Armstrong County Cemeteries

Steel-Gutherie Cemetery
Perry Township

Location: This cemetery is on high ground just west of the junction of Gutherie Road (legislative route 03030) with the road to Fredericksburg (03029). It is roughly 500 feet west of Gutherie Road and 500 feet north of Fredericksburg Road.

GUTHERIE, Anna E. d. 31 Mar 1865, aged 10 days, d/o J.S.& J.J. Gutherie
GUTHERIE, Daniel W. d. 21 Jun 1879, aged 5 yrs., 10 mos., 9 days, s/o H.& F.E. Gutherie
GUTHERIE, Infant d. 20 Jul 1877, s/o H.& F.E. Gutherie, The great Jehovah from above an angel bright did send and took our harmless little dove to joys that never end.
GUTHERIE, Samuel N. d. 20 Feb 1885, aged 1 yr., 18 days, s/o H.& F.E. Gutherie
GUTHERIE, Violet E. d. 9 Jan, 1881, aged 5 days, d/o J.S.& J.J. Gutherie
GUTHRIE, Nancy d. 12 Sep 1846, aged 1 yr., 6 days, d/o W.& J. Guthrie

STEEL, Isaac, Sr. d. 14 Oct 1842, aged about 84 years, our father (Isaac and his wife Jane were among the township's earliest pioneers, arriving in the area with two children by horseback around 1797. He was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.)
STEEL, Jane d. 4 Jan 1844, aged about 71 years, our mother

WALKER, Daniel d. 24 Oct 1872, aged 2 yrs., 3 mos., 13 days, s/o D.& E. Walker

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