Wills filed at Easton, Northampton Co., PA
Monroe County Families

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compiled by John Eyerman contributed by Dorothy M. Bond-Dittmer

Chestnut Hills Township

BORGER, Nicholas, will 15 Jan 1791, probated 6 Nov 1791
Andrew CORRELL, witness

CHRISTMAN, Henry, will 3 Sep 1768
ch: Christopher, Elizabeth WEY, Catherine, Magdalen, Margaret, Sophia, Henry.
witnesses: Adam CORRELL, John SCHNEIDER, Ludwig GOWER

DORSCHIMAER, Manuel, will probated 15 Aug 1798
wife Christina
exec. wife and John GEORGE
witnesses, Henry and John GEORGE

HAYCOCK, Jeremiah, yeoman, will 27 Dec 1796, probated 19 Jan 1797
wife: Sarah, exec.
ch: Japsher, Josiah, Richard, Rosanna, Thomas, Mary, Hannah, William, Nathan, Martha, Amons, Jane.
land of Michael BUTZ
exec: John PENROSE, Richland, Bucks Co.
witnesses: Everard FOULK, William and Jesse HAYCOCK

KLEINTOB, John, will 22 Mar 1783, probated 15 Aug 1785
wife: Eve, exec.
exec: John KLEINTOB
witnesses: Adam ENGLERT and Valentine MECKES

SCHUPP, Henry, will 27 Mar 1780
mentions wife (no name)
exec: sons Abraham and Philip
ch: Abraham, Philip, Frederick, Anna Maria, Peter, Elizabeth
witnesses: Adam CORRELL and Adam SORVER

SERFAS, Philip, will 11 Mar 1785, probated 20 Mar 1787
ch: John, Jules, Mary, William, Sarah, Frederick, Molly, Christian
witnesses: William SERFAS and Adam SORVER

SMITH, Abraham, will 4 Jul 1785, probated 9 Aug 1785
exec: Nicholas ALTEMUS, John SMITH and Adam CORRELL
witnesses: S. CHRISTMAN, N. CORRELL and C. GETZ

SORVER, Adam, will 25 Nov 1790, probated 2 Dec 1791
Witnesses: Nicholas MITTENBERGER and W. KROMER

Hamilton Township

BRATZ, Johan George, yeoman, will 1 May 1771, probated 12 May 1778
wife: Margaret, exec.
son: George, a minor
dau: Catherine, Margaret, Eve, Rosinah
Nicholas RAMSTAINE, witness

GOWER, Nicholas, will 21 Mar 1786, probated 2 Aug 1790
wife: Mary Elizabeth
exec: son George and son-in-law Peter FRANCE
other ch: Simon, Ludwig, Elizabeth, Susanna, Catherine, Michael
witnesses: Jacob STEELSMITH, John LAURENCE and Bartel SCHELLI

HAGEL, Peter, blacksmith, will 2 Jan 1797, probated 27 Jan 1797
wife: Eve
father: Peter HAGEL
brother and sisters: Henry HAGEL, Hannah w/o Valentine MAKES, Ann w/o Caleb FORSYTH, and Catherine HAGEL.
friends: Nicholas and John HELLER
witnesses: John and Richard SHAW

HAPPEL, Nicholas, will 6 Oct 1798, probated 24 Jun 1799
exec: John SERFASS and William MEYER
witnesses: Henry BORNMAN, Nicholas ESH and Henry HAPPEL

HELLER, Simon, will 18 May 1785, probated 21 Jun 1785
wife: Margareth
ch: Daniel, John, Jacob, Simon, Caty, Abraham, Michael, Veronica, Mary, Elizabeth, Margareth, Sarah, Lovis, Anthony
adm: Michael BOSSERT, Christopher HELL, Jacob STEELSMITH, witnesses

HUFSMITH, Peter, will 8 Mar 1794, probated 24 Mar 1794
wife: Mary
exec: son Henry
ch: Adam, Henry, Catharan, Elizabeth Margaret.
witnesses: Philip GRASYA and Cornelius BELLESFIET

KEGEL, Henry, will probated 12 Mar 1789
witnesses: Conrad ARNOLD, Mathias KEONIG, Bartel SCHEIBELE

KELLER, Christopher, yeoman, will 27 May 1795, probated 5 Aug 1795
wife: Christina
exec: son George
ch: George, Mary, Christopher, Catharine, w/o Michael BUTZ, Susanna, Andrew.
guardian: Michael BOSSERT
witnesses: Matthias OTTO and John STOUT

MELCHOIR, George, farmer, will 2 May 1779
wife: Elizabeth Barbara
ch: Michael, Catharine s/o Leonard KESSLER
exec: Christopher WAGNER
witnesses: Bernhard STRAUB and Frederick STUBER

MENEGAR, George, will 2 May 1779, probated 14 Dec 1779
(not sure if this is a Metzgar or not)
exec: sons Christian and Daniel
ch: John, eldest son, Mary Elizabeth, Mary Cathrine, Cathrine, w/o Christian HAUSE, Christina, Elizabeth w/o Jacob DEATRICK, Abraham, Christian, Daniel
witnesses: Abraham MILLER and Laurence KUNKELL

METZGAR, John, will 7 Oct 1794, probated 11 Nov 1794
wife: Elizabeth Catharine, exec.
Co-exec: Woolly HOUSER
ch: Jonas, Catharina, Maria, Julia, Elizabeth, Susanna, Margreda, Sarah, Annah.
witnesses: Francis J. SMITH, Jacob TRANSUE and Adam FULLER

MORGAN, Evan, will 7 Mar 1777, probated 23 Apr 1777
wife: Sarah, exec.
exec: Jacob STROUD
ch: Elizabeth, Esther, Hanna, Evan, John, Luies, Thomas
witnesses: Nicholas DEPUI, Joseph SMITH, Simeon CADY

SHAFER, John, will probated 25 Apr 1801
exec: George SHAFFER and Henry HAUSER
mentions Leonard DIEHL
witnesses: John and David STROUSS

Smithfield Township

BROADHEAD, Daniel L., Esquire, will dated 24 Jun 1755, probated 3 May 1755
wife: Esther, exec.
ch: Charles, Garret, Daniel, John, Luke, Ann CARTON
mentions: James BURNSIDE of Bethlehem Twp.
trustees and guardians: John JONES of L. Smithfield, blacksmith, and Ephriam COLVER of L. Smithfield
witnesses: William ANGELL and William EDWARDS

COYL, Martha, widow of John COYL, will 29 May 1795, probate 4 Oct 1799
mentions: David WILLIAMS
exec: John FISH
witnesses: James JOHNSTON and Daniel WILLIAMS

DECKER, Benjamin, will 10 Sep 1779, probated 27 Oct 1779
mentions: dau Yonuhu, wife of Elias DECKER
dau of Yonuhu
son Benjamin, minor
grandchildren: Benjamin and Leah, ch of his son Daniel
son of his wife: Sam Johannes VANETTEN

DENMARK, Christopher, will 5 Jun 1757, probated 21 Nov 1757
wife: Leah, exec.
"Being greeviously shotten by the Indians, but of perfect mind and memory"
witnesses: Dirck VANVLIET, William SMITH and Jacob SWARTSWOOD

DENMARK, Leah, w/o Christopher (lived 16 days after her husband)
exec: William SMITH and Domingo GONSALES
"on oath of Margaret Swartswood"

DENMARK, (DEENMARK) John Christophal, will 6 Nov 1755
wife: Christeena Elisabeth, exec.
exec: Emanuel GONSALES
ch: Christopher, Cathrine, Margreda, Dorothy, Helen
witnesses: Christopher DENMARK and Manuel GONSALES

DRAKE, Samuel, will 27 Jun 1783, probated 16 Apr 1789
wife: Sarah, exec.
ch: Elijah, exec., Joseph, Levy, Robert, Sarah, Susannah, w/o Jos. VANVLEET, Elizabeth, w/o Edward EVANS, Phebe, Ruth, Hannah, Eleanor, w/o James HORNER, Robert, the youngest son and exec.
grandchild: Samuel
signed and witnessed: James DRAKE, Jacob STROUD, Francis SMITH and Samuel HANDY

FISH, John, will 6 Feb 1798, probated 9 Jul 1798
wife: Margaret
ch: Joseph and several children
exec: John BROWN and John BROADHEAD, Exq.
later appointed exec: Dana IHRISH and Jacob WILLIAMS
witnesses: Michael HAUSBERG and Francis Joseph SMITH

FREDERICK, Johan George, will 13 Sep 1766, probated 1 Aug 1772
wife: Anna Margreta, exec.
mentions: brother George Michael FREDERICK, sister Anna Margreta witnesses: Melcher STECHER, John LESHER, William EDMONDS

FREDERICK, Anna Margaret, widow of Johan George, will 17 Dec 1772, prob. 19 Jan 1774
mentions: brother in law George Michael FREDERICK
sisters: Anna Elizabeth MOWER, Anna Mary MOWER, Mary Catherine MOWER, Anna Osula MOWER.
friend: John HANDELONG; Peter LOBER
friend and exec: Jacob STROUD and Abraham MILLER
witnesses: George MINEHAR, Jacob SNELL and David MILLER

FULTON, John, yeoman, will 7 Feb 1795, probated 12 Mary 1795
wife: Mary
mentions: Mary's daughter
father and mother: Samuel and Mary FULTON
bros: Alexander, Samuel and Andrew
sis: Elinor MORELAND, w/o Andrew MORELAND & Mary ROGERS, w/o John ROGERS
exec: John SHAW and John HUSTON
witnesses: George FULTON, Catharine HUSTON and Ernest KERN

HANNA, Robert, will 5 May 1777, probated 5 Jul 1777
wife mentioned, not named
exec: T. Jayne
son: Benjamin
grandch: John SEALY, Robert HANNA s/o Robert, Elinor SEALY

HILLMAN, Aaron, will 14 Apr 1777, prob 19 May 1777
wife: Judah, exec.
ch: John, eldest son; Elizabeth, Rachael, Aaron, Joseph
brother: John HILLMAN
witnesses: Beniah MUNDY, Jacob CUNTRAMAN, John WAYNE

JAYNE, Timothy, farmer, will 14 Dec 1780, probated 3 Mar 1757
wife: Sarah, exec.
mentions: not sure if these are his children; John, Timothy, Daniel, William, Rebecka, Anne, w/o David OGDEN, Sarah, Catherine, Ebenezer, Isaac and Elizabeth
(NOTE: Correction submitted by Charlotte Smith states...
I have this will. It was probated 30 Mar 1790 and names: Sarah, wife; Children: David, John, Timothy Jr, Daniel, William, Rebecca, Anne, Sarah, Catherine.)

LEARN, John, will 17 May 1777, probated 27 Oct 1781
wife: Catharina, exec.
exec: son George
ch: George, Mary, Rachel, John, Jacob, Catharina, Rebecca, Andreas, Peter, Sarah, Adam.
witness: George PHILIPS

MCGINNES, Edward, will 7 Sep 1777, probated 4 Jul 1881
son: Robert
mentions: not sure if daughters, Mary KRESS w/o Christian KRESS and Sarah LOCKERBY, s/o Robert LOCKERBY.
exec: Christian KRESS and Robert LOCKERBY
witnesses: Abraham VANCAMPEN, Moses VANCAMPEN, Josiah JENNINGS

SHOEMAKER, Daniel, will 2 Feb 1773, probated 3 Jun 1773
wife: Anna, exec.
exec: Samuel DEPUE
ch: Henry, Hannah EMMENS, Ann, Sarah, Samuel Winsfred, Elizabeth and Mary VANCAMPEN, ch of Moses DEPUE, s/o Samuel DEPUE
witnesses: Robert LOCKERBY, Benjamin SHOEMAKE, Jas BRINK

SMITH, Jacob, will 8 Aug 1761, probated 25 Apr 1769
wife: Magdalena, exec.
ch: Johannnes, Michael, Abraham, Frederick William, Catharina, Elizabeth.
adm: Steven HORN
witnesses: Frederick NUNGESSOR, Jacob CROTZ, Nicholas SNYDER

SNELL, Adam, will 13 May 1782, probated 7 Aug 1788
exec: Jacob STROUD and Michael SLYE
ch: Mathias, Madelane w/o Patrick WHITE, Catharine w/o David WILLIAMS, Susanna w/o Cornelius VANFLERD
step-dau: Margaret MURRY
witnesses: John FISH, John HUSTON and William COURTRIGHT

VANCAMPEN, Benjamin, will 7 Mar 1789, probated 27 Oct 1789
wife: Rachel exec.
exec: Nicholas DEPUE, Exq
brother: John and his son Abraham
9 slaves to be freed at age 28 yrs.
witnesses: John LANTERMAN and Philip SHRAWDER

VANDERMARK, John, will 13 Sep 1788, probated 28 Oct 1788
wife: Janney, exec.
exec: son Jeremiah and Jacobus VANGARTEN
ch: Abraham, Jeremiah, John, Moses, Daniel, Janny w/o Abraham COSAN
witnesses: Jacob STROUD, Joseph MANTANGO, Francis SMITH and Benjamin SCHOENOVER

VANVLEIT, Dirck, will 25 May 1774, probated 16 Nov 1774
wife: Rachael
exec: son Dirck and Daniel DEPUE
ch: Dirck, Goertz, Marztye Judith, Anna Cathatina, Dirk van Keuren Jenneke, Elizabeth, Rachael, Lidia, Joseph, Cornelia.
witnesses: Garret BRODHEAD, John VANDERMARK and Daniel DEPUE

Unknown Township

DIEHL, Michael, will 21 Novb 1795, probated 28 Nov 1796
exec: John DIEHL and Jacob ROTHANBERGER
witnesses: David HEIMBACH and George CHRISTIAN

DIEHL, Henry, will 26 Mar 1771
mentions has wife and 4 children
eldest son: Henry
exec. and guardians: Frederick NAGEL and Christian MILLER
witnesses: George KLEPPINGER and John Adam HILTERBRAND

FLORY, John, will 2 Apr 1801, probated 16 May 1801
wife: Christina, exec
exec: son Ludwig
witness: John DRUMHELLER

STIEFFER, Conrad, will probated 23 Jun 1794
exec: George FRANZ
witnesses: John SERFASS and Abraham SCHUPP

Other Monroe County Families or Relations

APPEL, Regina N., widow of John, L. Saucon Twp. will 26 Sep 1771, probated 19 Dec 1781
exec: Anthony LEROG, yeoman of L. Saucon
ch: John HOUSER, eldest son, not living in Penna.; mentions son Casper HOUSER, dec'd and his children; dau. Regina w/o Philip KASS; dau. Barbara w/o Conrad KEENTZ.
witnesses: Lewis GORDON, Robert TRAILL and Anthony KEENTZ

APPEL, John M., L. Saucon Twp., will 20 Nov 1755, probated 16 May 1764.
wife: Regina, exec.
mentions Godchild Regina BROUT
witnesses: Jacob FREY and Conrad WAGGONER

DEPUE, James, L. Mt. Bethel, will probated 10 Oct 1791
wife: Sarah
father: Benjamin DEPUE, Esq.
brothers: Moses, Abrham and John

FRANTZ, Paul, L. Saucon twp. will 3 Dec 1763, probated 13 Oct 1766
wife: Mary
exec: sons Ludwig and dau. Mary HARTZELL
ch: Nicholas, Paul, Ludwig, Susanna ARTMAN, Catarina SLOUGH, Madland DORBLESSER, Mary HARTZELL, Barbury GROVE
witnesses: Frederick GWINNER, Johannes HUBER and Anna Margaret HUBER

GONSALES, Manuel, Delaware twp, will 28 Feb 1789, probated 20 Mar 1789
wife: Yanaky
exec: Peter QUICK, Benjamin BRINTZ, Jacob WOOLF and John TURNER
ch: Samuel (minor), Leanah OBERFIELDS, Catharina, Sarah, Elizabeth tha was a captive in Canada.
grandch: Manuel; Jean; and Margaret (dau of dec'd son Manuel); Manuel, Benjamin, Rebekah, Martin, Elizabeth, Mary and Leanah OBERFIELDS.
witnesses: William SMITH, John CLARK and Robert LOCKEBY

HAPPEL, Henry, Plainfield, will 21 Apr 1800, probated 9 Feb 1801
wife: Catharine
ch: Casper, George, Christian, Margaret, w/o Wm. HEIDMAN, Catharine, w/o Jacob HOFMER, Elizabeth, w/o Abraham DIETZ, Barbara, w/o Henry BARTHOLOMEW, Sophy.
exec: son George and son-in-law Henry BARTHOLOMEW
witnesses: Michael MUSSELMAN, Frederick HAHN and Peter CORRELL

HELLER, Joseph, Plainfied, Yeoman, will 7 Mar 1797, probated 21 Oct 1800
wife: Mary Engle
exec: sons Simon, Joseph, Jacob and younges ston Philip
mentions land of Leonard KERN and Christian BENDER
witnesses: John YOUNG, Christian BENDER and Jacob HELLER

SWARTSWOOD, Minny, Delaware twp., will 16 Jul 1776, probated 23 Apr 1777
mother: Cornelia, exec.
mentions: Benjamin SHICK
witnesses: Abraham CURTHRIGHT, Adam SHICK and J. CHESTNOR

SWARTSWORTH, Bernardus, Delaware twp., will 7 Jun 1773, probated 24 Mar 1774
exec: Hom DEPUE and Benjamin DEPUE
ch: Margaret w/o COLE, had dau. Gennert; Jacob; Thomas; Elizabeth; Sarah w/o CUSTARD, had dau. Margaret; Leah, dec'd. had 5 ch: (Anancy, Ostrone, Claudia Chambers, Famiky CUTHBRIGHT and Christopher DENMARK); Anthony, dec'd; Bernardus, dec'd, had ch: (Samuel, Anthony, Benjamin, Moses, Gradus, all minors); Benjamin dec'd; Elizabeth; Mary MULLEN.
grandchildren: Peter SWARTSWORTH and his w or dau Elizabeth; Aunchy MULLEN; Bernardus DENMARK; Bernardus SWARTSWORTH, eldest son of Thomas; Minny SWARTSWORTH, minor; Hermonis COLE.
mentions friends: John BRINK and Manuel GONSALES
witnesses: Henry CUTHRIGHT, William ENNES and John C. SYMMES

KOEHLER, George, Whithall, blacksmith, will 3 Jul 1797, probated 3 Jun 1799
wife: Mary Elisabeth
sisters: Margaret Catharine w/o Jacob DENGLER, Christina w/o Jacob MILLER (daughters of my sister Hanna MACK)
mentions: George FRANTZ, s/o Jacob FRANTZ; George FENSTERMACHER s/o half-brother William, nephews George and Peter SMELL.
Six sisters of my wife: Catharina, Sabinah, Margret, Eve, Barbara and Mary exec: George RHOADS of Northampton Co. and Nicholas KERN of Whitehall
trustee: Peter RHODS
witnesses: Abraham RINKER, Matthias SWINK and John MOLL

SCHOONOVER, Redolphus, yeoman, will 29 Oct 1752, probated 21 Dec 1756
wife and exec: Dorothy
two children
witnesses: John WOOD, Manuel GONSALES, James HYNDSHAW

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