Armstrong County Churches

Church Name

Location per GNIS Other Information
Latitude Longitude Map
Appleby Manor Church 404513N 0793136W


Berean Church 405838N 0794046W Chicora  
Bethel Lutheran Church 404149N 0793200W Leechburg; Bethel Twp  
Boiling Springs Church 403625N 0792924W Avonmore  
Brush Valley Church 405414N 0793019W East Brady  
Bunker Hill Church 404725N 0793211W Kittanning  
Center Hill Church of the Brethren    


1941 Directory at PA USGW Archives

Christ Church 404712N 0792719W Mosgrove  
Cochrans Mills Church 404014N 0792809W Whitesburg  
Concord Church 405326N 0791926W Distant  
Craigsville Methodist        
Crooked Creek Presbyterian 404238N 0793108W Leechburg; Bethel Twp
Forks-Zion Lutheran Baptismal Records, 1838-1883
Franklin Union Church 404916N 0793654W Kittanning  
Glade Run Church 405215N 0791404W Plumville  
Grace Baptist Church     Kitaning Church Website
Grace Church 403743N 0793612W Leechburg  
Grisell Church 410026N 0794017W Parker  
Guardan Angel Church 404604N 0793644W Kittanning  
Holines Church 404708N 0791256W Plumville  
Homewoo Church 404335N 0793336W Leechburg  
Jerusale Church 405428N 0792103W Distant  
LimestoneChurch 405349N 0793104W East Brady  
Montgomeryille Church 405312N 0793215W East Brady  
Mount Pleasnt Church 405717N 0794044W Chicora  
Mount Union hurch 405008N 0792525W Mosgrove  
Mount Zion Chrch 405218N 0792502W Mosgrove  
Oakland Church 405807N 0792042W Distant  
Pine Creek Chuch 405100N 0792732W Mosgrove  
Pleasant Union hurch 404952N 0792007W Rural Valley  
Reformed Presbytrian Church 404616N 0793826W Worthington  
Robinson MemorialChapel 410652N 0794110W Parker  
Rogers Chapel 40338N 0793613W Leechburg  
Saint Jacobs Church 403816N 0792210W Elderton  
Saint Johns Church 404317N 0792734W Whitesburg  
Saint Marks Church 405629N 0791650W Distant  
Saint Marks Church 405345N 0793214W East Brady  
Saint Marthas Churc 403752N 0793620W Leechburg  
Saint Marys Church 405819N 0793221W East Brady  
Saint Mathews Church 404349N 0792614W Whitesburg  
Saint Michaels Churc 404104N 0792719W Whitesburg  
Saint Michaels Church 405115N 0791813W Rural Valley  
Saint Michael's Evanglical Lutheran     Burrell Twp  
Saint Patricks Church 05935N 0793749W Chicora  
Saint Patricks Church 45346N 0794035W Chicora  
Saint Pauls Church 40382N 0793122W Leechburg  
Saint Pauls Church 404543 0792151W Rural Valley  
Saint Pauls Church 405712N 0794010W Chicora  
Saint Stephens Church (historcal) 405947N 0793754W Chicora  
Saint Thomas Church




1840 - 1849 Church Book of the Reformed and Lutheran Churches at PA USGW Archives
Saints Cosmas and Damian Shrine 403458N 0793324W Orchard Hills  
Salem Church 405006N 0793427 Kittanning  
Salem Church 404928N 0792121W Rural Valley  
Shrader Grove Church 404318N 793922W Freeport  
Simpson Church 404724N 0792431 Mosgrove  
Trinity Church 405926N 0793745W Chicora  
Union Church 404558N 0793521W ittanning  
West Glade Run Church 404920N 073511W Kittanning  
Worthington Baptist Church     Wrthington Ross Street
WorthintonEvangelical Lutheran     Worthington Main Street
Worthingtn Pesbyterian     Worthington  
Zions Church 404027N 093552W Leechbur  

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