former's sister, Miss Nettie WILES who became the bride of Arthur HILES. The ceremony was performed in the St. Paul's Reformed church, by Rev. Althouse.

Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth HILLWIG and son Clyde visited with Rev. and Mrs. W. J. GRAY and children of Isle on Sunday.

Mrs. Margaret GRIFFITHS, Mr. and Mrs. Albert GRIFFITHS, and children Edna Mae, Charles and Kenneth GRIFFITHS visited the former's sister, Mr. and Mrs. Woods GRAY of CABOT.

The young people of District No. 11 held a Young People's rally on Friday evening in the Berean Baptist church. The theme of the meeting was Alcohol, and the New Person.  The discussion was led by Rev. PAPAJIAN of Kittanning. The address of the evening was given by Rev. REGESTER of Rural Valley. The meeting was very interesting and enjoyed by all who attended.
Article date 11-22-34

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Real Estate - Farms for Sale 51
SALE-Farm in Sugarcreek Twp., Armstrong Co., 12 miles west of Kittanning on  route 268 the late Ross King Est. 22 acres of good farming land with good 6 room house, with basement, new brick effect siding, water well on porch, good spring, 20 ft. from house, good bank barn 38 x 40, garage, chicken house, out building 14 x 28, free gas, gas well belongs to the owner of the farm, the house will be open for you to go through it April 5 from 10:00 am until 7:30 pm., possession May 1. H. A. Thompson, Rimersburg, executor for the estate.
*Clipping came from the Leader-Times, no year.

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Pilot Home from Italy
Lt. Charles E. STANLEY, pilot of a Liberator bomber assigned to the Fifteenth Army Air Force, Italy, who on two different occasions had his plane shot down over enemy territory, is spending a 21-day leave in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. O. D. STANLEY in East Brady RD 1.  On February 4, 1945, Lt. STANLEY received a promotion from second to first lieutenant.  At the conclusion of his leave, Lt. STANLEY will report to Miami Beach, Fla., for further assignments.

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East Brady Bomber Pilot Discharged
Turner Field, Albany, Ga., Oct. 20. - First Lieutenant Charles E. STANLEY, combat returnee pilot from the European Theater, has been honorably seperated from the AAF under the critical score point system.  Son of Mr. and Mrs. O. D. STANLEY, Route 1, East Brady, Pennsylvania, Lt. STANLEY flew combat missions in a B-24 Liberator bomber for several months, completing eleven missions in all before he returned to the states. A veteran pilot, he wears the Air Medal and the ETO Ribbon.  Lt. STANLEY attended East Brady High School and was employed at the Philadelphia Quartermaster Depot prior to his entry into the armed forces in January 1943.

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Soldier Released from Base Hospital
Merle SMITH, Jr., who is in the Army Air Corps, was hospitalized for two weeks after his arrival at the air base at San Antonio, Tex. He is now released from the hospital and is completing basic training, after which he will be assigned to another field for a course in a communications school.
He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. Merle SMITH of Youngsville, formerly of Cowansville. He attended Kittanning high school.

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East Brady Man Has Third Wound
Pfc. La Verne L. BUZZARD, son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac BUZZARD of East Brady RD 1, was for the third time wounded in action in France on March 14, according to word received by his parents from the War Department.  A letter received from Pfc. BUZZARD on the same day stated that he was wounded in his left leg. No word concerning the nature of his injury was mentioned.  Pfc. BUZZARD has served in the European theater of war for more than 12 months.

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Man Who Made Fine Biers For Family Rests on One
Walnut From Own Trees Fashioned By Freeport Farmer for Self and Kin.

Freeport, PA., Dec. 8.-The solid walnut casket which Angus GALBRAITH, Armstrong county farmer, kept in his house for 15 years against the day he should die, was underground today.  GALBRAITH, 88, buried in Freeport cemetery, in a grave he had dug and caulked with pitch at the same time he obtained his funeral bier.  Fifteen years ago, he selected trees from his own farm, and had three caskets made at a Freeport planing mill-one for his wife, one for a sister and one for himself.  Friends said he kept the caskets in his home.  Then he had excavated two graves in Freeport cemetery, lines the sides with tar, and filled them in.  His wife died eight years ago. The second grave was opened again and GALBRAITH went to join her.  One walnut casket still awaits the passing of the sister.

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East Brady Man Fell Asleep While Driving

DuBois, June 3.-With one arm broken, his jaw, thigh and other arm possibly fractured and numerous other lacerations and contusions, William MORGAN, aged 24, of East Brady, is in the Maple Avenue hospital in serious condition. He was injured in an auto accident near Hazen Thursday morning.  MORGAN had been visiting in Brockway, according to the meagre details that could be learned from the injured young man, and started for his home about 12:30 am.   He drove to within a short distance of Hazen where he apparently fell asleep and the next thing he knew was when he recovered consciousness some hours later, with his arms and legs and body broken and bruised by the accident. His car, a new Ford eight, was almost a total loss.

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Karns City Woman Hurt in Cowansville Road Mishap
Car Ditched, Four Injured
Four persons were injured, two of them seriously, Sunday evening at 9 o'clock, when the automobile in which they were riding was ditched in order to avoid a collision with another car at the intersection of the Cadogan and Kittanning-Freeport roads, it was reported here today.  Patients in Allegheny Valley Hospital, at Tarentum, as the result of severe laceration and possible concussions are George PENN, 67, and his wife, Mary PENN, 62, of Natrona Heights.

Two Others Discharged
Treated at the Tarentum hospital for lacerations and later sent home were two brothers, Harry and George MANGOL, both of Natrona.  The driver of the car, whose came was not learned, reportedly swerved into a ditch along the road to avoid crashing into a machine which had pulled out of the Cadogan road into the Kittanning-Freeport highway.
Treated at Butler Hospital for Possible Skull Fracture Suffered Sunday
Miss Anna HARMON, 60, of Karns City, remained in a serious condition in Butler County Memorial Hospital today as the result of a possible fracture of the skull received in a collision involving two automobiles and a truck Sunday afternoon in the Cowansville road near Frogtown.   The Karns City woman was injured, according to reports, when a truck operated by Paul HORNBERGER, of Cowansville RD 1, crashed into the rear of a car driven by Cloyd HARMON, 1207 Grandview avenue, Pittsburgh.
Stopped In Highway
The force of the impact is said to have driven the HARMON car into a machine driven by Charles R. CRAWFORD, of East Brady RD 1.  Investigation by Pennsylvania Motor Police of Kittanning substation revealed that HARMON, traveling east in the Cowansville road, had apparently stopped in the highway to make a left turn into the Frogtown road, when the truck struck the rear of the machine, and drove it against CRAWFORD's car approaching from the opposite direction.
One Car Demolished
HARMON's machine was practically demolished, while damage on CRAWFORD's car and the truck was estimated at $100 each.  The Karns City woman, suffering from a severe head wound, was rushed to Butler hospital for treatment. Her condition today was described as fair.

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School Bus, Car Collide

Damage estimated at $40 was done to an automobile and a school bus when they collided on Route 268 at the intersection of the Furnace Run and Cowansville road, on Friday morning. No person was injured in the accident.
State Police, who investigated the accident learned that a school bus owned and operated by E. G. CLEPPER was transporting school children from the Cowansville section to Kittanning. George W. BROWN, Kittanning RD 3, is alleged to have driven out on Route 268 without stopping and crashed into the bus.  A charge of failure to yield the right of way will be lodged against Brown by the Pennsylvania State Police in the office of Justice of the Peace W.G. MCCLAY of East Franklin township.

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Young Man Drowned While Aged Woman Dies of Fright
Kenneth HARMON Was Drowned and Mrs. Hannah GREENAWALT Overcome by Excitement - Victims Were Well Know In Vicinity 
A double tragedy occurred at Brady's Bend yesterday evening in the drowning of a 17 year-old youth and the death from shock several minutes later of a 61 year-old woman.  The boy, Kenneth HARMON, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Howard HARMON, proprietors of St. Stephen's Inn at Brady's Bend, met death in the Allegheny river about 7:30 PM when he and two other 17 year-old youths, Dave MADDEN and Ralph ZIMMEL, on their way to a baseball game at East Brady, waded into the river.  All three were in wading depth when the HARMON youth suddenly pitched forward and sank. His companions called for aid and fifteen minutes later the body was brought to the surface by Merle ADAMS of East Brady.  Dr. Wilson HOFFMAN, East Brady physician, was called and efforts to resuscitate the lad were started at once. For three hours futile attempts were made at the garage of Mrs. J. H. WISEMAN where the boy was taken after rescue workers worked over him on the river shore for some time.  The boy is said to have been epileptic and several times this summer had called for help after he had gone in swimming.
- - - - - - - - - - - -
Woman Dies of Shock
Mrs. Hannah GREENAWALT, 61, of Brady's Bend, residing about a mile from St. Stephen's Inn, heard of the drowning and hurried to the river bank, thinking the victim may have been one of her five sons.  Upon learning that it was not, she returned to her home and several minutes later fell over, dead from a heart attack.

The HARMON youth is survived by his parents. Funeral arrangements have not been completed as yet.
Surviving Mrs. GREENAWALT are her husband, Harry GREENAWALT, five sons, George, Emery, Arthur, Elman and Jesse, all at home; and two daughters, Mrs. Edward ADAMS, of East Brady, and Mary GREENAWALT, whose whereabouts is not known.
Mrs. GREENAWALT will be buried Thursday afternoon in Brady's Bend cemetery. Funeral services will be conducted at one o'clock at the residence, with Rev. H. H. Wilson, of the East Brady Baptist church, officiating.  The woman was a member of the Union Gospel Mission and was well known in the vicinity at Brady's Bend and East Brady.

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Anniversary Dinner

Mr. and Mrs. D. S. HEPLER of East Brady, Pa., will celebrate their sixtieth wedding anniversary with a family dinner tonight in their home. Sunday is the anniversary.

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Army Private Home on Surprise Visit
Pvt. George HEPLER surprised his parents-Mr. and Mrs. Elmer HEPLER, Worthington RD 1-when he walked in on them Monday afternoon. Pvt. HEPLER was stationed at New Orleans, La., with the Transportation Corps. and is on ten-day delay enroute.  He will leave on Tuesday for Camp Gordon, Johnston, Fla.
Grandmother has handwritten Dec 25, 1945, on this clipping from the Leader-Times, Kittanning

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