Pocono Township Registration of Voters - 1876
Monroe County, PA

This data was contributed by Sandy Singer-Dietz

Allegar, John
Albertson, Abraham
Anglemoyer, John
Anglemoyer, Peter
Anglemoyer, Aaron
Ace, George
Altemose, Jonas
Anthony, William
Anglemoyer, Morris
Anglemoyer, Adam
Allegar, George T.
Anglemoyer, Joseph
Ace, Samuel
Arnold, Charles
Ace, John
Ace, Moses
Bush, Depuy
Brink, John
Bisbing, Randall
Brink, Isaac
Bisbing, Randall
Buskirk, Adam
Butz, John
Bellis, Lewis
Barth, John
Barry, Joseph
Barry, George W.
Bowman, David
Burritt, Gideon
Brodell, Christian
Berkinstock, David
Bower, Philip W.
Belles, George
Bower, William
Bisbing, James
Butts, Jacob W.
Brown, Charles
Brink, William
Bower, Jacob
Bellis, Adam
Burritt, David
Burritt, Joel
Bowman, David W.
Butz, George
Bellis, James
Buskirk, Michael
Bellis, John S.
Bellis, Levi D.
Clugston, William
Cramer, George R.
Cramer, Richard N.
Custard, Philip
Coffman, Joseph
Cramer, Aaron
Clark, John
Cramer, John
Cramer, Hiram
Derick, John
Dingman, Reuben
Dailey, Andrew
Dehaven, Abraham
Doubert, David
Derick, Amos
Dehaven, William
Dreher, George
Doubert, Lewis
Edinger, Jacob
Engle, Christopher
Ehler, Christian
Ehler, Augustus
Freyland, William
Freyland, Anthony
Feltham, James R.
Freyland, Charles
Freyland, Lewis
Frounfelker, Aaron
Fellenser, Joseph
Grover, Amos
Guffie, Thomas
Gantzhorn, Andrew
Gantzhorn, John
Graver, Simon
Graver, Robert
Good, Amad
Good, John H.
Gurr, Phenius
Granacher, Benedict
Harper & Swartwood
Hillyer, Michael
Henry, John
Heller, Alfred
Henry, J. W.
Halstead, William
Harps, James K.
Henry, Adison
Heller, Henry
Halberstodt, Ludwick
Hallet, William
Halsted, Samuel
Hannan, Jeremy
Hitzelman, Gottlieb
Hartman, Peter
Hines, William
Hillyer, Abraham
Heckman, William
Heller, George
Hillyer, Kasper
Hall, George
Hallet, James
Hallet, John
Heckman, Stephen
Heller, Jacob
Halsted, Joseph
Heller, William
Heckman, Joseph
Heckman, John
Johnson, Amos
Kistler, Alfred
Kistler, Michael
Kistler, Rufus
Klotz, Conrad
Kolb, Frederick
Kistler, William
Kelse, George
Kistler, Stephen
Knipe, George
Kelse, John
LaBar, John G.
Lee, Alfred
LaBar, Wilson
Learn, Philip
Learn, David
Learn, Jacob
Learn, Peter
Lessig, George
Lesh, John H.
LaBar, Simon
Learn, Jacob
Long, Adison
Learn, Henry
LaBar, William
Miller, William
McNealey, Hugh
Miller, Morris
Motz, John
Muhleman, Lucas
Motz, Jacob G.
Miller, Simon
McCormick, William
Metzgar, Casper H.
McNeiley, John
McNeiley, Samuel
Mader, Nicholas
Mosteller, George
Muselman, William
Miller, Manasseh
MaGinnis, Arthur
Miller, Henry W.
Mount, Robert
Miller, Anthony
Meyers, Charles
Motz, Jacob
Miller, Horace
Mader, Joseph
Newhart, Sanford
Newhart, Reuben
Pensil, John
Price, John W.
Plotz, Reuben
Roemer, Anthony
Repsher, Jacob H.
Rinehart, Edward
Ruth, John
Rinehart, John
Rinehart, George
Rinehart, George
Sanager, Charles H.
Steen, Edward
Smith, Samuel
Shiffer, Hiram
Smith, Charles
Samuel, Reuben
Singer, Charles
Stadler, Abraham
Stadler, Isaac
Stump, William
St_right, John E.
Shick, Timothy
Singer, George
Slutter, Levi
Shively, Philip
Stump, Jacob
Smith, William
Stouffer, Jacob
Sebring, Joshua
Sebring, George
Smith, Jacob
Smith, Charles
Steen, Abraham
Shook, Joseph
Shively, Thomas E.
Sebring, Thomas
Shiffer, Franklin
Smith, John
Smith, Abraham
Steen, George
Smith, Peter
Smith, Jacob
Slicker, George
Shively, Thomas
Shick, Peter
Shick, Samuel
Shick, George
Shoufler, Christian
Singer, Sebastian
Singer, Solomon
Slicker, Andrew
Storm, Samuel
Shuler, Augustus
Thorn, Christian
Transue, William
Transue, Peter
Transue, John
Transue, George
Turner, Aaron
Transue, Mahlon
Transue, Moses
Transue, Peter R.
Tucker, D
Transue, Elijah
VanGeison, Reuben
Werkheiser, Amos
Wolfinger, Daniel
Werkheiser, Linford
Werkheiser, Joshua
Warner, George W.
Warner, Charles
Woodling, Henry
Williams, Jeremiah
Woolbert, Barnet
Wass, George
Warner, Samuel
Warner, Edward
Woodling, John
Wolbert, Jacob
Warner, Peter
Wilson, Martin
Warner, Wilson
Williams, William
Werkheiser, William
Werkheiser, George
Williams, Daniel
Williams, Elam
Walter, Charles
Werkheiser, Thomas
Woodling, Jeremiah
Woodling, Andrew
Werkheiser, John
Wolfinger, George
Woodling, Peter
Warner, Morris
Werkheiser, Charles
Werkheiser, Joseph
Warner, Sylvanius
Widdows, Henry
Younkin, Samuel
Younkin, Uriah
Younkin, Lewis

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